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Teen horror is a very difficult and crowded market to stand out in. From Teen Wolf and True Blood through to Buffy The Vampire Slayer and the recent reboot of Sabrina, there’s a whole range of different options in this category for all tastes. Netflix’s latest supernatural series The Order feels like a relic of a bygone era. There’s certainly some nostalgic charm to it but it also feels like a show released 20 years too late. With cheesy dialogue, two-dimensional characters and cliched plot tropes throughout, The Order fails to really establish itself as anything but a mediocre offering in this genre.

The story begins with an admittedly rocky opening episode that fires a litany of profanities and cringe inducing catchphrases in quick succession. It’s here where we’re introduced to 90’s wavy-hair styled Jack who receives a letter inviting him to join a prestigious school called Belgrave. It’s here where a secret organisation lurk in the shadows and after proving his worth, he winds up enlisting amongst the ranks. As he’s introduced to a world of monsters and magic, a rival group called The Knights rise up, intent on luring him away. In the middle of this rivalry are various monsters that show up including a Golem called Clay and a mysterious werewolf whose identity we’ll keep secret here. While the series does end with one final little plot twist at the end, the story itself is largely formulaic and full of the usual tropes you’d expect from this genre.

In many ways The Order feels like an adult version of a Goosebumps or Are You Afraid Of The Dark episode. It all feels very clich├ęd and the acting itself leaves a lot to be desired. There’s a lot of swearing here too and given the distinctly cheesy, 90’s horror feel radiating through this one, it really feels out of place here. The Order will find a place amongst a specific group of people though, specifically young teens and die-hard fans of the genre but given its niche appeal, this is likely to be one of those shows that’ll really divide opinion amongst the masses.

I found myself really conflicted watching this one. I went from raised eyebrows and loud sighs to being engrossed in the story and watching intently back to bemused expressions again. Some of this may be thanks to that nostalgic feel of 90’s horror I mentioned but the swearing and drinking make this a decidedly adult show and not something I’d recommend showing younger teens whom I actually think this show would be better served to.

With so many other options in this genre, including the aforementioned Sabrina reboot, The Order just feels like it’s cashing in on a recent wave of nostalgia. It’s a shame too as there’s certainly some high points here but it all feels like very well-trodden ground. There’s nothing particularly different or unique with this one but some of the back-and-forth between the two organisations does at least show an attempt to add some unpredictability. Having said all of that, it’s difficult to recommend The Order. There are so many options in this genre and given The Order’s excessive swearing and formulaic plot line, it’s unlikely to be a show that’ll have the lasting power of the charisma needed to have it remembered for the long-term.

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  • Verdict - 4/10

6 thoughts on “The Order – Netflix Season 1 Review”

  1. I want to applaud the show on no nudity and not having tons of sex. I was so happy to finally in 2019 watch a show with my teen that doesn’t romance and put unnecessary thought or expectation of sex in a dating relationship. I found the series comical, fun, imaginative, and overall a refreshing difference.

  2. It was the worst end I have ever seen, not exaggerating here. So Alyssa doesn’t take jack’s memories on the beginning but in the end, being in love with him and with all he has done for her she does it??

    Plus, conceding a big thank you to the werewolves and do the same to all of them plus robbing their treasures… For the last, the Magus seem to have saved the book despite she has been all along against it. Reminded me the moment Frodo got to the mountain and didn’t throw the ring down, except in here there was nothing controlling her will…

    Truly mediocre

  3. yeah, i quite liked it, besides some of the cheesiness and it being too teen drama for me. the ending however interesting, felt a little sore, the very very unexpected memory wipe on all of the werewolves was pretty harsh with Jack not even knowing his own name in the last few seconds and making him an orphan instead of him just going back home to his pack. especially doing that memory wipe after the knights and the order forming an alliance for the last while to get rid of Edward…

    there will definetly be a season 2, i feel the girl (can’t remember her name) wiped Jack’s memory completely to give him a fresh start in life, especially with his family gone. But with the other 3 werewolves i feel a story will unfold in another season.

    That’s my take on it but overall it was quite good and liked watching it!

  4. I didnt mind it , I could follow what story there was, even when some plot elements just felt added at the last second.

    What I disliked immensely was the last 13 resolution minutes of the finale episode. The fact it was essentially just a reset button on the protagonists by so called allies was bizarre.. Not to mention that a main character was left an orphan due to a memory wipe (with no actual memory of his own name)…. but was left a Werewolf.. because.

    Honestly it feels like a series that didnt know if it might get a second season (and I dont think it will based on the ending) … but that ending left such a bitter taste in my mouth that in a way I hope it dosnt.

    Its a show that goes with its humor because it can and thats okay.. it knows its limitation. Its just that the ending is gonna be such a bitter pill it will cloud anyones view of the s how as a whole.

  5. First of all it’s Belgrave not Belmont. Beyond that this review from review geek is on point. I never review anything but it was so bad I had to write something. I gave it a chance for its genre and because Sam Trammel is in it but there was no saving this one. Every other show that’s in this genre is at least 10 years ahead of whatever they tried to orchestrate in this show. AWFUL!!!

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