The Penthouse – Season 3 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Yoon-Hee’s Death

Episode 5 of Penthouse Season 3 starts 10 hours before the big reveal with Yoon-Hee’s dead body found in the walls. Dong-Pil sits with Secretary Jo where he’s tranquilized and dumped back on his bed.

We then catch up with the moments at the end of the previous episode. While Yoon-Hee fights for her life, struggling against Dan-Tae knocking them into the water, police cars show on the horizon. Dan-Tae takes the proof of Seok-Kyung’s parentage and takes off, chuckling evilly. Only, it turns out this isn’t actually the birth certificate. Yoon-Hee duped him and the envelope actually holds flyers.

Now we hear again that Seok-Kyung is Su-Ryeon’s biological daughter and Seol-A is actually her twin. Eun-Byeol survives but Yoon-Hee is found in the water by Dan-Tae and his goons.

He wraps her up and places her in the walls. As Dong-Pil shows with his sledgehammer and hacks at the wall, he sees Yoon-hee inside. Dan-Tae appears with Secretary Jo and they record this whole encounter, pinning her murder on him. It’s a heartbreaking moment, and as Dong-Pil pleads for his life, he promises Dan-Tae he’ll do anything. This is enough for him to turn back to Dan-Tae’s side.

First up, he needs to deal with Yoon-Hee’s body, which includes dumping her back in the water again and diving in with her. Secretary Jo records the whole thing, giving him no way out.

When the cars are found the following day, Dong-Pil heads home and weeps, running himself a bath and despairing over the fact he has no way out. Well, Kyu-Jin checks on the news and notices that this isn’t Yoon-Hee’s doing and schemes to confront Dan-Tae.

It turns out Logan’s ten billion dollar stash isn’t quite ten billion. This means she’s hidden the money somewhere. Where could it be?

Crazy Jin Boon-Hong conducts a press conference and tells everyone that Yoon-Hee kidnapped Eun-Byeol and ran her car off the cliff. She even has the audacity to claim she saved Eun-Byeol! All of this is Dan-Tae’s doing of course, which only spikes Seo-Jin’s suspicions further.

While Su-Ryeon visits Yoon-Hee at the morgue, weeping as she realizes she’s really dead (then again, you never know with this series!) Kyu-Jin bursts back into Dan-Tae’s office and questions him about the shares. It turns out Seo-Jin has bought out Yoon-Hee’s which means she gets the majority vote. It also means she’ll become the Director once more.

All our characters attend Yoon-hee’s funeral, with Ro-Na a complete mess as you’d expect. There, Ma-Ri also learns about her husband having a fight with Yoon-hee on the day of her death. Alas, the plot thickens.

However, opportunistic reporters show up at the scene and immediately start asking questions. An absolutely bizarre montage then ensues as chaos breaks out. This eventually culminates in Ro-Na heading home and calling out for her Mother, weeping.

Back at the penthouse, Seok-Kyung reverts back to her bratty self again, prompting Su-Ryeon to slap her in the face for her cold-hearted words. Seok-Hoon is irate too and turns his back on her. With all of her bags packed, Seok-Kyung leaves.

So where is the 10 billion dollars? Well, it turns out it’s actually tucked away in a book for Su-Ryeon. This is called ‘Paradise Lost’ which Joon-Ki finds while snooping around Su-Ryeon’s and takes for himself.

Meanwhile, Yoon-Cheol receives a call from a mystery person claiming he has several missions. The first includes making sure Dan-Tae gives him his absolute trust. The second involves him heading out in the middle of the night.

Elsewhere, Seo-Jin conducts her inauguration performance at the theatre. As she does, we cut back to the drama at the cliff where Seo-Jin saves Eun-Byeol and takes her out the car.

It’s at this moment she remembers all of the moments Yoon-hee got her revenge. Unfortunately this makes Seo-Jin change her mind and she decides to push both cars over. Now, she does so without gloves on – could this be an important tell going forward? Either way, Seo-Jin allows Yoon-Hee to die.

The Episode Review

Is Yoon-hee really dead? I mean, we haven’t actually seen her die on-screen and that’s always the number 1 rule for these sort of shows. You can never trust an off-screen death! Either way though, this brings up a whole load of drama as it seems like everything’s back to the way it was before.

It’s a shame actually as all of the character progression and growth over the past season has basically been thrown out the window. Seo-Jin is back to her evil ways after helping to kill Yoon-Hee. Seok-Kyung is back to her bratty persona too, while Dan-Tae is on top of the world. At this point it just feels like we’re going round in circles.

Seeing Dong-Pil now blackmailed into working with Dan-Tae and framed for Yoon-Hee’s death is a tough pill to swallow. Likewise, the drama involving Su-Ryeon and the ten billions dollars is agonizingly delivered, with Joon-ki the one to actually find the cash in the end. And who’s on the phone to Yoon-Cheol? Well, I’m calling it now. I think it’s Yoon-Hee. What about you guys, any guesses?

While Penthouse hasn’t been as good as the previous seasons, there’s still enough here to like nonetheless.

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