The One – Season 1 Episode 8 (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review

The End Of Act One

Episode 8 of The One begins with Rebecca taking to the stage and giving a statement. With everyone watching, she reveals they’re going to float the company on the stock market. After that, she’s going to sell her stocks and spend the rest of her life with her true love.

Despite fighting all this time to stay in power… she’s now going to turn it all in for Matheus. This looks set to take a turbulent turn though when Kate meets Matheus and shows him Fabio’s call logs. Kate reveals that she knows he’s Rebecca’s real match. This prompts Matheus to open up about Fabio’s drug addiction and how Fabio floated the idea to him surrounding blackmailing Rebecca. Matheus however, had no part in this.

On the back of his statement, Kate pleads with Matheus to do the right thing and record everything Rebecca says, just incase she incriminates herself. On the back of this, Sebastian heads over for dinner with Sophia but there’s clearly chemistry between him and Kate. Despite not being matched together, she can’t shake the feeling that there’s something there.

Meanwhile, Mark messages Megan and makes his decision – he’s going to stay with Hannah. She’s enraged, eventually changing her Facebook status to confirm she’s selling up her apartment and moving back to Australia. Hannah enthusiastically comments how great this is, as Mark forces a smile and agrees.

Hannah eventually does catch up with Megan again and apologizes over how everything transpired this season. Megan eventually walks away after taking some of Hannah’s hair for herself.

Back home, Rebecca severs ties with Ethan and admits that she knows about his match with Luca. After discussing the future, he thanks her but Rebecca shrugs it off, claiming she’s only doing it for herself. This leads her to message Matheus and set up a meeting.

Alone together, Rebecca asks Matheus for six months to get everything together. Matheus tells her he wants the truth and needs to be able to trust her… and now we finally find out what happened that night.

Ben showed up at the party and met Rebecca down by the docks. Matheus told him all about the real match, which led Ben to figure out that Rebecca stole his database. The irony here is that if she’d actually asked, he probably would have helped out.

James showed up, eventually leading to him and Ben fighting together. Ben eventually decided to take absolutely everything for himself, prompting Rebecca to push him off the rooftop. Well, that was predictable. Rebecca covered everything up, convincing James to take him and drag the body to the river. They switched shirts and she returned to the party like nothing happened.

Back in the present, Matheus learns about Fabio and his overdose from Rebecca. Only, placard guy David Cooper suddenly shows up and looks set to stab Rebecca…but Matheus moves in line and takes the blow.

Some pretty poor acting then ensues as Rebecca screams for Connor but he doesn’t show up. In fact, no one shows up so why hasn’t David tried to kill Rebecca? Why not go for another knife blow? Well, instead we don’t see him again so one would assume he’s decided to sit and chill until the police arrive.

On the back of this, Kate learns that there’s nothing on Matheus’s phone and nothing on the cloud either. This leads them with little to go on.

Rebecca is a mess after Matheus’s death and pays her respects at the funeral. Kate shows too and admits that David has been arrested for his role in all this. She goes on to admit Rebecca has nothing now, who in turn bitterly threatens Kate and admits she needs to be careful.

Back home, we learn the truth about The One. In actual fact, the match isn’t always accurate. Rebecca admits to James that it can sometimes be thrown askew if there are siblings involved. There’s a small chance there could be more than one, prompting James to incredulously exclaim and walk away.

After a montage, reminding us of our unresolved storylines, we see David stabbed in prison. This was Rebecca’s handiwork, as she receives word that this has been done. She takes a deep breath before heading out onto stage. She greets the crowd and says: “I’ve got a secret I want to share with you all.”

The Episode Review

Well that was… underwhelming. After 7 episodes of guesswork, the situation involving Ben finishes with the most obvious and likely scenario all along. Mystery fans will almost certainly find themselves annoyed and bored to tears with the simplicity of all this, while the unresolved character angles leave the door open for a possible second season that may or may not come.

The problem with The One is it’s not the only one in this dating sci-fi space. Even reality shows are jumping on this now too!

Unfortunately The One just doesn’t have that unique hook to keep things feeling fresh and exciting throughout. The result is a show akin to putting too much water in a glass of squash or cordial; the flavour is there but it’s weak and in desperate need of more.

Whether this show will be renewed for a second season remains to be seen but based on this showing, there really isn’t anything much here to suggest it’ll be picked up from middling mediocrity.

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  1. Storyline was inconsistent with police statement that Ben died before entering the water (in previous episode) but episode 8 shows him gasping for air before being pushed into the water.

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