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High F

Episode 2 of Penthouse Season 2 begins with Seo-Jin and the others preparing for a brand new neighbour joining them, apparently from JohnBIO. The company have gone viral, which is sure to boost the value of Hera Palace, as Seo-Jin readies herself for her engagement. It’s less than 24 hours away and because of this, her operatic performance for journalists doesn’t exactly go to plan.

Speaking of which, we return to the helicopter landing on the engagement day, as Yoon-Cheol and Yoon-Hee both show up and reveal that they’re married. It’s a brief introduction, one that sees Yoon-Cheol confirm that he has business to attend to. Seok-Kyung then throws a drink in Yoon-Hee’s face, followed by Eun-Byeol lashing out and throwing the cake on the floor.

Dan-Tae grabs Yoon-Cheol after the ceremony and knocks him to the ground. It’s a cheap shot in truth, and one that’s followed by Yoon-Cheol knocking the chairman to the ground with ease. When he leaves, Dan-Tae asks his subordinates to check and make sure the marriage is legit. Seo-Jin meanwhile, worries that Yoon-Hee may have been in contact with Logan Lee.

Back at Hera Palace, Yoon-Cheol shows up and reveals that he is the new neighbour moving to suite 4502. Ma-Ri phones Seo-Jin to let her know, which immediately sees them realize that the pair could be in charge of JohnBIO. Because of this sudden development, and Dan-Tae’s inability to finish off Yoon-Cheol, Seo-Jin decides to tackle this herself.

When Seo-Jin heads home, she confronts Eun-Byeol who happens to still be awake past 3am. Seo-Jin is suspicious, especially when she notices two drinks on the side. She does have a guest there too, as it turns out, but for now it’s unknown who it is.

Seo-Jin clearly decides against traveling, cancelling her plans to confront Yoon-Hee. At her apartment, she demands an explanation as Yoon-Cheol shows up and tells Seo-Jin that he has a right to see his daughter. It turns out Seo-Jin has stopped all contact so this is the only way he can see her, even if it means Eun-Byeol despising her Father for the time being.

The pair verbally spar, as Yoon-Hee reminds her that everyone will know she and Dan-Tae had an affair. All that screaming damages Seo-Jin’s vocal cords, as she heads out for a check-up. It turns out she has an infection and the doctor advises that she cancel her performances immediately. If she doesn’t she may well need to have an operation.

Seo-Jin is too proud for that though, especially the commitment she has already made, but the doctor warns that if she doesn’t then it could cause her to go mute. I don’t know about you guys but I think she should go ahead and sing her heart out! Well, articles begin spreading online too, as rumours spread about her deteriorating vocal cords.

With no other choice, Seo-Jin decides to grab a fresh recruit close to her age and fake her way through the performance. She finds a suitable candidate called Park Yeong Ran. She’s a music major but currently teaches students.

Meanwhile, Je-Ni is bullied by the other girls at school including Eun-Byeol. She’s forced to eat greasy food and told not to attend a performance with her Mother than evening.

Yoon-Cheol approaches Dan-Tae and asks to join Hera Club. It turns out though that the board are contemplating saying no to his request. Yoon-Cheol bites back, telling him he needs to address him as CEO Ha from now on.

Well, Yoon-Cheol pays his way in, giving across $5 million and joining Hera Club and becoming friendly with all the residents again. Seo-Jin is obviously not happy, especially when they all make a vote of confidence to keep them in. This, as it turns out, has been decided thanks to Yoon-Cheol’s wits. He’s given the other residents unlisted stocks for JohnBIO.

Seo-Jin makes her mind up and decides to leave Hera Club. Dan-Tae follows her and reminds Seo-Jin that her behaviour makes him look bad and likens it to throwing mud in his face. Dan-Tae implores her to work with him to find out why Yoon-Hee is back. In order to do so, they need to keep their enemies close. Attacking the couple like she did only shows her weakness and nervousness.

Seo-Jin meets Yeong Ran and promises to take care of her sick Father and all his medical bills if she agrees to help her. She promises not to tell anyone as Seo-Jin hands over a non-disclosure agreement. She tells her to master the performance. When Seo-Jinheads back to Hera Palace, she finds herself struggling in the wake of Yoon-Hee and Yoon-Cheol so close together, kissing and hugging.

The 20th anniversary performance looks set to begin, as Yeong Ran, dressed in a black robe and sporting a face mask, arrives in the secret chamber ready to sing. The performance starts off without a hitch, as the lip-syncing Seo-Jin manages to stay in tempo with Yeong-Ran’s singing. Only it turns out it’s not actually Yeong-Ran there, it’s  Yoon-Hee!

It turns out she had work done on her vocal cords in America, as we cut back and see Logan Lee overseeing Yoon-Hee’s surgery. This brings us nicely back to the performance as Yoon-hee hits a perfect High F. Seo-Jin knows exactly what this means too, confronting her singer in the dressing room. It’s here Yoon-Hee is unveiled as the singer!

The Episode Review

If there’s one thing Penthouse absolutely nails, it’s that feeling of satisfaction when horrible characters get their comeuppance. This has really been the highlight of Penthouse’s two seasons so far, although there are a litany of plot holes and niggling contrivances that are difficult to shake.

This episode does help leave a bit of a breadcrumb trail over the events that occurred last season and this year, as it seems like Logan Lee helped Yoon-Hee recover from her nasty wound with surgery.

With Yoon-Hee now fully healed, could we see her enter the operatic world again and challenge Seo-Jin’s throne? Speaking of which, Seo-Jin is completely rattled this episode, unsure what to think about her ex husband and Yoon-Hee together. That’s to say nothing of her deteriorating vocal cords too, which is probably obvious given how much she’s been shouting,

When will we see Su-Ryeon too? She’s listed on Asianwiki as appearing this year but in what form remains to be seen. While it’s doubtful she’ll come back, she could appear as a ghost or even introduce a long lost twin, which is another classic trope in TV.

Either way, Penthouse Season 2 starts off this crazy, crazy drama in the best possible way, with a satisfying swing in the balance of power. It seems like Seo-Jin and Dan-Tae’s time at the top is coming to an end, and I for one can’t wait to see this happen!

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3 thoughts on “The Penthouse – Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review”

  1. Logic and makjang are mutually exclusive.
    Apart from the hotheaded Ro-Na who never stops to ask any questions, the whole thing with OYH being immediately exonerated is completely nonsensical. She has been on the run and gives herself up to the police just as the maid commits suicide and leaves a note saying OYH is not to blame? That would not go down well in the real world. OYH would be suspected of not one, but two murders. And let’s be grateful for the magical surgery that makes vocal cords even better than they were before.
    Is anyone keeping track of Dan Tae’s body count? There’s the ex-boyfriend of his wife, his wife, beating up the maid, bullying Min Seol A…
    As for being able to lip sync opera in front of a live audience with nobody noticing …. that’s even sillier than Natalie Portman pretending to be a ballerina in Black Swan. Everything was danced by Sarah Lane and even on a two second clip where they get Natalie to do something really really simple you can see that she could not even hold her arms correctly, never mind the feet.
    Why is Ro Na so fixated on this dumb school that only seems to specialize in creating bullies rather than artists? Would she not be trying for Juilliard or something?
    In the special extra episode of Season 1, the cast joked that OYH was only ever drunk, fighting or crying. That’s about right. How can you push a girl off a skyscraper just because you are drunk? And then forget about it!

    But it’s fabulously entertaining so far. I am enjoying it. It’s riveting.

  2. Hey xRay, thanks for commenting!

    You definitely need to suspend some disbelief watching this one. Any sort of logic applied to some of the circumstances here and everything falls apart. I’m sure Yoon-Hee has a bigger plan here though so we’ll have to wait and see how that plays out.

    Thanks for reading the recaps, much appreciated!

    -Greg W

  3. There is something stupid in this story especially on ep. 6 when Bae Ro Na comeback to Korean school. Her mother just tell in one sentence that Seo Jin is the one which make her mother cannot sing at that time with the trophy incident and her mother tell why she insist not let her to study in this school, it will make Ro Na will understand and it makes logic and make some viewers not like a dumb viewers. I am frustrated when the writer making not any sense story just to make the plot more interesting.

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