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Another Murder?!

With Chairman Joo arrested and Seo-Jin forced to leave the school, episode 20 of The Penthouse begins with Yoon-Hee contemplating whether Su-Ryeon is responsible for this. However, that’s the least of their problems as Chairman Joo learns that Logan is Ho-Dong and also the one who reported him to the police.

With Joo arrested and news of this spreading all over town, his video depicting the affair with Seo-Jin goes viral along with the “Little Hera” kids bullying.

As everything begins falling apart, Yoon-Hee blames herself for what’s happened. However, she learns from Joo’s secretary that the police are likely to investigate Seol-A’s death too. In fact, when Yoon-Hee gets in her car she turns on the radio and hears it first-hand that the police are doing just that.

The different residents are taken to the police station and interviewed, with Seo-Jin questioned first about her role in the exam scandal. She stays cool for now in the wake of these questions.

Back home, Seok-Kyung is less than enthused with Su-Ryeon, especially after admitting everything to the police. She tries to get through to the kids but while Seok-Kyung tells her to leave and never come back, Seok-Hoon calmly tells her to give them some time.

Su-Ryeon shows up at Yoon-Hee’s place, drinking tea nonchalantly on the sofa. When Yoon-Hee shows up, she desperately tries to find Ro-Na. Only, Su-Ryeon narrows her gaze and tells her that she should experience the same as she has, hinting that she’s taken Ro-Na away. In order for Ro-Na to go free, Yoon-Hee will need to turn herself in.

Yoon-hee refuses to do so and drops to her knees, pleading with the girl. It’s no good though, especially when Ro-Na shows up through the front door. Yoon-Hee eventually tells Su-Ryeon she’ll reveal all the next day, prompting Su-Ryeon to leave.

When Seo-Jin eventually heads home, she finds Eun-Byeol passed out in bed with pills strewn across the floor and red wine across the floor. Has she drugged herself? It certainly looks that way as Seo-Jin rushes her into hospital. It’s touch and go for a while but thankfully she’s stabilized at the last minute.

The stress of it all causes Seo-Jin to faint though before eventually bringing Eun-Byeol back home. She’s in a critical state but she’s at least stable.

When Su-Ryeon arrives, Seo-Jin drops to her knees and begs her to stop. Su-Ryeon refuses to do so, especially given what she’s done in the past and proceeds to slap her hard across the chest. I don’t know about you guys but this was an incredibly satisfying moment!

Su-Ryeon stirs things up further though by admitting to her that Joo Dan-Tae has moved on to Yoon-Hee and is now romantically linked to her.

Meanwhile, Yoon-Hee speaks to Joo and contemplates whether to kill Su-Ryeon or not. This meeting is immediately cut short by Seo-Jin though, who shows up and grabs Yoon-Hee, asking exactly what she’s doing with Joo. Joo grabs Seo-Jin and pushes her away, telling Seo-Jin she’s clingy and to leave.

At school, the students turn the tables and gang up on all the “Little Hera” kids. When one of them puts his arm around Ro-Na, Seok-Hoon snaps and suddenly starts striking him. Everything eventually explodes into a flurry of punches as Doo-Ki shows and tries to break everything up. In fact, he tells them all to pick up the trash strewn across the floor and dishes out some penalty points too.

Meanwhile, Su-Ryeon and Logan move to a secure location as the latter invites Su-Ryeon across to America with him. She refuses, deciding to stay for her kids instead. Handing over a plane ticket, Logan gives her until 6pm to decide what to do and embraces her warmly. For now, Su-Ryeon has a big decision to make.

Back home, Yoon-Cheeol sits by his daughter’s side as she opens her eyes. Only, she’s clearly not right and Yoon-Cheol suspects that she has psychogenic aphasia. If that’s the case, Yoon-Cheol is going to take Eun-Byeol with him back to his hometown away from Seo-Jin. He refuses to give up his daughter and promises Seo-Jin she won’t raise Eun-Byeol any more.

Yoon-Hee receives a parcel and a subsequent phone call from the police asking her to join them down at the police station to answer some questions. Instead, she bursts into school and takes Ro-Na out of class.

It’s clear her Mum is not of sane mind and tells Ro-Na not to head home alone from now on. As they talk, Yoon-Hee learns that Su-Ryeon saved Ro-Na from committing suicide in the past. She’s the reason her daughter is still alive. Still, Yoon-Hee isn’t exactly thinking straight and remains determined to cover her tracks no matter what.

Su-Ryeon receives a message regarding the kids being trapped in the study. Rushing back home, it turns out it was a ruse and she’s knocked to the ground as Yoon-Hee stabs her in the back. When Ms Yang shows up, she sees Yoon-Hee with Su-Ryeon and screams, calling the police. Yoon-Hee is then arrested for murder. Su-Ryeon meanwhile is taken away on a stretcher.

When Logan finds out, he charges to the airport and calls a taxi. Only… a black car shows up and as it drives off, we cut to Logan’s passport and plane ticket on the floor. Was he snatched up?

Anyway, it’s on to the police station for now as everyone is interviewed over their part in Su-Ryeon’s murder. Eventually Yoon-Hee admits the truth and tells the police that she killed Su-Ryeon.

The Episode Review

Before we get started looking at this episode, a massive congratulations to all involved in the making of Penthouse! This show absolutely cleaned house at the recent SBS Awards show and deservedly so. Say what you will about this one, the over the top shenanigans and drama make for some highly enjoyable and compelling TV.

With this episode though, I’m actually really gutted that Su-Ryeon is dead. She’s about the only redeemable character in this apart from Logan; the list of likable characters seems to be getting thinner each week. With Yoon-Hee in prison, what will happen to Ro-Na now?

The preview for next week seems to hint that Joo will come out on top but given he’s being investigated, will he also be arrested? And what of Seo-Jin too? Will she be found out for killing her Father? We’ll have to wait and see of course but the show leaves the door wide open for the finale.

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8 thoughts on “The Penthouse – K-Drama Episode 20 Recap & Review”

  1. The last episode ended without finishing the story, without the culprits getting caught and finished! Why did that happen? 🥺

  2. Didn’t Joo Dae Tae kill Suryeon’s real husband?
    And who is Seok kyung and Seok hoon’s mother?

  3. I can’t believe that Su Yeon died, why did they have to create such story ? Joo Dan tae will go Scott free ? What is there to watch anymore ? There are no decent characters left.

  4. It was obviously expressed that Su Ryeon was killed by somebody else, not by Yoo Hee. Yoon Hee was framed by JDT. And I guess the real parents of the twins is someone related to Su Ryeon. Maybe Su Ryeon also wasn’t dead? I am eager to see the last episode of S1. Hope it worth waiting. I just hope Su Ryeon is not dead yet.

  5. Thank you so much! When Yoon-Hee stabbed Su-Ryeon I audibly gasped; I can’t believe they’ve killed off one of the best characters! Really excited for the finale to see how this one will ends.

    Thank you for commenting though, it’s very much appreciated! What’s been your favourite part of the show?

    -Greg W

  6. Always looking to the detailed and swift recap + review! Amazing work. Looking forward to the next season!

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