The Outlaws – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review

 Episode 3

The group excluding Gabby shows true criminal flair to become “outlaws” in episode 3. A montage showing the drug operations in full flow begins affairs.

Each of the members have taken up a task in the operation. Like Frank is the one responsible to wash and launder the money by going into casinos; Myrna is responsible for delivery and so on. Rani and Ben head it and oversee the “staff”. Business is booming and Rani discusses recruiting more people to handle the workload. Ben is naturally disinclined. The entire operation has taken an emotional toll on the two. But four more weeks of this and they can wash their hands off of this thing.

Haynes continues her investigation. She meets with Christian in jail, who is less than forthcoming. Ben acts on Rani’s insistence to have more kids to deliver drugs. John is still looking for a job but facing difficulties getting suitable positions due to his lack of computer savvy. One kid, Tyler, among the group assembled to be runners, seems like he will be a problem in the future. Ben warns Rani not to recruit him but she shoots him down and Tyler begins working. Let’s see how it goes.

At the community center, Rani attends a call from Spencer who places an order. Greg reveals to Myrna and John that he has set up a shell company called Laycock Logistical Services in Britain to transfer it to the Dean’s account. Right now, the problem is that too much money is coming in. Gabby’s client account and the casinos aren’t enough. That is why need this shell company. Gabby is outraged as the government has sold the place to a telecommunications corporate to raze the building and set up something new. She proposes to hold a demonstration to oppose the move.

The group and Diane seem uninterested and Gabby is confused and upset. Tyler indeed proves to be a problem as he decides to rob Spencer while making the delivery. Gabby goes straight to the BJC to hold the demo. Greg, in his innocence, helps Gabby and the BJC navigate the legal intricacies to stop the sale. But he has a plan. He wants to use the fundraiser through the BJC as an opportunity to launder the drug money. It is the perfect fit. He asks Myrna to make him the treasurer for the BJC and he will handle the rest. Plus, it would also help the center which can be a useful spot for the BJC. Myrna gives in.

Spencer reports the robbery to the police. Haynes is on the case and speaks to Spencer. She and her partner sense an opportunity to reach the brains of the drug operation. Spencer gives them the sketch of Tyler. Ben and Rani are out for a day off, while Gabby the BJC leads the demo. Tyler shows off the watch to his friends but is spotted by the police. Ben and Rani dream of owning a shop out on the beach and opening a cookout. Tyler is indeed caught, while Diane has the after-effects of eating a ferocious brownie from one of the BJC members. John struggles with his employment search and lets out an emotional rant about not being able to figure out what the corporate world wants from him.

Rani and Ben are inside the shop and imagine their future. They get a call from Christian who tells them about Tyler. Ben is furious with Rani, who instead gets moving and calls Greg to stop Tyler from outing them to the police. Gabby’s live stream attracts controversy and people are not kind to her. They insult her and say bad things about her and call her a “white supremacist”. Greg and Myrna leave to salvage the Tyler situation. Haynes threatens Tyler with jail after he reveals he is 18. They’re just able to intervene before Tyler is taking the deal. Greg then learns the victim is Spencer and calls Rani.

John goes back to his father to take him back. But he denies him the opportunity. Gabby is heartbroken and BJC decides that the protest will continue without her. Myrna steps in to help her friend and saves the situation. Ben and Rani go to Spencer’s apartment and threaten to kill him if he doesn’t take away his complaint. Tyler is able to walk scot-free. It was a close shave but they managed to come out on top. Haynes and her partner chase another deal about the “coffee drugs”. Rani says she will ask her parents to give her a loan for the deposit and embraces Ben. Myrna is proud of making a difference and seeing the news that the council has taken the decision to revert the decision.

In the end, Haynes and her partner post a man to pose as a customer. The runner gives him one of Myrna’s posters of saying no to drugs, confusing Haynes and her partner.

The Episode Review

What an incredible episode. There was so much going on that it was hard to not lose sight of the bigger plan. Each one of our outlaws has had a tough time in season 2.

Frank is arguably the only one whose life hasn’t spiralled out of control. Gabby, Rani, and John have all suffered mammoth setbacks in their personal lives, as they discover the reality that they had been running away from. It has been a long time coming for these three. Stephan Merchant deserves all the credit for taking a bold step and craftily integrating this trend within the storyline. Season 1 had very less of this intimate introspection into the characters’ vulnerabilities and insecurities but this season has added that layer well.

Despite the close calls, the outlaws have managed to stay above water – for now. But with Haynes right on their heels and sniffing around for a bit, there can be nothing left to chance. And the increasingly witless and chaotic upheavals in the outlaws’ lives.

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