The Noel Diary (2022) Ending Explained – Do Jake and Rachel end up together?

The Noel Diary Plot Synopsis

Romantic drama The Noel Diary is streaming on Netflix now, and it tells the tale of a talented writer named Jake Turner, who is compelled to explore his past following the passing of his mom. Jake visits his mom’s house to settle the matter with her property. A well-read girl named Rachel arrives soon after, in search of her biological mother, when Jake is cleaning up his childhood home around the holidays.

Soon after, Jake discovers a hidden journal that contains Rachel’s and his backstory in addition to explanations concerning their past. Despite hailing from different worlds, both of their experiences are connected by a common thread.

Thereafter, the two set out on an adventure together to learn about their history and discover what they have been hoping for this Christmas. Despite Rachel being engaged, there is an instant connection between them that is fueled by their journey to visit Jake’s distant father in an effort to find out more information concerning Rachel’s mom. Both of them must face their own struggles and anxieties as their journey takes various turns.

What serves as the movie’s inspiration?

The romantic drama novella, ‘The Noel Diary’ by Richard Paul Evans serves as the inspiration for this rom-com. Even though the writer made up the incidents that happen in the tale, he used elements from his own experiences as well. Jake, the protagonist, is a best-selling author with a rough past, similar to Evans, who also endured a challenging upbringing.

In the novel, teenage Jake’s mother kicks him out of the house. Evans actually admitted that his mom had kicked him out at the age of eleven. The hardships and mental well-being of the author’s mom were mirrored in Jake’s mom.

What separates the movie from the book?

Despite how fantastic the storyline had already been, the director opted to make some changes while transforming it for the screenplay. Retaining the core of the book, he cut away whatever he felt was too self-evident or cheesy and incorporated a few elements that gave the characters more nuance.

According to him, Ava the dog was introduced in the movie and there was no dog in the novel. Furthermore, it was also mentioned that Jake is a mystery writer which wasn’t the case in the novel. Additionally, Jake’s father’s backstory narrative was altered to emphasize parallels between Jake and his father.

What sets the flick apart from other holiday movies?

Despite the fact that it is a Christmassy rom-com flick, Shyer aimed to tell a tale wherein elements were applicable to all people and all seasons. He crafted something a little more heartfelt, something that delves deeply into the subject of numerous forms of love, not just romantic love, rather than merely another flick showcasing the magic and beauty of the festive season.

He was very adamant about having the movie conclude in a particular way. He was told to make it traditional, which the viewers would really want for both of his protagonists, but he chose to stick with something a little less obvious and lend the piece more depth instead.

Why did Jake visit his hometown suddenly?

Renowned author Jake Turner resides with his pet dog Ava. He receives a phone call from his mom’s lawyer, who notifies him that his mom had passed away the previous week and explains how she left him the estate. Jake was unaware of this because he hadn’t talked to his mum in a while, owing to their disputes.

What happens when Jake goes back to his hometown?

When he returns, he discovers that his mother’s house has turned into a hoarder’s haven. When Jake’s mom was having a bad day, he would play games in his neighbor Ellie’s basement. Presently, Jake meets Ellie and we are made aware of how the loss of the Turners’ oldest child, 7 year old Ben, which led to the collapse of their household. Ellie wishes to join a dating service, so Jake crafts her a bio for her profile.

Why do Rachel and Jake spend time together?

Jake meets Rachel, a well-read woman who he has spotted around his property previously. She informs him that she is trying to find her mom who lived in his house. Although Jake doesn’t recall her, he assures her that Ellie could tell her what she wants to know and that they should wait for her.

Fortunately, luck favors the courageous, and Ellie has a companion for the evening. Jake and Rachel agree not to bother her out of respect for her and instead spend quality time dining together.

The following morning, they visit Ellie who is with her lover Ian. Ellie explains how she doesn’t recall much about Noel, however, Jake’s dad probably does. Since Jake’s dad abandoned him and he hasn’t seen him in years, this notion does not really sit well with him. However, Rachel seems confident to go alone and is ready to do so. Suddenly, Jake chooses to go with Rachel after changing his mind.

What happens during their trip?

The trip is going smoothly, and we discover that Rachel’s fiancé loves her, but it is clear that she is solely with him because of the stability that he provides her with. They decide to stay in separate hotel rooms and Rachel finishes reading Jake’s novel that night. She is fascinated with his book and claims that, like in his novel, he does seem to push everybody away in real life as well. It’s an additional glimpse into his psyche, one that becomes clearer as the drama unfolds.

Does Rachel learn anything about her mother from Scott?

Once they arrive at Scott Turner’s home, Jake is hesitant to speak with him, but Rachel convinces him that if he goes now, he is going to do the exact thing that his dad did years back when he abandoned him. Jake spent the whole day with his dad, exploring why matters unfolded the way that they did.

When Rachel meets Jake’s dad, he informs her that Noel had been a teenager when she was pregnant. The Turners had helped her by employing her as a babysitter, and following Ben’s passing she had truly assisted them. Rachel finally knows how to locate her mom because Scott decided to keep the wedding invitation she sent him.

What is the source of the movie’s conflict?

They both leave, and when they check into a hotel that night, there is only one room left. Since it is Rachel’s birthday, the pair succumb to their desires that night. Jake discovers Rachel has disappeared the following morning.

While she expresses how much she cherishes the journey and experience in a letter, she also states that she wants the security that her fiancé offers. After her birth mother abandoned her, Rachel found it challenging to trust anyone.

Does Rachel ever meet her mother?

Rachel had a pleasant upbringing with her adoptive parents. Unfortunately, she could never get over the idea that her mom had abandoned her. She seemed to have no clue who her biological mother was or why she had given her up. Rachel seeks safety and stability in conditions of uncertainty.

Moreover, it is a persistent dilemma in her mind. Once the moment arises for Rachel to accept a life-altering commitment, she assumes that uncovering the questions concerning her birth will help her gain clarity. Rachel’s motivation for determining her biological mother’s reality was not to face the woman as she simply wanted to know if her mom loved her.

Although all Rachel needs to do is make the trip, she has just recently read Noel’s journal and is relieved to discover that her mom did not desert her. Rachel no longer feels insecure because Noel genuinely cared for her. Rachel was merely interested in learning the truth about her birth mother’s true feelings for her. She understood her situation owing to the trip and her journal, and she received the relief she needed. She didn’t really feel any need to visit her mom thereafter and possibly cause an inconvenience.

When Jake decides to visit Noel, he expresses gratitude for everything she did for him and his family. Additionally, he informs her about Rachel, and she tells him that if Rachel chooses to, she would be interested in connecting with her.

Do Jake and Rachel end up together?

While Rachel is with her parents, caught between her newly discovered feelings for Jake and the need for the certainty Alan offers, she spots Jake waiting outside her entrance and he declares his feelings for her. Ignoring her feelings, she tells her fiance that she doesn’t love him, and he walks away with a heavy heart.

Jake is getting ready to head home when the inevitable happy ending occurs. Rachel appears in front of his house, giving the impression that she will be with him. This conclusion implies that the two individuals who struggled to trust others finally found each other.


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17 thoughts on “The Noel Diary (2022) Ending Explained – Do Jake and Rachel end up together?”

  1. I absolutely loved this movie. It was perfect! I would love to see a part 2. I loved the fact that this love story didn’t end with someone dying. This was a true love story and I have watched it multiple times and will watch it over again. Excellent job in creating such a wonderful love story.

  2. This movie was amazing! I truly enjoyed watching every minute. I have replayed the ending scene over and over again…Jake’s “killer” smile upon seeing Rachel standing across the street,was an awesome ending!!!

  3. My wife and II have watched the movie several times. It weaves together improbable family connections. Both Jacob and Rachel are deeply attractive. As with other viewers we would like to know what became of Rachel and Jacob, and it would have been a happy thing to see Rachel connect with her mother. Compared to many love stories this one had sufficient believable drama to keep it interesting. Rachel’s knowledge of languages and her delightful singing voice–together with Jacob’s excellent piano playing offered delightful moments. Jacob’s response to hearing her Italian and her singing were like ours who watched the story. It would be pleasing if there were more such stories to watch, perhaps in a series where the viewer gets to watch the development of a family from such unlikely beginnings. How did the children that would come along reflect their parents? What were their later years like after their interesting introduction and attraction to each other? How did Rachel become a part of another of Jacob’s novels? Etc.

  4. I loved this movie. I have watched over 50 times. It is a beautiful love story. I would love to see a sequel to this movie. I would love to see Rachel and Jacob getting married and having fun together.

  5. This movie was extremely refreshing. The story flowed well and was layered as well as substantive. The way the author created a story connecting 4 level-headed characters from two families was quite brilliant. The au pair favored the younger son who years later favored and ended up falling in love with the child “Noel” gave birth to. Noel helped the lamenting family cope and Jake in turn, helped her child when she most needed assistance resolving her greatest challenge–finding her mother.

    I love, love, love this movie!

  6. Not realistic leaving Rachel out in a freezing car so long so many times in movie!
    Feel sorry for those actors.
    Other than that nice heart warming story.

  7. Awful.
    This movie was sweet at first.
    But it represents what is wrong with the way especially women view Love. Instead of chosing someone who grounds you and helps you to be better you should go for the spontaneously developing fling. Very sustainable.
    There’s an open ending just so you can’t see the trainwreck that follows.

    Can someone get me Rachels Ex number, he’s single again, right?

  8. I love this movie, and have watched it at least five times. The beauty of the story, the actors bringing their characters to life. I can’t say enough how much I enjoy it. I would love to see a sequel that tells the story of Rachel seeing her mother, and what happens with Jake and Rachel. I must mention Bonnie Bedelia. What a fine actress.

  9. I think Jake imagined Rachel. He wanted to see her so bad that it was him hoping it was her. Otherwise they would have shows him running out to her for a kiss.

  10. I loved this movie and have watched it several times Barrett is absolutely gorgeous and I sent her a Instagram message which she is actually discussing a state of mine. I am so impressed with her beauty and intelligent! If I was a younger man I would seek her out! Surprisedly she is in a long time engagement like the movie, and yet not married.

  11. Love the movie. I wished there were more scenes with Jacob and Rachel being together dancing and having fun also would love to see Rachel meet her mom. I would liked to see how Rachel explained everything to Alan and finally come to Jacob house and they get together instead of her standing on the street.

  12. OK first of all they got the magic treehouse series books reference way off. Who sleeps with a scarf on? What happened with a chocolate cake? This movie had too many missed plot points to enjoy it. Too much time spent in the car and scenes in the car. Ava was the real star of this movie.

  13. Very decent movie. Will see if wife will watch with me.
    I am sure she will like this one.
    36 yrs. of being loved and loving.
    The one love of my life. My wife.
    Still love her very much.
    One God.
    One wife.
    One daughter.

  14. Gave this movie 2 thumbs up on Netflix. I loved it, but didn’t like the fact the she didn’t get to meet Noel! She came so far for it to end without that part. I understand she got the closure she needed. Her and Jacob found their way back to each other.

  15. I really like the nuances brought forth by the director and the actors

    (Mr. Hartney’s gentleness and maturity, despite childhood dramas; Ms. Doss’s spontaneity, ability to roll with the moment with simples gestures, soulfulness and kindness, as she tried to anchor amidst the internal storms) –

    resurrected by great music- mentions to Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, (been listening to these great ladies of soul, blues and jazz ever since; the lovely unfolding of Jacob’s and Rachel’s journey, to hearts now meeting and the promise of rewards the challenging roads and struggles to step away from safe, comfortable situations (being alone – Jacob; or secure, safe relationships- Rachel and Alan); promises of being possible rewarded by stepping out your comfort zone ” the universe reward the brave”; reunions of adoptive children and birthparents- this ending was nicely approached with Jacob bringing the diary to Noel in a safe space, allowing Noel to relive and choose how to move forward, with an unencumbered heart.

    Lovely set if stories that I can see over again, during any season.

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