The Other Black Girl – Episode 2 “After the Storm” Recap & Review

After the Storm

Episode 2 of The Other Black Girl starts with Nella having a nightmare where she is trapped at Wagner, and the framed photos on the wall tell her to leave Wagner. She wakes up, and the incidents of the previous night play in her head when she gets ready in the bathroom.

During breakfast, Owen notices that Nella is preoccupied with reading her comfort book, and she voices her concerns that she might get fired. Owen tells her to apologise, and it will blow over. Still, Nella does not want to be diplomatic and apologise without meaning it.

On her way to work, Nella listens to Jesse Watson’s podcast, which encourages people to be unapologetically themselves even if they receive hate for it. Nella realises the note is still in her pocket and takes it out to read when a man asks if she is cheating and who Wagner is, making her scoot away.

Arriving at work, Sophie tells her Hazel had asked colleagues to meet in the conference room for a surprise. She had brought pastries. Nella has an awkward conversation with some colleagues. They mention what happened with Colin during the party and say everyone is talking about it. 

Nella heads back to her cubicle and encounters Hazel. She is annoyed at her for acting like she has no idea what she did wrong. Hazel says that she is being diplomatic and friendly to her new co-workers. Nella asks if she sent her the note, but Vera calls her to the office before they can enter it.

Nella apologises to Vera and thanks her for always valuing her opinion. Vera tells her to apologise to Colin when he comes to the office, which will be the end of the issue. However, Nella suggests they bring a sensitivity reader for Colin’s new book since it would save Wagner.

Vera thinks that doing so would further upset Colin, and he would leave Wagner. She tells Nella she will talk and plead with Colin to save her job. Nella asks about the promotion, but Vera tells her that she is lucky to still have a job after the issue with Colin. Nella must apologise to Colin, or Vera’s conversation with Richard will be different. 

Nella shows up at Malaika’s housewarming party. She tells Malaika about the note, who thinks it is a hate crime, most likely coming from Colin Franklin. Owen joins the conversation, and he gets worked up that Nella is putting up with it. Nella is concerned that the issue with Colin is undoing her two years of effort, and she needs to make Vera believe in her again.

Vera heads back to the office and gets spooked while printing some documents. She creeps around the office, looking for the intruder with a stapler as her weapon. She finds the archives and Diana Gordon’s book, “Burning Heart.” She goes to work the following day, reinvigorated and happy, greeting her co-workers on the way to her cubicle. Hazel comments on her newly found energy, but Nella ignores her. 

Vera walks by her cubicle, and Nella requests to talk to her. She suggests a re-release of “Burning Heart” just in time for the book’s 35th anniversary. She has everything planned, including profit and loss statements, mockups, and a new cover. She also suggests that they get Kendra Rae Phillips involved. She suggests that Kendra Rae Phillips does the forward for the new release. However, Kendra has been off the grid for 35 years since the book’s release, and Vera asks how Nella plans to find her. Vera thinks that Nella is trying to avoid apologising to Colin Franklin. 

Vera shows Nella the designs of Colin’s book covers, which means the book will be published regardless of her thoughts. She tells her that part of her job is seeing beyond what she thinks and looking after the needs of the other people around her, including the authors and the workers at the publishing company. Nella gets frustrated and has a meltdown in the bathroom when Hazel finds her. 

Nella accuses Hazel of throwing her under the bus with Colin, and Hazel holds that she did not mean to. Hazel talks about working with another black woman who did not support her at her previous job. Hence, she tried to encourage Nella, seeing how the issue with Shartricia was weighing on her.

She meant to back her up because she felt the character is messed up. She wanted her to win, but her way of showing support did not go the right way. In her opinion, you catch more flies with honey, but she apologises for leaving her out to dry in the process. Hazel supports Nella’s idea of a sensitivity read. Hazel tells Nella that she does not have to apologise for her beliefs. 

Colin arrives at the office and is angered that Nella still works at Wagner. Vera sets her up to apologise. Nella reluctantly does so for not seeing the character’s many layers and depth in her first read. Colin is happy about the apology, but Nella is an emotional wreck afterwards. She texts Malaika about the apology and encourages her to keep going. A flash image of Kendra asks her what she will do next. 

Nella texts Jesse, asking if he ever thought about writing a book. She suggests that they work together. Vera invites her to the meeting with Colin, and after choosing the author profile, Vera subtly suggests a sensitivity read.

Richard loves the idea as it will ensure due diligence, and Nella and Hazel are surprised. Hazel stands up and asks Vera if the sensitivity read was Nella’s idea. She says she believes in giving credit where credit is due. Vera apologises, and Richard applauds Nella. 

On the subway home, Nella looks through the “Burning Heart” materials and notices a note sticking out of the book. Nella arrives home, and Owen suggests they watch Bake Off. As they hug and kiss in their house, Hazel spies on them from a distance, and her face says she is unhappy about what she sees.

The Episode Review

Hazel continues to send creepy vibes, indicating there might be something dire that the viewers should look forward to. The mystery surrounding the “Burning Heart” book and Kendra heightens here.

Nella pulls out a note from the book; what does it say? Why is Hazel creeping around in Nella’s house, and what does the look on her face mean? The episode is captivating, with an impressive story build-up. It leaves the viewer eager about what happens next. 

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