The One – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

The Bloodied Shirt

Episode 3 of The One begins 18 months ago in Tenerife. Rebecca meets Fabio, Matheus’ brother, for the first time. He teases his sibling, who eventually encourages Fabio to leave while he sits with our future CEO.

As the two grow closer together, James starts to exhibit some concerns, especially when he learns Matheus confessed that he loves her. With the pair packing up to return home, Rebbeca is torn over what to do.

As they spend more time together, Rebecca suggests Matheus come back to London with her. She even invites Fabio too. Matheus brings this idea to Fabio but he’s not exactly thrilled with the idea. In fact, Fabio outright tells him he’s not going. This forces Matheus’s hand too, as he decides to stay in Tenerife.

In the present, Rebecca learns that Damien is scheming behind her back, courtesy of his current girlfriend, Holly. Damien wants to replace Rebecca on the board and he’ll make his move soon.

In order to leverage her position, Rebecca decides to use Holly to get dirt to use again Damien. After, she confronts Charlotte at work (the investor he’s conspiring with) and confronts her about the coo. She refuses to submit, instead leading Rebecca into blackmailing her to force a submission.

Kate digs into the media leak and realizes there are key details there that don’t match their police records. On the back of this, she realizes Rebecca self-sabotaged herself to make the police back off.

Well, the pair immediately head off and visit James next. He remains nonchalant around Ben and Rebecca’s friendship, claiming they weren’t having sex or particularly close. The evening of Ben’s death they were at a party together.

Kate brings up the text about lying and this immediately riles James up. He’s shifty, staring off to the right, as Nick realizes he’s deceiving them and calls him out for it. James decides to call his lawyer, encouraging both officers to leave.

Back at home, Kate talks to her flat mate about the lies Sophia has told. Kate admits that she loves her, deciding to go to the hospital and see who Sophia will choose.

Meanwhile, Mark organizes a surprise birthday party for Hannah and invites Megan along. He takes her number from Hannah’s phone and enthusiastically encourages her to show up that evening.

Mark arrives at the pub with Hannah first, as the party celebrations get underway. Hannah is happy… until Megan shows up. Awkwardness immediately ensues as Hannah starts to panic. She believes that Megan is going to fall for Mark now they’ve met, while Lucy takes Hannah aside and encourages her to stop talking to Megan and break off their friendship.

Back inside, Hannah plays up the sickness angle as Mark and Megan say goodbye to each other. Only, their stares linger as they both leave. There’s definitely something there between them!

Kate heads back to the station and finds CCTV footage from Ben’s apartment block. They notice two guys (Matheus and Fabio) showing up to talk. The timing of this coincides with Rebecca too, whom we see was wearing the bloodied shirt at the time this pair came knocking.

Rebecca was outside in her car with James, and encouraged him to switch clothes with her. Handing over a bag of clothes and evidence incriminating her, she tasked James with destroying everything. Only, he decided to keep the shirt as collateral.

Well, that certainty comes in handy during the present, as James warns Rebecca off, sending a picture of the bloodied shirt and telling her not to mess with him.

This bring Connor and Rebecca to his place. They blindside him, with Connor beating the guy down while Rebecca is sat waiting. He refuses to tell them where the T-shirt is, prompting Rebecca to order Connor to shoot him in the knee. Connor refuses to do so though, and lets the guy go.

Meanwhile, Kate visits Sophia at hospital and learns more about her past through Valeria. It turns out Sophia lied about her family. As Kate heads in to check up on her, she notices her mobile in the top drawer. Kate takes it and notices a missed called from a guy called Sebastian. Using Sophia’s thumb print, she phones Sebastian back, finding out that he’s actually her brother.

The Episode Review

Episode 3 of The One starts to tighten the screw as we see more of these relationships breaking down and others sparking into life. It’s clear that Rebecca’s match with Matheus wasn’t really a match after all – at least not from what we can see anyway. There could be more to this story but right now that’s being kept at arm’s length.

The One is not perfect but it does continues to deliver intriguing drama nonetheless. All our different characters find themselves navigating their own subplots, specifically showcasing a different part of the issues surrounding this app. So far this has played out much closer to a standard drama rather than an outright sci-fi romp, but there’s enough here to enjoy nonetheless.

The door is certainly left open too, and as we approach the midway point of this series we’re left to wonder quite who’s telling the truth and who’s lying.

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