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True Love In Tenerife

Episode 2 of The One begins with Rebecca and Connor heading down to the dock in the middle of the night. There, Rebecca meets James and tells him about the investigation. Apparently James punched Ben that night, which Rebecca follows up by mentioning a lot of blood too.

It turns out Rebecca was wearing a wire this whole time, deciding to incriminate James just incase it comes down to his word VS hers.

We then jump back in time again as we see Ben and Rebecca both drunk. James shows up and congratulates the pair for solving the algorithm for their upcoming DNA app.

Well, Rebecca decides to work behind Ben’s back. She tells James that she wants to test the science of this app by using data collected from Ben’s database.

Rebecca does just this, running the details through with 100,000 samples; 98% corresponded on CCDC25.

Back in the present, Kate leaves Sophia at the hospital and kisses her while she’s still in her comatose state. Kate heads back to work, beginning to build evidence against Rebecca. Pulling Ben’s phone records brings text messages about lying and how Ben and Rebecca were due to meet that evening.

Meanwhile, Hannah heads out and meets her friend Megan, agreeing to go for dinner that night. However, Hannah’s friend Lucy shows and awkwardness ensues. In private, Hannah explains that Megan is actually Mark’s match after she stole his hair and decided to do a DNA test. She was curious over who Mark’s match was and intentionally got in touch with the girl.

Meanwhile, Mark is encouraged to talk to Rebecca in her car. She propositions him, claiming she can help with his career by feeding big scoops. If he does this, it could be a big boost for his career. If he fails? Well, he won’t even be able to sell the Big Issue anymore. No pressure then!

James heads over to meet Ben’s partner, Amy, and learns some crucial details about the past. It turns out Rebecca bought the house for the pair, and she had nothing but praise for Ben, including how she wouldn’t have been able to make the company without him.

Back in the present, Rebecca prepares to face the press. With cameras clicking and reporters desperate to speak to the founder, Rebecca silently heads off in her car. While she does, Kate checks the news and notices news spreading surrounding Ben’s body being found. It’s gone viral, with it very likely being Mark’s doing.

Nick and Kate both show up at the office, noticing the man with the placard is back. They both head in to speak to Rebecca but her press liaison refuses to let them see her. On top of that, they’re also threatening legal action on the back of the leak. As Kate leaves, she mentions Ben’s text messages, which certainly unnerves Rebecca.

Hannah heads over to Megan’s for dinner, asking her about love and relationships. She mentions who her ideal man is, and leaves the room momentarily, allowing Hannah to do some snooping.

At the hospital, Kate heads back and learns that Sophia has a wife, a girl called Valeria. She’s clearly shook up and eventually admits that they were matched together using the app. In Spanish, an enraged Valeria forces her out, as Kate is beside herself with shock.

In the past, Rebecca meets James who admits that he’s put her DNA in the algorithm and it’s come back with a match. Specifically, it’s brought up a guy from Facebook, whom he shows her. When Ben leaves the house though, he notices the pair sitting in the car together and begins to suspect the worst.

In fact, Rebecca goes one step further on this journey and flies out to Tenerife to meet her match, Matheus. They talk at the beach bar together and they immediately start flirting.

That flirting eventually leads to kissing, as Rebecca excitedly feeds back to James that the app is a success. Only, if this is her match, then it means that the man from the start of episode 1 is a fraud. What happened to Matheus? And is the app actually as foolproof as it seems?

The Episode Review

The second episode of The One starts to deepen the character ties while asking big questions around the validity and morality of this app. After all, is it right that these couples are being broken up in the wake of finding true love?

Mark and Hannah, for example, seem to be very happy together and clearly have great chemistry. Then this app comes along and Hannah has clearly gone a bit loopy, going off on a convoluted journey to meet Mark’s apparent true love match. It’s a bit weird if you ask me but I guess some people would go to these lengths to find out.

Meanwhile, Rebecca’s past starts to become clearer as we see that her hypocritical front she’s put on is paving way for some big questions around The One. If this app is really so good then what happened to her relationship? Why is she not with Matheus? And is all of this a big front for something more sinister?

It seems like Rebecca may be responsible for what happened to Ben as well but for now that’s left unknown. Until the next episode, dear readers!

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