The Other Black Girl – Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Down with Disease

The final episode of season 1 for The Other Black Girl starts with Nella tied to a chair in a warehouse. Hazel approaches, tries to lose her restraints, and whispers in her ear, urging her to take the grease. Just then, Diana enters and asks Nella what she wants.

Nella says she wants to get out of that place, but Diana tries to remind her that she really wants to become an editor and change the world, starting with the release of the book by Jesse Watson scheduled for the coming week. 

Nella wonders how Jesse was able to write a book in just a few days, and Diana tells her that Jesse’s name will be on it, but the book is a masterpiece created through years of work by brilliant minds in the sisterhood, and Jesse will be their spokesperson.

Diana urges Nella to use the grease, but she still refuses. She asks the girls to restrain her, but Kendra appears before they can forcefully apply the grease. She intervenes, shocking Diana, and she is able to help Nella escape. 

What happened between Diana and Kendra?

The past disagreements between Diana and Kendra surrounding the release of Burning Hearts are explained starting from an interview in Chelsea’s show in 1988.

Chelsea tells the audience that Richard Wagner took a risk on two inexperienced Black women, which makes Kendra scoff. Diana says Richard is a great man and tries to explain how great it is to work with a sister, making Kendra flinch to her touch. They disagree on the show about Diana changing the book ending to satisfy ignorant white folks, and Kendra says she would rather never work for the rest of her life than betray her values and walk out of the interview.

Diana visits Kendra carrying cheap wine, and after they makeup, Kendra agrees to let her do her hair, and that is when she starts secretly applying the grease to her hair.

The grease is painful, and several scenes show Kendra struggling with pain and even the scalp bleeding. In the end, Kendra decides to pack her apartment and run away. She has been hiding until she appears to rescue Nella from the sisterhood. 

Did Malaika Die?

The previous episode ends with Shani running over Malaika and leaving her on the streets. However, her injuries are not severe, as only her hand is injured. At the beginning of the episode, she is at the hospital where Nella finds her, but later, she is released and is crucial to Nella’s next steps. 

What Happens to Nella? 

After saving her from Diana, Kendra tries to get Nella to run away to Idaho and leave everyone behind since it is the only way to ensure her safety. However, Malaika disagrees with Kendra’s suggestion, saying she will never be free if she runs away.

Malaika tells her that what she needs to do is stop Jesse’s book from being published. Nella, Owen, and Malaika start planning to stop the book release and almost hit a dead end until Vera knocks on their door.

Nella asks her what she would do to stop a book release, and Vera casually says, “Burry the sensitivity read and then leak the book.” Her words give Nella an idea.

They need to attack Jesse’s credibility, but to do that, they will need to know what the book is about. Nella uses Sophie’s badge to get into the office after hours, breaks into Richard’s computer, and downloads the book. On her way out, Kendra’s framed photo falls, breaking into pieces, and as she goes to pick it up, she cuts her hand. 

Nella goes to the bathroom to run water on the injury when Hazel suddenly approaches. She tells Nella her story about coming from nothing and Diana giving her a second chance. She tries to talk Nella into accepting the grease and going for what she wants, and Nella refuses, saying it would cost her soul.

Hazel tells Nella that she deserves to free her mind from the distractions of not feeling like she is not good enough and think about what she wants. Sacrifices need to be made if Nella wants to get ahead. Diana made sacrifices, too, and she created a masterpiece like Burning Heart that played a crucial role in Nella being where she is today.

To make a difference, Nella needs to play the game, and the grease will help make sure that it does not hurt as much. Hazel leaves the grease on the counter and leaves. Nella considers for a while before taking it and leaving, too. 

Next, Richard congratulates Jesse for the book when Nella arrives, and she has a complete makeover. She says Diana and Richard requested that she return to ensure that Jesse’s book gets into as many hands as possible. Richard announces that Nella is the new senior editor at Wagner Books. 

Nella tells Diana that she has been using the new hair product every day and feels she has so much control. Diana tells her that she will be taking over Vera’s old office and will see that everything will start falling into place. Nella calls someone to tell them that she is in and that they should blow up this place.

What happens to Hazel?

Diana and Richard threaten Hazel, telling her that if she does not make sure that Nella is greased by the end of the day, she is out of the sisterhood. She promises not to let them down. She approaches Nella in Wagner Books’ bathroom and insists she is her friend. She offers Nella the grease but does not force it on her and instead offers her a choice.

Nella appearing at the meeting about Jesse’s book is an indicator to Diana that Hazel completed her mission, and Hazel is happy that Nella is one of them. She approaches Nella in her new office, congratulating her on the promotion, and tries to ask her out for drinks. Nella says she is busy and suggests tomorrow or the day. 

How does The Other Black Girl End?

Jesse gets in his Uber, and Malaika is seated in the backseat. Malaika tasers him, knocking him out, and Kendra, who is at the wheel, drives off. Nella calls someone and tells them that she is in, “Let’s burn it down.”

The Episode Review

The storyline in the finale leans towards tensions in the workplace, secret societies, and Nella’s possible fake persona, which she intends to use against Diana and the secret society. Whereas the series’ first episodes were fascinating with the mystery and the suspense after everything is revealed, the plot feels far-fetched and not very compelling in the final episodes.

The series tries to pick up from episode 8, but it does not maintain the momentum, making the final episode a frivolous escapade that adds no substance. The first episodes were interesting, but the ending is bizarre, to say the least.

There is a lot about the plot that we need to understand, like what the sisterhood is. Where did Diana get the grease? What is the purpose of the secret society? What does Nella intend to do to expose the sisterhood, Wagner, Diana, and everyone else involved in whatever is happening behind the scenes? I would not pick up the series for a second season since the story fell flat towards the end!

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