The Penthouse – Season 3 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Would The Real Joo Dan-Tae Please Stand Up?

Episode 3 of Penthouse Season 3 begins with Su-Ryeon stopping Jun-Ki from killing Dan-Tae. As they talk, we learn he ran away because he was worried he’d be blamed for Logan’s death. He also confirms that’s not even his real name. His actual name is Joo Dan-Tae!

This imposter who’s currently CEO stole his name. The Dan Tae we know was actually a worker for his family but slaughtered them – with a sword no less. He left Jun-Ki alive though, but not before taking the safe combination and stealing all the money inside. Dan-Tae’s real name is actually Jun-Ki but to avoid confusion in this recap, we’ll stick with their current names.

After showing Su-Ryeon the engagement ring Logan intended to give her, they both vow to exact revenge on the chairman, taking him out one step at a time.

Dan-Tae and co. are unaware of this though of course, too busy reveling in their own greed. However, that doesn’t stop an audio file of Je-Ni’s father spreading through school. When Je-Ni finds out, she’s crushed.

As Su-Ryeon questions Yoon-hee about Logan’s inheritance, we find out via flashbacks that he asked Yoon-hee to look after it. Before he died, he handed over the key to his safe with instructions to give it away. He also allowed her to do what she will with this information regarding Su-Ryeon: “a bloodline of hers may still be alive.”

While Su-Ryeon is in the dark over this revelation, Kyu-Jin and Dan-Tae catch wind of the ten billion dollars and set to work trying to retrieve it.

At school, Je-Ni is overcome with grief and pain, deciding to try and end things by jumping off the rooftop. Ro-Na stops her though, encouraging the girl to see sense and stay strong.

That night, Jun-Ki arrives before the whole of Dan-Tae’s group and introduces himself as an old friend. Dan-Tae eventually takes him aside where they talk. He confirms Logan arrived to see him and that’s why he’s there.

Jun-Ki  wastes little time getting cozy with Seo-Jin, and even taking Dan-Tae’s room to sleep in too. In the middle of the night, Dan-Tae tries to exact his revenge but Jun-Ki has his number and chokes the chairman out.

As Dan-Tae leaves, rattled by this instance, Seo-Jin notices and realizes Jun-Ki must have something massive over him.

Later that day, Seok-Kyung boasts about her sabotaging the chances of Eun-Byeol and Ro-Na at the competition. Su-Ryeon overhears and is dismayed to learn what’s happened. After locking the girl in her room, Su-Ryeon next turns her attention to Dan-Tae and warns him against going near Seok-Kyung.

Su-Ryeon immediately drives her up to the school, where the entire school board and students sit waiting for her. Now she has to face everyone for what she’s done.

Everyone confirms that she’s a bully but Seok-Kyung bites back with backhanded apologies. This is enough for her to get expelled from Cheong A. Seok-Kyung immediately phones daddy and agrees to do anything he asks of him.

Jun-Ki sits with Dan-Tae’s crew that night and boasts photos from their past but Dan-tae is loathe to see these. In fact, he lashes out and throws a glass across the room. That picture, as we soon find out, is actually the Wanted poster for Jun-Ki which is, of course, Dan-Tae.

Realizing his number is up, Dan-Tae decides to put the Lot 27 in Seok-kyung’s name instead of his own. According to the news, it does look like Cheonsoo District is going to be a big deal, and that causes Dan-Tae’s crew to celebrate with champagne.

Yoon-Hee heads off to the hospital and starts digging into the past. Specifically, she finds out Dong Pil killed Mi-Sook. However, the noose is tightening around Dan-Tae’s neck, and there’s a lot of people out to get him.

The Episode Review

After last week’s disastrous misfire, Penthouse comes roaring out the blocks with a much improved episode. It seems to be a nasty trend with SBS dramas to misappropriate cultures (oh, hello Backstreet Rookie) but this show has seemingly learnt its lesson and got back to basics.

Of course, those basics include numerous doppelgangers and twins which seems to bee a recurring trope in this show. However, the dots are starting to connect and now we learn that Dan-Tae isn’t really Dan-Tae after all, he’s stolen that identity. It certainly makes sense for his character and iy seems like Dan-Tae’s time at the top is coming to an end.

I still can’t help but feel the show should have just ended with season 2 but we’re here, still chugging along, and Penthouse continues to deliver the crazy twists.

Seok-Kyung reverting back to her bratty ways is a bit of a shame though, especially as it would have been nice to see her on a redemptive path. However, her being expelled after facing up to her bullying is a pretty satisfying moment.

Elsewhere, it seems we’ve done away with seeing Logan’s brother, while Logan himself is reserved to dream sequences.

A the dust settles, Penthouse delivers a decent episode this week, although it remains to be seen exactly what direction this one will take next.

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