The Penthouse – Season 2 Episode 12 Recap & Review

Calm Before The Storm

Episode 12 of Penthouse Season 2 begins with Su-Ryeon being found in the basement. However, Ro-Na happens to be with her, complete with a bandage around her head. As she’s taken away, a mischievous grin crosses Su-Ryeon’s lips.

This was all part of her larger plan as we see Su-Ryeon and Yoon-Hee working together to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. This sets us up for a timeline leading up to (and following) Ae-Gyo’s death.

Seo-Jin crushes sleeping pills in Dan-Tae’s food and takes off with his gear. Using the severed finger, Seo-Jin messages Ae-Gyo and asks to meet. Using the hidden entrance, Seo-Jin passes the gear to Yoon-Hee, who takes the sim card out the sat-nav. Unlike Seo-KJin though, she doesn’t eat it.

The car chases Su-Ryeon (disguised as Ae-Gyo) and pretends to hit her. Su-Ryeon dramatically rolls across the floor. Logan is the driver, and he pays off a man outside for the cameras, before using a dummy to burn.

This then falls to Yoon-Hee to grab the ashes and start planting the evidence with Seo-Jin. This former Director is, of course, only in this to secure Eun-Byeol’s necklace. This eventually sees Yoon-Hee fulfill her part of the bargain.

Seo-Jin races up to the cottage with the key needed to open the drawers. Only… none of the locks seem to work and worse, the alarm goes. Dan-Tae awakens and Seo-Jin finds herself forced to leave. This sets us up for 8 hours after Ae-Gyo’s death.

Yoon-Hee shows up at the police station to confirm her statement, with her audio recording the perfect revenge. After some antagonizing words, Dan-Tae grabs Yoon-Hee by the neck and tells her she’s going to kill her… which probably isn’t the best idea when you’re being investigated for murder!

After all this, Logan catches up with Su-Ryeon and throws his arms around her, telling the girl he doesn’t want her to leave. At the same time, Seo-Jin gleefully phones Secretary Do and tells him to get the divorce papers ready. However, she immediately becomes spooked when she learns that Su-Ryeon is alive. On top of that, Seo-Jin has been unwittingly helping her out all this time.

When Seo-Jin heads back home, things take a turn for the worst. Police arrive with an arrest warrant for her, with pictures showing her using the secret passage. She’s being arrested on grounds of false imprisonment and abduction of Su-Ryeon.

While she’s taken away, Dan-Tae suddenly realizes that he killed Ae-Gyo and not Su-Ryeon, sending him spiraling into a fit of incredulous rage. He plays his final trump card and rings Logan Lee’s Father.

While Su-Ryeon and Logan discuss this turn of events, Seok-Kyung shows and speaks to her Mother again. The two eventually hug in a touching reunion.

Meanwhile, Kyu-Jin propositions Dan-Tae, telling him to pay up 30 million dollars. If he can do this then Kyu-Jin will help free him from prison. He has 24 hours and the clock is well and truly ticking

At the same time, Seo-Jin finds mountains of evidence against her, with hair and fingerprints found all over the cottage. That, coupled with the various photos, does not bode well for her prospects.

In prison, Yoon-Cheol receives a letter from Yoon-Hee promising that she’ll help free him soon and knows that he didn’t kill Ro-Na. However, there’s more pressing concerns here.

Logan speaks to Su-Ryeon and reveals that Yoon-Hee has gone missing. Su-Ryeon heads home and finds a letter addressed to her. It’s Yoon-Hee. She regrets her actions and apologizes for everything that happened up on the rooftop. Saying goodbye, she decides to enact one final act of forgiveness.

As we cut across to a bridge in the heart of Seoul, we see Yoon-Hee’s scarf blowing in the wind. This seems to hint that she’s jumped to her doom. Then again, given the writers of this show that may not actually be true.

The Episode Review

The penultimate episode to Penthouse Season 2 feels pretty weak; the proverbial deep breath before next week’s finale. There’s not a lot going on here in truth, and the first half of the episode is taken up with an explanation as to how Dan-Tae is arrested.

If he manages to get out of this one, along with Seo-Jin too, it’ll be incredibly surprising given the amount of evidence mounted against him. Then again we’ve seen corrupt people with stacks of evidence against them going free in the real world so I guess that’s not too much of a stretch!

Meanwhile, Yoon-Hee’s fate remains a big unknown, especially with the prospect of her potentially committing suicide at the end there. In terms of her character, it would make sense given how wracked with guilt she is – especially believing that Ro-Na is dead.

However, it looks like we’ve got more drama on the horizon in the form of Logan’s Father returning and Kyu-Jin making his move and vowing to make more money.

They say absolute power corrupts absolutely and I’d imagine if Dan-Tae is thrown in prison, Kyu-Jin will be the one to rise up and become the villain of the next season. Then again, in this show literally anything could happen.

For now, Penthouse bows out with an okay episode, although it’s a far cry from the excellent quality we saw in episode 11. Roll on next week’s big finale though!

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  1. OYH was crying over Rona’s grave some episodes ago. So she never saw her dead daughter’s body? I know it’s makjang, but still, these plot holes are a little too big.

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