The Politician – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review


Infinity’s Cancer

Episode 2 of The Politician begins with James, Mcafee and Payton discussing the latest reveal about Infinity. They’re worried about what it could do to the campaign but for now they will just wait. Georgina goes into her husband’s study to tell him that she wants a divorce because she fell in love with their stable woman. This causes him to panic and run upstairs to jump out the window.

Upon learning the bad news, Payton runs to his father’s bedside. Georgina tells him that his father has been put into an induced coma and this is enough for Payton to want to drop out of the race, but his mother insists that he doesn’t give that up.

During a fundraising event organised by Payton, Infinity faints and is rushed to hospital. After recovering, she’s about to get her blood tested but just as the nurse is about to do the tests, Dusty arrives to stop them, claiming that she has already been through enough. This makes Payton suspicious of the whole situation.

In the evening, Payton goes to have dinner with Dusty and Infinity. As he approaches the house, he sees her grandmother shaving Infinity’s head. Infinity shows Payton pictures of her trips to Florida and of their friend Ray, the lab technician, who has sometimes joined them. Dusty asks what they’ll get when he wins and hints at a Disney cruise. After Infinity’s boyfriend Ricardo visits, Payton mentions the rumours surrounding her not having cancer. This causes Dusty to become outraged and she kicks him out her house.

The next day, Georgina meets with her twin sons and their lawyer. They tell her that she will not get power of attorney as there is a clause in their prenup that states if they’re separated while Keaton is incapacitated, she will not get anything. She tells them it’s all true, but goes on to plead not to punish their little brother. Later on, the twins tell Payton that he’ll need to move out soon as he’s adopted and doesn’t share the same bloodline. However, Payton replies that their father is slowly getting better and that he should wake up soon. When he does, he will not be happy with their behaviour.

Mcafee speaks to Payton about the lab technician who has been going on holiday with Dusty and Infinity. She’s been investigating him and her theory is Munchhausen by proxy; Dusty is making her granddaughter sick and bribing the lab technician with holidays. They have a plan which will be to organise a blood drive to test Infinity’s blood.

Payton gets a visit by two members of Harvard admission committee soon after and they make him understand that he’ll be able to get in, but only if his family contribute to their new department. Payton refuses as he wants to be accepted on his own merits. The twins walk into the hospital in the middle of the night, ready to commit patricide. Just as they’re about to suffocate him with a pillow, Keaton wakes up. It turns out this was Payton’s plan all along, to show their father what his other sons are really like.

Back home, Keaton speaks to his wife and tells her that if she leaves the stable woman, he will give Payton whatever he dreams off. The next morning, the family meet and Keaton tells his twin sons that he’s making Payton the sole heir and they won’t get anything. The episode then ends with James, Mcafee and Payton finding out the results of Infinity’s blood, which is negative and reveals that she never had cancer.

The Politician continues with the same pace as the previous episode and while more could be said about River’s reasons for suicide, the episode still manages to deliver some emotional moments. This is especially true with Payton’s mother, who we see has never been happy and, by the looks of it, will sacrifice her newfound love interest for the happiness of her son.

The episode gives us more dark moments when Payton’s father tries to kill himself but fails to, only for his sons to attempt to finish what he set out to do. Seeing the twins get their comeuppance at the end was quite satisfying to watch and there’s certainly never a dull moment here. The Politician continues to serve up a delicious slice of dark humour and with the revelation that Infinity isn’t actually sick, it’ll be very interesting to see where the show will go from here, and if the truth will come out for everyone to see.


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