The Other Black Girl – Episode 5 “Don’t You Want Me” Recap & Review

Don’t You Want Me

Episode 5 of The Other Black Girl begins with Shani waking up at 5:30 a.m. After working out, she heads out to spy on Nella. The following scenes show that it has been her routine for a while. Owen calls Nella while she is about to get to work. He worries that she is being followed. Nella assures him she is fine since the woman following seems to have no problem with her but with Hazel, whom she is convinced is named Eva for some reason. Owen makes Nella promise not to meet with Shani, and she says she will ask for some answers from Hazel. 

Nella gets to work and meets a frantic Vera, who tells her that Colin’s book has been leaked and the response has been horrible. Every social media outlet is coming at Wagner, including Jesse Watson. The internet concession is that Wagner is racist. Vera regrets not listening to Nella about the book. She admits that the book is terrible, and Nella wonders why Vera did not do anything. She says she was trying to do what was suitable for Wagner. 

Vera tells Nella that Wagner is thinking of dropping Colin, and he is the only author keeping Wagner afloat. Vera begs Nella for her help with damage control until Richard comes back from speaking with the board. Nella agrees to help. 

Hazel calls in sick and does not come to work. Wagner Books is in chaos, and everyone leans on Nella to handle the crisis. Vera calls everyone in for a meeting to brainstorm ideas on addressing Colin’s issue. Malaika sends a 911 text, and Nella steps out to call her. Malaika is checking in on her because of the stalker, Shani. 

Malaika just spotted Richard Wagner and Hazel eating out, and she calls Nella to share the gossip. Malaika thinks that Richard and Hazel are having an affair, and Nella reconsiders meeting with Shani. Vera calls her back to the office, and she hangs up abruptly.

Vera decides they need Colin to issue an apology, but Nella disagrees. Maisy eggs her on to share her views, and she says that they need to cancel Colin’s book release and issue an apology on behalf of Wagner and not Colin. Vera insists that the book needs to be published since it is what Richard wants and asks Nella to leave since she is fired.

Richard and Hazel walk into the conference room, and Richard says Nella is not going anywhere. He asks to talk to Vera privately, but she insists he can say what he wants in front of everyone since she controls everything. Richard tells them that Wagner will drop Collins’s book effective immediately and fires Vera for burying the sensitivity read.

Richard has more news to announce. The company will pause the release of Diana Gordon’s memoir and instead prioritize the re-release of Burning Heart with Nella running point as assistant editor. Hazel will be her assistant. In addition, Diana will be releasing an Imprint celebrating diverse writers, and Burning Heart will be the centrepiece. 

Richard apologizes for ignoring the company’s problems for so long. He announces that he will steer the company towards a new route and asks for everyone’s help, making Wagner a place they can call home.

Colin comes to Wagner’s office, making a fuss about wanting to see Vera. Richard asks to see him in his office but refuses, saying he will not be summoned like some naughty child. Richard tells him he is no longer a Wagner author and asks someone to call security. Nella happily asks them to drag out a clown who does not get it. 

Later on their way home, Hazel confesses that she told Richard about Vera burying the sensitivity read. She says that someone had to do something, and she knew Nella could not since Vera has been her boss for two years. Vera was not promoting Nella, and Hazel felt she had to do something. They both want to become editors, and she feels sorry for anyone wanting to stand in their way.

While Hazel gets her a crape from her purse, Nella looks at their reflection in the paddle on the street and instead sees Kendra and Diana. Nella realizes that Hazel lied about the cake being her grandparents’ wedding cake. She says that sometimes, one needs to be the person one wants you to be. She congratulates Nella for her promotion. 

Nella meets with Shani at 742 Perry Street and calls Owen to tell him she will return late. The receptionist escorts Nella to a karaoke room to wait for Shani. Elsewhere, several people abduct Shani outside the creepy building as the episode ends. Colin goes live on social media and says he does not see colour. He only sees characters. 

The Episode Review

If Hazel is the bad guy, is she working to put Nella on a pedestal so that Nella falls harder when she pulls the rug from under her? The Colin menace is done; he is out of Wagner, and unfortunately, his departure carries Vera too. Surprisingly, the era in the plot is 2023 because the extent of the lack of diversity at Wagner makes it seem like the series was set in the 1980s. Regardless, racism is still a big challenge in many companies, and the episode touched on the issue. 

The series seems to have many subplots that sidetrack the viewers’ most significant concern. Who is Hazel, and what is the connection between Kendra and Diana to Nella and her? The series starts with a prelude to some horror scenes. So far, it seems to have forgotten that since everything is easygoing with neither spookiness nor psychological terror. Hazel probably kidnaps Shani to ensure Nella does not discover the truth about her. We shall be waiting to find out in the next episode!

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