The Outlaws – Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

The Brook Hill crew is becoming a nuisance for the police. In Christian’s absence, they feel new players have taken over and that they’re very sharp.

Those comments are bookended with visuals of Frank and Greg, both of whom absolutely do not fit the police’s expectations. Probably that is why they’re able to get away from being associated at all. The boss gives Haynes and her partner three days to follow one of the runners they have spotted on a route. Rani asks Christian to arrange more stock for drugs. The sales are on target and he is actually impressed by her. But he also warns her to be careful in light of Haynes asking about the Dean.

As Rani is getting up, Christian asks her to stay longer. Hank, his cellmate, is not the coolest person to hang out with. Rani asks him about his start as a drug dealer. Christian explains that his father never broke the law but didn’t get paid justly, even contracting lung cancer due to work. Abject poverty was another reason. The BJC is presenting at town hall to take over the center but Myrna shoots down Claire’s hopes of speaking on their behalf. Gabby has a new spring in her step when she discovers her ex, Lara, is single again. The conversation is steered toward whether or not Greg should be on the apps. Gabby says she will help him to make a better impression.

Rani and Ben decide to bring food to the former’s parents to ask for the loan. Esme is not too excited about the probable move to Weston. Barbara, a local near the community center, warns Diane that there are a lot of goings and comings in it after renovation work finishes. Rani asks Myrna and John to bring the raw product to the center at night for cooking. Frank isn’t involved as he is visiting his ex-wife. Gabby’s “little project” isn’t going according to plan. She feels Greg is too unpresentable for a dating app. She asks Diane to go on a trial date with Greg, to which Diane agrees.

John and Myrna are up to ask and engage in a hilarious sequence where they exchange money for the product. The first part of the operation is done. Frank goes to Lou, as promised. But he finds out that she doesn’t speak anymore. Frank ignores her and starts playing games with the other residents. His daughter confronts him and as they’re arguing, Lou starts sobbing. Rani and Ben arrive for the dinner, while Greg takes out Diane for the trial date. John and Myrna reach the center and meet up with the cooks after a run-in with the police for speeding.

Myrna leaves for the town hall meeting as John is stuck with the cooks. The date goes predictably – Diane dictating terms and Greg learning the ropes. Lara and Gabby are on a date as well, which isn’t going swimmingly either. Lara forgot to remove her profile and is actually engaged. And off goes the little voice in Gabby’s head, “I want some white powder”. She is back on drugs and turns the place upside down finding them. Rani’s parents put a pin in the loan thing but aren’t too receptive to Ben. They’re still hoping for Rani to go back to Oxford. Fewer chances it’ll work out.

Claire’s speech at the town hall is interrupted and she almost loses the people before Myrna turns up and saves the day. John tries to crack with Anastasia at the center and instantly has a high. Greg is great at the quiz he and Diane participate in. Rani drives around in Christian’s Range Rover delivering the drugs to the runners. Haynes and her partner spot the car and take pictures but cannot see who is inside. We see a completely changed Rani, following Christian’s instructions to the hilt. But she reaches out to something darker inside her and manifests it in a ruthless tone. Haynes starts following the Range.

Diane and Greg win and she excitedly asks Greg to come back to her place and “do it”. Just then, Barbara calls her and says she has noticed activity within the center.

Being the consummate professional, she goes to the center with Greg. Ben notices Haynes’ car and they make a run for it. Greg texts Rani that he is coming with Diane but John doesn’t pick up. He is high as a kite and Myrna is at the town hall. Rani and Ben nearly get away from Haynes. Rani excitedly kisses Ben and has an adrenaline rush, to which Ben’s reaction is one of shock. Myrna reaches the center just in time before Diane and Greg. The lanky lawyer distracts Diane with an awkward kiss and she maces him. But Myrna and co. live to see another day.

Rani and Ben burn the Range. Frank and Lou have a moment alone in the hospital room. Frank gives a heartfelt speech to Lou about why he never came to face her. Because facing her meant facing himself and that is something he couldn’t imagine doing. He apologizes for abandoning her and commends Kou for raising a fantastic daughter. He pumps her to remember the good times in a bid to wake her but it is unsuccessful.

The Episode Review

By now, Stephan Merchant has figured out a way to send the characters off on their own little subplots to ease out the runtime and present a more holistic commentary on human nature.

Episode 4 is the perfect mantle piece for him to show off his good work. With each passing episode, we dive deeper into the lives of our outlaws, getting familiar with their flaws and insecurities. Some of the runways for these developments were laid in the last season. But they have truly flourished from a drama point of view in season 2.

We also saw the first car chase of the show in this episode. Given the meagre resources, it was actually shot really well and deserves credit. In the end, it became a testament to a changing Rani. She has taken a liking to her criminal side and seems pretty deft at it.

We have also seen friendships form along the way. A striking aspect about all the couples is that they’re almost polar opposites – both in attitude and philosophies. In this way, their friends are the best ones to help them through their difficult times.

Opening up was an essential part of episode 4 that was truly owned by Christopher Walken. We didn’t see too much of the swashbuckling star in season 1 but here, he has been omnipresent.  The true acting range of the cast was tested in episode 4. All of them came out with flying colours, though, making this episode one of the most delicate ones we have seen.

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