The Out-Laws (2023) Ending Explained – How does Owen save Parker?

The Out-Laws Plot Summary

Adam DeVine (The Righteous Gemstones) headlines the cast of this new comedy as Owen, a manager of a small-town bank who is about to get married to his long-time girlfriend, Parker (Nina Dobrev). He tries and fails to get along with his prospective in-laws, Billy and Lily McDermott (Brosnan and Barkin) but as strained as their relationship is, things become even more awkward when he suspects they might be the people who recently robbed his bank.

Owen contacts the FBI with his suspicions and is then led into one predicament after another when his wedding plans are disrupted by a mysterious criminal organization that has links to his in-laws. After this group abducts his bride-to-be, it’s up to him and Billy and Lily to bring Parker back alive.

Are Parker’s parents really the outlaws that Owen suspects them to be? And how does Owen save his future bride from her abductors? 

Let’s take a closer look at the movie. 

How does The Out-Laws begin?

At the beginning of the movie, we are introduced to Owen and Parker, the soon-to-be-married couple who are busy preparing for their wedding. All is going well but their respective parents threaten to throw a proverbial spanner in the works for very different reasons.

Owen’s parents don’t think very highly of Parker as they think she is a stripper. They don’t think much of her parents either, as they are under the impression that they aren’t coming to their daughter’s wedding, despite Owen’s insistence that they are. 

Then there’s Parker’s parents who don’t appear to be the peaceful nomads they claim to be. Shortly after they arrive on the scene, the hapless groom discovers more about their true identity.

Are the in-laws the out-laws?

Owen feels intimidated by his in-laws but does his best to try to get along with them and even plans an itinerary of things for them all to do.

Billy and Lily aren’t enthused about one of his ideas – a trip to the Holocaust Museum – so arrange their own itinerary. First up is an afternoon of skydiving, during which time Owen accidentally grabs his father-in-law’s crotch when mistaking it for a ripcord. Following that is a night out at a club where Owen becomes inebriated. 

Owen is hungover when he turns up to work at the bank the next day. To make matters worse for him, two masked robbers enter the establishment and hold everyone at gunpoint.

One of the robbers knows the code to get into the vault, which just so happens to be part of a song that a drunken Owen revealed to Lily the night before. After they escape with the money, he begins to suspect his in-laws might be responsible for the robbery so contacts an FBI agent named Roger Oldham. 

After meeting with the agent, he learns the robbers are most probably The Ghost Bandits who have a habit of robbing banks before going into hiding. As Billy and Lily had been off the radar for quite some time – they claimed to be living with Amazonian tribespeople – Owen’s suspicions are seemingly confirmed. 

After connecting the dots, he decides his in-laws must be the infamous bank robbers. When he arrives home and discovers they have bought him a new sports car, he doesn’t need anybody to tell him where they got the money from! 

Owen doesn’t have time to let the knowledge of his in-law’s occupation sink in as shortly after, he has other things to worry about when his fiance is kidnapped.

Who abducts Parker?

Billy and Lily had been on the run from Rehan, a former partner in crime. But when they arrived in town for their daughter’s wedding, they knew it was time to pay her back the money she was owed – hence the bank robbery which gave them the cash they needed!

Rehan isn’t content with the money they give to her and insists they get her another five million dollars. 

Owen overhears their conversation after following Billy and Lily to the crook’s mansion. After a run-in with Oldham on his way home, Owen tells the agent everything he has heard. 

Later, Owen and his extended family head to the bakery to taste cakes for the wedding. But there’s little time for cake tasting when Rehan and her crew arrive. She takes Parker hostage and demands that Billy and Lily bring her the rest of the money she is owed.

How does Owen save Parker?

To save Parker, they need to get the money Rehan has requested. A series of bank robberies are planned but the first robbery ends badly when they lose the money they have stolen. 

A second attempt to rob a bank has better results and Owen is able to escape undetected with the money while Billy and Lily do their part in the robbery. He takes the cash to Rehan but while she is impressed by what he has done to obtain it, she vows to kill Parker as well as Owen. 

Owen pulls out a gun that Billy had given him and due to his nervousness, unintentionally pulls the trigger. This leads to him accidentally killing Rehan and her goons, thus giving him the opportunity to save his fiance. 

Shortly after, Billy arrives and after finding his daughter safe, gives Owen his approval. Oldham also arrives on the scene but Owen doesn’t stick around – he makes a dash to the bank where the money had been stolen from and manages to secure it back in the vault. He then locks himself in and when he is later discovered, claims his innocence when he says he was locked in there by the robbers during the robbery.

Do Owen and Parker get married?

Yes, they get married and both sets of parents are there. However, Billy and Lily are in the custody of Agent Oldham who has brought them to the wedding. But while they are under lock and key, it would appear that an escape plan is imminent. Owen brings them a piece of wedding cake with a paper clip inside that can be used to help them escape from their handcuffs! 

The movie ends at this point so we don’t know if they escaped. Perhaps a sequel will take place right after the events of this movie with Owen and Parker going on the run with her parents. In this scenario, they would all become outlaws, leading to further adventures for this mismatched family.


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