The Player 2: Master of Swindlers — K-drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2

Episode 2 of The Player: Master of Swindlers starts with a flashback of the mysterious woman – Soo-min meeting Do-young just before he is about to leave for his meeting with Ha-ri. She tells Do-young that Ha-ri was trying to con him and asks him to beware of the guy. The episode jumps to where we left off with Do-young threatening to shoot Byung-min and Ha-ri while Soo-min stands behind him. Do-young asks So-min to get her hands dirty and shoot Ha-ri as he does not want to be conned by his junior.

Hesitating, So-min shoots Ha-ri and he collapses. However, Jin-woong shows up there along with Woo-young and the two men beat up all of Do-young’s men. While Jin-woong knocks the men with his bare hands, Woo-young uses his gun to shoot them down. Just then, Ha-ri gets up and shows Byung-min the bullet-proof vest he was wearing. He asks Jin-woong to free him and fights some of the goons.

A flashback shows Ha-ri and Soo-min conspiring against Do-young. We see that Ha-ri purposely sent Soo-min to Do-young to make him doubt Ha-ri so that they could easily transfer all of his cryptocurrency while he was distracted by the fight. Woo-young watches Do-young trying to run away and chase after him. Ha-ri notices this and runs after him trying to stop Woo-young from killing Do-young.

Just then, the Thailand cops show up and have Ha-ri, Jin-woong, Byung-min and Woo-young arrested. Do-young thanks the cops just as the players are taken into police custody. To Byung-min’s surprise, it is Jae-yi driving the police vehicle. Jae-yi gets off the freeway and drives the players to safety. Meanwhile, Byung-min informs the team that they had successfully emptied the cryptocurrency from Do-young’s wallet and onto theirs.

At his house, Do-young is shattered when he learns that all his money has been transferred to a different wallet. He gets a call from Jeffrey Jung who tells Do-young that he was good for nothing now that he has lost all his money. At the same time, Do-young’s bodyguard shoots him in the head and kills him as per Jeffrey Jung’s instructions.

That night,  Ha-ri tells Woo-young that he will reach out to him when they successfully convert the stolen assets from Do-young. Ha-ri leaves the players alone for the night and goes on a date with Soo-min. There, the two bicker flirtatiously when Soo-min proposes a deal to Ha-ri. She tells him that she could help the four swindlers clear all their criminal records if they perform heists for her in the future just like they did for Prosecutor Jang. Soo-min tells Ha-ri that they had to work for her for 1 year and he agrees.

The four swindlers finally get back to South Korea and meet Chief Hwang In-sik who escorts them to Hotel Libra – the place they will be living at for the upcoming year. There, Soo-min waits for Ha-ri and his friends. The group is excited to see the place well set up with everything they loved and needed for the job.

Ha-ri is excited to get a luxurious welcome. Soo-min asks the four to rest for the night so they can start working the following day. That night, Ha-ri notices Jae-yi looking at a photo of Ah-ryeong in her bedroom. Meanwhile, a rookie artist Mi-woo is drugged and taken advantage of at a room salon (private nightclub) by a rich man named – Jin-soo.

The next day, Ha-ri, Soo-min and the group discuss the case of the entertainment agency – KU Entertainment. Soo-min explains Mi-woo’s case to Ha-ri and the swindlers and tells them that the cops had refused to file a complaint against Jin-soo as he wa the Director of KU Entertainment and was close friends with the company’s CEO – Kim Yun-gi. Another flashback shows Mi-woo trying to complain to Yun-gi, asking him to help.

However, Yun-gi threatens Mi-woo and forces her to keep this issue under wraps. The episode jumps back to the present day and Jin-woong joins the private nightclub as a bouncer. Soo-min, Jae-yi and Ha-ri are all present a the nightclub as guests. The girls get on the dance floor and try to get the chaebols (rich men) to notice them. Soo-min tries to impress Jin-soo who is watching her from upstairs. Jin-woong manages to beat up the other bouncers and holds them captive.

Meanwhile, Chief Hwang and Byung-min wait in the car to help the rest of the team. With a lot of time on their hands, Byung-min tries to practice freeing himself from being captured by the goons. He asks Chief Hwang to tie him up and tries to free himself while the elderly man tries to hack into the club’s computer system using Byung-min’s laptop.

Inside the club, Jin-soo escorts Soo-min to the private room and offers her some drugs hoping they can get high together. Soo-min informs Ha-ri that she has evidence against Jin-soo using her in-ear but the latter tries to stop her. Soo-min beats Jin-soo up and Ha-ri shows up to the private room just in time. Jin-soo threatens to attack them with his knife when Ha-ri distracts him and Jae-yi knocks him out.

The players take Jin-soo hostage with them. Soo-min tells Jin-soo that there is solid evidence against him and asks him to spill the truth about the entertainment agency’s involvement in the assault of young trainees. Ha-ri threatens to kill Jin-soo using the same drug and he finally gives them all the details about his KA Entertainment’s CEO’s involvement in the assault.

Soo-min asks Jin-woong to deliver Jin-soo and the collected evidence to a prosecutor named Kwak Do-soo who will have a gala time investigating KA Entertainment. Jin-soo tells Prosecutor Kwak about the players that sent him there. Meanwhile, CEO Kim Yun-gi learns that Jin-soo is talking to the prosecutor and is worried.

The next day, Ha-ri sends Jin-woong to find evidence against CEO Kim. Jin-woong manages to keep a camera in the private room where CEO Kim is having lunch with the Chief of Police. The camera catches CEO Kim bribing the cop with an envelope full of cash. Prosecutor Kwak’s colleague tells him that the guys Jin-soo had mentioned sound familiar to him.

Jin-soo confirms that the guy who sent him to Prosecutor Kwak was Ha-ri. At the same time, Ha-ri visits Prosecutor Jang and talks to him about what he and the other swindler are upto. After the chat, Ha-ri leaves the prosecutor’s office but runs into Prosecutor Kwak there. Prosecutor Kwak recognises Ha-ri and chases after him. The episode ends with the prosecutor catching Ha-ri as the two men come face to face.

The Episode Review

It’s nostalgic how Jae-yi is doing what Ah-ryeong would have done for the team and how she manages to help the gang just as they are arrested. However, something about this episode tells me that every villain we will meet on the show will be somehow connected to Jeffery Jung just like Do-young was.

The case of trainees being drugged and taken advantage of has been explored in various other shows, including Taxi Driver. I wonder how exposing the CEO of KA Entertainment will benefit the swindlers and Soo-min in making money, which is actually what they have always been after. Soo-min is a fun addition to the group but I am worried that she will use her money and power to turn Ha-ri and the gang into her pawns instead of the swindlers that they are.

With the way this episode has ended, I am hoping Prosecutor Kwak turns out to be an ally of Ha-ri just like Prosecutor Jang was in Season 1. Seeing how this episode ended in a cliffhanger, I am excited to see how the show progresses. 

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Expect a full-season review once the season ends!

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