The One – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Penultimate Problems

Episode 7 of The One begins with rain slamming against Rebecca’s car as she heeds Connor’s advice and heads in to see Matheus. With news of Fabio’s death breaking, she sits with him and apologizes. Hugging her lover, she tells Matheus that he was a good brother.

Meanwhile, Sophia discharges herself from hospital and is nowhere to be found. Kate is confused, struggling to find where her lover is. Sebastian hasn’t seen her either and as we soon find out, she’s decided to distance herself from everyone. Kate eventually catches up with Matheus just after he’s identified Fabio’s body. She asks some questions about Fabio, specifically why he was in London.

Matheus confirms that Fabio’s phone is gone, leading Kate to turn her attention toward Ben again. She asks what they spoke about that evening but he refuses to comment without a lawyer present. Just before Kate leaves, she encourages him to talk to Rebecca – which is exactly what he does. Kate follows in close pursuit.

Outside in the open, Kate watches from afar as Matheus and Rebecca embrace each other warmly. Matheus admits he hasn’t said anything to Kate, as Rebecca spots Kate out the corner of her eye. Rebecca reveals to him that she’s being blamed for Ben’s murder, and encourages Matheus to get in the car with her.

When they drive off, Kate heads back to the station and checks out Fabio’s phone records. She suspects there’s something going on there, and starts to dig deeper.

This brings Kate back to the traditional British weather (pouring rain) as Sebastian waits outside her house for her. He hasn’t heard from Sophia and admits he doesn’t want to feel this way about Kate.

It’s here he reveals that he really cares about her. In exchange, Kate tells him she feels nothing. As she shuts the door on her, she closes her eyes, trying to make sense of her emotions.

Kate eventually does track down Sophia and sits with her, bringing up the situation of her family again. This time though, Sophia admits the truth. She was the one who grabbed the steering wheel that fateful day and caused the accident that took the life of her Mother. She blames herself, weeping in Kate’s arms.

Mark meets Hannah and confirms his biopsy results came back negative. He admits that the one person who’s been there for him all this time has been her and he wants Hannah to come home again. He lies too, claiming he hasn’t seen Megan, but admitting he wants things to return to how they were before.

After sleeping with Hannah, Mark heads off to see Megan and tells her to distance herself from them. He apologizes for her being wrapped up in all this… and eventually ends up sleeping with her in the toilets again. Come on Mark, pull yourself together man!

In the morning, Kate heads over to see Damien, continuing the investigation. He mentions her being the first person to be matched by the algorithm, and that the publicity surrounding her and Ethan has been used to mask this fact. As we already know all this, The One is literally just recycling plot points we were already familiar with.

Finally we get to the good stuff though, as Kate receives Fabio’s phone logs. One of the key numbers happens to be Rebecca’s, which gets Kate thinking.

Kate eventually follows her into an award ceremony, watching on the CCTV as she accepts an award before breaking off from Ethan backstage and heading off in different directions.

It’s here Kate realizes that Rebecca has been lying to everyone, including how her and Ethan are not matched. Rebecca refuses to indulge her, eventually walking away after bringing up the sex video fiasco. This conflict is far from over!

The Episode Review

The penultimate episode of The One sees the noose tightening around Rebecca’s neck as her lies and deceit start to come to the surface. It’s clear she won’t be able to keep this charade going for long, and all of this looks set to explode into a messy pit of melodrama in the finale.

What happened to Ben that night? Who’s telling the truth? And will Mark eventually decide to stop cheating on his partner and actually own up to what he’s doing?

There’s certainly lots of questions going into this finale – so let’s not waste any time and jump straight in.

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