The Other Black Girl – Episode 3 “I Know A Place” Recap & Review

I Know A Place

Episode 3 of The Other Black Girl begins with a flashback to Newark in 1976. Diana braids Kendra’s hair as they discuss Kendra going to Harvard in Boston. Kendra promises she will never leave Diana, but he has to figure out some stuff, and Harvard is the best place. Diana makes her promise to call every day.

In the present, Nella opens her door and finds a manuscript outside with a note from H. Nella thinks that Hazel dropped it, but it is an hour away from her home in Harlem, and Owen comments that Hazel is friendly. Nella feels that she is being too nice.

Nella arrives at the office, and Hazel admits that she dropped the manuscript on her way to a bar in Nella’s neighbourhood called Olla’s. Just then, Vera walks in and asks about the manuscript, and Nella says it is okay enough to be read in one subway ride. Vera has a bad headache and asks Nella to get her some pain medicine from the break room. Hazel offers to accompany her.

On the way, she invites Nella to a crash fundraising party for MoMa uptown. People who want to write books often go to such events. 

Nella tells Hazel that Vera will only let her leave work after six. Hazel thinks that since Maisy is leaving early, they need to find a way to get Vera to leave early, too. Maisy walks into Vera’s office and says that she looks like she had a rough night. Vera answers that Maisy would not understand since she does not have a best-selling author.

Meanwhile, Nella tells Hazel about the rivalry between Maisy and Vera in the workplace, and Hazel comes up with a perfect idea.

Hazel knocks on Vera’s door and offers to help her out during the day since Maisy will be leaving early to try and poach an author. Vera gets curious, and Hazel reveals that a mystery author, Kevin McMichaels, is holding a cocktail party to pitch his new novel, and Maisy is leaving early to attend the event and introduce herself. She also tells her where the party will be at 5pm.

Later, Vera asks Nella to make her a reservation at that very time and apologizes for the issue in the conference room. She tells her she is leaving early and should clock out when she is done. 

Hazel helps Nella get ready for the party, but she worries that she might have done something messed up between Maisy and Vera. Hazel talks her into taking the win, and she makes her promise to always do the same. Hazel starts bleeding, and she asks Nella to wait for her downstairs. 

Flashback to Cambridge in 1977, and Diana arrives to visit Kendra. Kendra is happy to see her, and Diana is excited about what they will do tonight. Kendra says that sometimes it feels like everyone is looking at her. Diana suggests that she transfer, but Kendra gets worked up, saying that Diana does not understand, which makes her angry and she walks out of the room. 

Back to the present, Hazel and Nella manage to crash the party. The host, Kate, approaches them, and Hazel is able to get on her good side. She wants to introduce her to someone.

Left alone, Nella tries to socialize and starts talking to Lena, who coincidentally works with Jesse Watson. She tells Lena about sending Jesse a message, trying to convince him to write something at Wagner.

Lena thinks that Wagner is not the right place for Jesse since they have never had a black editor since Kendra Phillips. Nella tries to convince her that despite the bad reputation, Wagner Books can be changed from the inside out, and they can do that, but Lena does not believe so. 

Later, Nella tries to call Hazel but only gets her voicemail. She gets a call from an unknown number while waiting for Hazel and the unidentified caller. Nella thinks it is Hazel, but when the caller hears her mention Hazel, she wishes her good luck and hangs up. 

After the call, Hazel checks up on Nella and brings mini sandwiches and champagne. Nella voices that she feels wasteful at Wagner, and Hazel tells her she has the potential and needs to take a risk. Nella worries that Hazel is too friendly to her, and Hazel says she does not want to be like Vera and Maisy. They make each other miserable while there is enough room for them both. She does not want to be like that, and neither does Nella; they can both shine together.

Nella and Hazel get back into the party and come across Richard when she tries to talk to an author. She is caught impersonating them, and Nella thinks she will get scolded but Richard thinks it’s the bravest thing she has ever seen her do.

He asks about her first project, and Nella pitches her “Burning Heart” idea. Richard likes this idea until she mentions Kendra Rae Phillips. He tells Nella that Kendra is not somewhere off the grid, but she took her own life and broke Richard’s heart. 

Nella insists that this is even more reason to re-release the book in honour of Kendra. Richard says that Nella reminds her of Kendra since she cannot keep an idea inside no matter how others are against it. Richard tells her they can talk about it the next day and thinks there might be something there. 

Another flashback and Diana arrives at Wagner Books to ask Kendra out for lunch. She comes carrying sandwiches. Richard passes them, and Diana boldly pitches her writing to Richard, who invites them to lunch. 

Meanwhile, in the present, Hazel and Nella leave the party. Nella is still riding the high in disbelief that Richard wants to talk about the release of “Burning Heart.” Hazel tells her to believe in herself since she has so much potential. They take a taxi to have some food. Richard watches Hazel and Nella leave, and he gets on the phone with someone, saying things have changed and he needs that person. 

The Episode Review

The series continues to build up the suspense and mystery, leaving viewers eager to watch the next episode, hoping to find out who Richard called, what is changing, and whether it has anything to do with Hazel and Nella.

The episode does a beautiful job delving into the past relationship between Diana, Kendra, and Wagner books. Now that Hazel has gained Nella’s trust, is she a friend or a foe? The story continues to be compelling, and we are glued to our screens to find out what happens next. 

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