The Politician – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

The Race Is On

Episode 4 of The Politician begins with the police investigating the disappearance of Astrid. Astrid’s father thinks Payton did it and bribes the police into arresting him.

Payton meets with James and Mcafee to discuss the damage caused by the recent events. The poll results aren’t good as it shows he will lose the election if it carries on that way. They think they need to replace Infinity as they’ve now lost the gay votes. As Payton heads home, he gets arrested in relation to the disappearance of Astrid. The police tell him that the waitress testified that she heard Payton say he will kill Astrid, but he tells them that it was taken out of context and explains the whole story to the officer.

Payton’s parents manage to get him out of prison by bribing the police officer. In private, his mother asks him if he was the one that took Astrid but he denies it. Meanwhile, we see that Astrid is actually with Ricardo, hiding in a motel in New York, and it was her idea to run away. Deeply unhappy with her life, she decided to use Ricardo to set up the whole kidnapping.

Payton meets Infinity in the school’s chapel soon after to tell her she’s not going to be vice president anymore. He also reveals that he thinks her grandmother has been poisoning her. She doesn’t believe him, but he tells her not to accept any more treatment as a test to see how she feels after. During dinner, Infinity finally confronts her grandmother about what she just found out. Dusty is outraged and tells her that she sacrificed her life to make her better. However, Infinity doesn’t believe her and walks away, contemplating turning herself in.

Alice comes forward and testifies that she was with Payton the night Astrid disappeared. Payton comes to see her to see how she managed to pass the lie detector test and it’s here she explains that she knew how to trick the test by using nervous reactions during the right questions.

After calling Infinity, Ricardo decides to leave Astrid and go back to his ex-girlfriend. This prompts Astrid to head home and come clean about running away. She tells her mother she wants to stop lying and will run for president as a true woman. She then gives a speech to the press admitting what she has done.

The latest results of the voting polls are in too and they’re not good for Astrid. Skye is angry with her for running away as she believes Astrid has wasted their chance at winning. Skye then meets with Payton, asking to join their campaign. However, Payton replies that he has to think about it. The episode then ends with Mcafee meeting Skye, telling her that Payton is thinking about her proposition. Mcafee replies that she will get him to say yes and as she does, she starts kissing Skye.

As The Politician reaches its halfway mark, we’re graced with another enjoyable episode here. While the reveals are not quite as shocking as some of the previous episodes, they’re still important nonetheless and move the plot forward nicely.

We see another side to Astrid this time too, as it’s revealed how unhappy and lonely she feels. Infinity has found out the truth about her tormentor and it will be intriguing to see what Dusty will have up her sleeve next. Mcafee’s secret has also come to light and highlights the struggle teenagers are faced with, trying to grow up in a very complicated world.

The battle for Presidency seems to be back in Payton’s favour now and as we reach the second half, who knows what way this one will swing, remaining quite entertaining to watch as the two candidates fight for that prime position.


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