The One – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Closing In

Episode 6 of The One begins with the police arriving at James’ house and arresting him for the murder of Ben. He claims to have evidence to prove otherwise, including Rebecca’s shirt, which certainly piques Nick’s interest. Nick stops by James’s office and bags up the bloodied shirt, taking it as evidence after taking it from the safe. Nick lets him go from his handcuffs and encourages him to phone a lawyer.

Rebecca and Matheus continue to spend time together, while he worries about his brother’s absence. Rebecca begins to crack though, telling Connor that she needs him around (despite telling Matheus several episodes ago to leave). She tasks Connor with keeping the Fabio situation under wraps before the pair leave.

Rebecca and Connor eventually blindside James at his office, with the former admitting that she’s found a match for James using his DNA. She’s even brought her across to the UK as a gift for her. Her name is Yasmiin, and she’s currently working in the company’s IT department too. Rebecca outright admits that she’s manipulating him but also claims she wants him to be happy too.

Speaking of happiness, Hannah and Mark continue to see less of it together as they fail to see eye to eye over the Megan situation. Eventually Mark meets Rebecca again, whom he continues to work with. She drops off an envelope full of documents for him and heads back to see Matheus.

At the hospital, Kate catches up with Sophia after Valeria decides to head home and leave them in peace. Sebastian doesn’t know why Sophia won’t talk to him, and Sophia doesn’t help either, refusing to acknowledge or talk about the past. Kate knows there’s something being hidden there but quite what, remains to be seen.

At work, Rebecca sits in and watches as the Board vote on whether to keep her on as CEO or not. The vote is split and it comes down to James for the decider. He decides to keep Rebecca on as the CEO, which prompts Damien to concede and pull his investment out the company.

In the parking lot , news leaks about Damien’s escorts. This, of course, happens to be Mark’s doing. As Mark heads back home though, stalker Megan happens to be waiting for him. She admits that it’s hard for her to walk away from this and that her feelings are growing for him. Are they growing just because of what he told her or is this genuine?

Kate and Nick head back on the investigative hunt again, this time leading them to Ben’s ex-employers. There, the duo find out about Ben’s past issues and the hack that got him fired. This also brings up Matheus’s name too, with news that Ben actually contacted this firm to do a check on Matheus’s background.

This brings Kate and Nick up to scratch as Nick phones HQ and has them put a red flag on the brothers. Word of this gets back to Rebecca, who warns Matheus and tells him he needs to leave… again. Connor keeps him hidden in a safehouse, promising to bring Matheus some shopping soon.

Kate invites Sebastian over to her house and the two have dinner together. While drinking wine, Sebastian shows her a picture of the siblings together and encourages her to keep hold of it.

When Kate leaves the room, Sebastian struggles to compose himself. When Kate returns, he admits that he has feelings for her. The two naturally start kissing but Kate’s phone rings. Fabio’s body has shown up at the morgue. She phones through to Matheus and breaks the bad news to him.

The Episode Review

The One returns for another episode, the shortest of the season in fact, as Kate and Nick scramble to catch up to what we already know. With the investigation now finally on an even keel, the supporting storylines come into view. Between the Megan and Sophia situations though, the interesting dynamics just don’t quite have as much urgency as they perhaps should.

The main mystery is starting to drag a bit too and it seems like Rebecca is the only possible culprit for what happened to Ben. On top of that, the show also leaves the door open for Rebecca being found out regarding the Fabio situation, especially if she hasn’t managed to cover her tracks correctly.

All of this leads to a dramatic conclusion where Kate and her team start to close in on Matheus and get to the bottom of what’s happened. The One may not be the best crime drama, but it is an intriguing one nonetheless, keeping you watching to find out what happens next.

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