The Other Black Girl – Episode 7 “The End Of Love” Recap & Review

Caught In The Rapture

Episode 7 of The Other Black Girl starts as Hazel prepares for her day. She prepares for work and delivers breakfast for Shani, who is still locked up in her house. Next, Nella arrives at work.

Sophie says she is delighted that Nella is leading that morning’s marketing meeting and then mentions that the office is talking about what happened the previous day with Hazel. She sees Hazel heading to the conference and goes to say hello, but she ignores her after the greetings.

The meeting goes well, and her colleagues applaud Nella. She also suggests partnering with a local charity organisation, Young, Black, and Lit, to donate copies of the books and a percentage of the proceeds. Richard approves. Hazel frets at the mention of the charity organization, especially when Nella chirps up that it is her charity organisation. 

Hazel thanks Nella when they are alone and asks her out for a “Hair Party” coming Saturday for a reset. Malaika insists on accompanying her and tells Owen to be alert. She will text him in case anything happens.

Malaika and Nella arrive at the party, and Hazel introduces Camille, Ebonee, and Kiara. The lights flicker again as the girls say they know all about Nella and are jealous of their connection. Another girl arrives who happens to be Malaika’s ex-girlfriend. Malaika thinks that the party is a set-up to give Ruby a chance to get revenge on her, and Malaika is in disbelief when she is actually nice. Malaika stresses about it and convinces Nella they need to snoop around. 

Nella hears something being a door, but Hazel gets her before she can open it. Malaika and Ruby talk privately, and Malaika freaks, wondering what happened to the girl she used to date. Ruby says it is all thanks to Hazel and therapy. The girls are so lovely to Nella, and she gets suspicious, but they tell her that she needs to learn to take a win. They’re happy to have another girl in their sisterhood. 

Hazel tells Nella that she is not officially a group member until she lets her do her hair. Nella hesitates, saying the only people she has ever allowed to touch her hair are her mother and Malaika. Hazel says it is okay if she does not trust her, making Nella reconsider and let her do her hair. The girls share a suspicious look.

Ruby tells Malaika there is no deal with Hazel; she is just real and cares. She tells Malaika how Hazel took her to some party and shared her clothes and make-up so she could look like how she wanted to be. 

As Hazel massages Nella’s hair, she has a memory of her mother doing the same. Meanwhile, Malaika is in the bathroom, and she calls Owen, telling him something suspicious is happening at the party, and she thinks they might need him. Malaika interrupts Hazel before she can apply some unknown product to Nella’s hair and says they need to go to the bathroom. The girls seem to get defensive when Malaika interrupts the hairdo. 

Once in the bathroom, Malaika insists that is weird about the group. They act like they are in a cult. Nella says Malaika might not understand since she works for a black boss and gets to be herself all day. Malaika reminds Nella that she knows her best and that a fancy job and some clothes do not change that. Malaika asks her to snoop around, and if she does not find anything, Malaika will drop the issue.

Malaika goes downstairs and tries to distract the girls by raising their eyebrows. Hazel seems uneasy and asks Camille and Ruby to get chips from the hall. Nella snoops around and finds a hidden envelope with before and after photos of the women downstairs. There is one of her with the before look but without the after. 

Nella frantically runs downstairs and tells Malaika they have to leave. She got a horrible call, and they needed to go instantly. However, the ladies intervene with Hazel, saying they take their community very seriously and want to help. She leads them upstairs to show them the surprise she has prepared, and gives them a bag full of swags. 

Owen rushes over upon hearing Malaika’s message and lets himself in the room just as Malaika and Nella leave. Hazel still questions about the emergency, and Nella comes up with a weird story about their dog having cancer and is at the vet.

They hurry out, and while on the subway, Nella shows them the photos, some labelled voluntary and others involuntary. Owen wonders what that means. Nella thinks she is wrong about Hazel.

At the party, Hazel seems anxious that something did not go as planned, and the girls tell her they tried their best. Hazel tells them to let it all go since they still have something to celebrate. One more girl is joining the group, and Shani comes in seconds later.

The Episode Review

This episode takes an unexpected twist by introducing the possibility of a cult. Is Hazel’s a cult leader? That seems too bizarre but probably would explain the horror premise of The Other Black Girl.

The episode otherwise was infuriating, and the series is becoming less thrilling. Hopefully, the series will start to pick up in the next episodes since it needs a strong finale to make it worthwhile and leave a lasting impact on the viewers. 

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