The Pentaverate – Episode 4 “I’m the Bad Guy” Recap & Review

I’m the Bad Guy

Episode 4 of The Pentaverate begins with Reilly calling out Anthony’s obsession with conspiracies. While they talk, someone fills their van with yellow gas. It’s the man from the convention that warned Ken about looking into the Pentaverate. He holds up a card to their window that says, “You’ll never expose the…” They then pass out.

Higgins and Ken arrive in Dubrovnik, Croatia to look for the Parce Clavem key, with Sasquatch on their tails. Higgins warns Ken not to touch the key if he finds it, and they split up.

Ken manages to shake off Sasquatch before stumbling across an alleyway entrance that leads him to a hall of mirrors.

A voice calls out his real name, “Ken Scarborough.” The woman then appears in the mirrors all around him. She introduces herself as the Saester of Dubrovnik. He gives her the bad news that her brother the Maester is dead, believed to be murdered.

He says he’s searching for the Parce Clavem, and she calls herself the keeper of the key. She taunts him for a little while, making him drink from the Chalice of Malice and telling him to shoot her. So, he does. When he unexpectedly hits her, she tells him to take the key and go.

Against Higgins’ warning, he picks up the key with his hand. The Saester says it burns him because it’s fusing with his DNA.

Ken then returns to The Pentaverate Headquarters with the key. But they take the key and accuse him of theft and murder of Clark and Eccleston. And they know his true identity.

They take the footage from his glasses to review all of it later. They show him how they beheaded Higgins for betraying The Pentaverate, then they take him away to a cell.

When Ken wakes up, the mysterious man who warned him at the convention stands before him. He shows him a card that says, “Follow me,” and he leads him out of his cell.

He takes him to the roof and tells him to get in the helicopter and go. Reilly is there waiting for him.

They start to fly away, but the helicopter takes over and lands on its own. Red Robes then take them into a plane, where Skip Cho greets them. He says it is time for Ken to help them. 

Bruce Baldwin then pops out from behind Cho, declaring, “I’m the bad guy.”

The Episode Review

Episode 4 of The Pentaverate is as random as ever, seeing Mike Myers’ Ken Scarborough jump through ridiculous and dangerous hoops to return the Parce Clavem to the Pentaverate.

There’s no good reason provided for Ken’s devotion, other than the fact that he’s a nice guy and wants his job back. Then again, the nonsensical explanations that drive the show’s plot points are supposed to be funny in and of themselves.

With The Meadows drawing closer, The Pentaverate is in trouble if its leaders think Ken is the bad guy. Of course, it now looks like Bruce Baldwin and Skip Cho are stepping into that role.

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