The Player 2: Master of Swindlers — K-drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Episode 3 of The Player 2: Master of Swindlers starts where we left off with Prosecutor Kwak Do-soo and Ha-ri coming face to face. Do-soo tells Ha-ri that he is glad he did not have to go through a middleman like Prosecutor Jang to get to Ha-ri. Just then Prosecutor Jang shows up and asks to chat with Do-soo in private. He asks Ha-ri to leave but Do-soo asks Jang why Ha-ri was here to see him.

Jang tells Do-soo that this time around, he is going to be in trouble because of Ha-ri and his antics. Prosecutor Jang hands over a burner phone to Do-soo and tells him that Ha-ri will contact him. Do-soo tells Jang that he does not wish to join hands with a criminal like Ha-ri. Jang explains that there were actual criminals out there who Ha-ri exposes.

The episode moves to CEO Kim Yun-gi who asks his secretary to take on the role that Jin-soo would do at the nightclubs. The secretary refuses to get his hands dirty which infuriates Kim and he orders the secretary to get the job done. Meanwhile, Jae-yi disguises herself as a rookie intern at KA Entertainment.

Jae-yi uses software sent by Byung-min to hack into the system at KA Entertainment. She also plants microphones all over the office so the players can listen to Kim Yun-gi’s conversation. There, Jae-yi runs into Hwi-woong, an idol who is managed by KA Entertainment. Later that night, Jae-yi recalls the time in high school when she was bullied by her classmates.

During that time, Hwi-woong who was her classmate had helped save her from the bullies. On the other hand, Ha-ri, Soo-min and the other players discuss the data they had collected with Jae-yi’s help. They conclude that CEO Kim Yun-gi has been procuring cash by sharing the stocks of the entertainment agency.

Chief Hwang meets his old friend, Assemblywoman Jang and asks her to help arrange a meeting with CEO Kim. She arranges a golf game with the CEO where they run into Ha-ri who has disguised himself as a businessman named Eddie Jung. CEO Kim is impressed with Eddie and asks Assemblywoman Jung all about him.

Assemblywoman Jung claims that Eddie is a broker in the stock market but adds that he actually works in the drug business. This entices CEO Kim as he is looking for someone to pedal his drugs in the nightclubs after Jin-soo’s arrest. The next day, CEO Kim asks to meet Eddie (Ha-ri) and proposes the idea of working together on a new business venture. CEO Kim hints at the drug business but Eddie pretends to be disinterested.

He gaslights CEO Kim to the point that he begs and asks Eddie to work with him. Eddie finally concedes which gives CEO Kim a false sense of victory. Eddie continues to gaslight CEO Kim which makes him trust Eddie to be authentic. That night, Jae-yi looks for the microphones she had placed in the KA Entertainment office but finds one of them missing.

CEO Kim’s secretary finds Jae-yi but does not mention the microphone. He offers to drop Jae-yi home on his way out. During the drive, the secretary and Jae-yi chat about how CEO Kim treats his artists like trash and how he has bound them to the company with slave contracts. Jae-yi learns that CEO Kim has stored the contracts in the safe in his office.

Jae-yi goes back to Hotel Libra, thinking about how Hwi-woong too was bound to a similar slave contract. She wonders how she can help free him. Jae-yi gets Byung-min to help her and the latter finally concedes. On the other hand, Eddie calls CEO Kim to his office for a meeting. There, CEO Kim sees Eddie’s business through the narrative planned by the players.

CEO Kim is shocked to learn how Eddie does his business and ends up blindly trusting the guy. Eddie tells him he will charge 70 million won (which is what all of CEO Kim’s assets are worth) for pedalling the drugs. CEO Kim is hesitant but agrees to work with Eddie and the deal is a success. Meanwhile, Byung-min goes inside the KA Entertainment office to break open the safe that contains the slave contracts.

Byung-min uses a bomb to break open the safe but the bomb causes the entire building to suffer a power failure. The security guard finds Byung-min in CEO Kim’s office and tries to catch him. However, Jae-yi shows up just in time and pretends to attack him. She kicks him out of the office and goes inside herself. There, she meets Hwi-woong who recognises as Hae-ryeong from high school.

That night, CEO Kim calls his business partner – Mr Song and tells him about the purchase he is going to make. Jae-yi tells Hwi-woong about the contract and asks him to help with the mission. At the same time, Ha-ri calls Do-soo and asks to meet him in person. There, Ha-ri asks Do-soo to work with him. Ha-ri tells Do-soo how he was after CEO Kim who was dealing drugs and the latter agrees to work together.

The next day, Ha-ri disguises himself as Eddie and gets ready to meet CEO Kim. Do-soo is also hiding at the scene with police backup. CEO Kim shows up with a bunch of guards who confiscate Ha-ri, Jin-woong and Chief Hwang’s phones. CEO Kim takes the trio to a different location to complete the deal as suggested by Mr Song. Chief  Hwang manages to put a microphone in the car for Byung-min and Soo-min to track.

At the same time, Do-soo and the team of cops leave to rescue Ha-ri. To Byung-min and Soo-min’s surprise, the car that Ha-ri was in had stopped moving. Ha-ri, Jin-woong and Chief Hwang are moved to a different car with no way for them to remove the tracker. Soo-min hopes for Jae-yi to inform them of the location that Ha-ri is taken to as she follows after them on her bike.

Jae-yi finds the location and Ha-ri is taken inside to meet Mr Song. However, he is shocked to learn that Mr Song is none other than one of Jeffrey Jung’s bodyguards.

The Episode Review

As interesting as the first season of this show was, The Player 2: Master of Swindlers seems to be slacking off in the story department. With the show returning 5 years after the original season, it is time for the makers to raise the stakes as this one seems to be losing its touch that fans saw and loved in the original season.

For now, we can see that Ha-ri and the players are trying to con CEO Kim but they end up in running into one of Jeffrey Jung’s thugs who has turned into a drug mafia. It is clear that this case is also connected to Jeffrey Jung and the only thing that viewers can look forward to is Ha-ri and the players finally avenging Ah-ryeong’s death. 

After seeing Jae-yi’s life in school, I hope she ends up with Hwi-young because she deserves it. On the other hand, I am hoping for some romance between Soo-min and Ha-ri because the two look good together.

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Expect a full-season review once the season ends!

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