The Player 2: Master of Swindlers — K-drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

Episode 4 of The Player 2: Master of Swindlers starts with a flashback from 2 years ago when Jin-woong meets Ha-ri for the first time after Ah-ryeong’s death. Ha-ri wonders what Jin-woong is doing, working as a volunteer at a Christian orphanage. Jin-woong tells Ha-ri that he has decided to live a peaceful life. Ha-ri suggests they start doing what they are good at but Jin-woong gets upset with Ha-ri and refuses.

Ha-ri tells Jin-woong that this time around, they should work together to seek revenge for Ah-ryeong’s death. The episode jumps back to the present day where Ha-ri, Jin-woong and Chief Hwang are faced with Mr Song who is none other than Jeffrey Jung’s guard. Ha-ri introduces himself as Eddie and hopes that Mr Song does not recognise him.

However, Mr Song tries to instigate them which leads to Jin-woong punching one of Mr Song’s guards. Ha-ri tries to calm Jin-woong down and tries to make sure the plan is not busted. At the same time, Jae-yi sends the new location to Byung-min who relays it to Do-soo and the cops. Meanwhile, Ha-ri asks CEO Kim and Eddie to bring in the drugs that they were supposed to sell. Jae-yi sneaks in through the back gate of Mr Song’s warehouse and finds the drugs that are being produced.

The workers take the same drugs outside for Ha-ri (as Eddie) to inspect. Mr Song asks Ha-ri to ingest the drug in front of him so that he can trust that he is not Ha-ri. At the same time, Soo-min and Byung-min lose contact with Jae-yi and Do-soo respectively, leaving them worried. Just as Ha-ri is about to test the drugs, Do-soo shows up at the warehouse with the cops.

The cops arrest Mr Song, CEO Kim as well as the thugs and the workers there. Ha-ri and Jin-woong attack Mr Sung while Jae-yi knocks CEO Kim out as he is about to flee. Ha-ri points a gun at Mr Sung, recalling how he and Jeffrey Jung killed Ah-ryeong but steps back from shooting the guy. Do-soo and the cops arrest Mr Sung but as it turns out, one of Jeffrey Jung’s guards helps him escape.

Ha-ri, Jin-woong, Chief Hwang and Jae-yi leave the warehouse but Ha-ri is attacked by a sniper shooter. Jin-woong notices the shooter and she is distracted but she manages to land a shot on Ha-ri. At the same time, Do-soo interrogates CEO Kim and tells him about the press conference in which Hwi-woong and his Ntry Bandmates exposed the truth about their abuse at the hands of CEO Kim.

Do-soo tells CEO Kim that with his public image tarnished, his connections would never help free him. Just then, Do-soo learns that someone had entered the police chambers to poison CEO Kim’s food. Ha-ri wakes up in his hospital bed to Byung-min crying about the gunshot. Soo-min enters the room and informs Ha-ri that CEO Kim has been killed.

She also reveals that the people who killed Do-young and CEO Kim as well as the woman who shot Ha-ri worked for the same organisation. Soo-min drives Ha-ri home from the hospital and takes him to the place of an accident which was linked to the next case. The episode moves back to a few months ago when a young boy named Lee Sang-wook was killed in a drunk driving case.

Sang-wook, who was delivering food for his parents’ restaurant meets Min Won-joon, a spoiled brat driving rashly despite being heavily drunk. After seeing Won-joon in his car in the middle of the street, Sang-wook tries to get Won-joon to stop driving. He tries to report the incident to the cops but Won-joon speeds his car and runs over Sang-wook.

Won-joon flees the scene while Sang-wook is left to die. Present-day Soo-min tells Ha-ri how Won-joon was arrested after the incident but was let go with a slap on the wrist and probation. Chief Hwang explains the case to Jae-yi, Jin-woong and Byung-min while Soo-min tells Ha-ri how Won-joon was the son of a chaebol (a wealthy man).

Chief Hwang tells the players that Won-joon’s father had used their influence to get away with many crimes. Chief Hwang explains that Won-joon’s sister-in-law – Director Baek Hyeon-mi had an art gallery which she used to siphon off black money for the family. He also reveals that Hyeon-mi had bribed the prosecutor on the case to help Won-joon escape punishment.

Chief Hwang tells the gang that Hyeon-mi is extremely powerful and very ambitious and always gets what she wants. Ha-ri joins the players and they celebrate their victory in the last case. Meanwhile, Jeffrey Jung learns that Ha-ri was the person involved in both Do-young and CEO Kim’s cases. That night, Soo-min takes Ha-ri to meet her father who is none other than the President of South Korea – Choi Chang-ho.

An epilogue shows Jae-yi pissed by the fact that Ha-ri was not trying to avenge her sister’s death. Ha-ri asks Jae-yi to trust him, Byung-min and Jin-woong. Jin-woong and Byung-min show up there to cheer Jae-yi up as the episode ends.

The Episode Review

As fun as this episode was to watch, it is infuriating to see how the rich get away with their crimes so easily. The case involving Sang-wook’s death was emotional and I am sure the players will make Won-joon and Hyeon-mi pay for what they did. Moreover, knowing that Ha-ri is backed by the President of South Korea gives me more hope for The Swindlers clashing with someone as powerful as Jeffrey Jung.

I wish the players would have stuck with Prosecutor Jang but it is clear that they are dealing with a bigger group of criminals in this season and Kwak Do-soo is the right man for them. While Jae-yi had a shortlived moment with high school saviour – Hwi-woong, I wish there was more to her relationship with him. I hope the makers have more to her story other than being the driver for The Swindlers. 

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  1. The delivery driver I think was calling a designated driver not the police because he said “I’ll call you a driver” though the other guys friends should have called him a designated driver instead of letting him go off drunk like that

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