The Night Agent – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


Episode 10 of The Night Agent Season 1 starts with a flashback to eleven years ago when Peter’s house was raided by the FBI. This was the start of when everything went downhill for his dad’s career and reputation.

Fast forward to the present and Peter and Rose are in Farr’s car driving to Camp David to stop the assassination attack on the President. Farr tries to justify her role in this but Peter and Rose couldn’t care less what drove her to be a traitor.  She, however, is also intent on saving the President and admits she messed up.

She also reveals that she hired Peter so he can be the fall guy in case things went south. Rose can’t forgive her for ordering the murders of her aunt and uncle and cautions Peter not to trust Farr again.

They arrive at Camp David and Farr asks them to hide in the trunk of the car while she talks her way into the camp. Farr quickly manages to drive through the inspection without raising suspicions. She heads out to warn Ben while Peter and Rose get out of the car. Unfortunately, Briggs interrupts Farr’s conversation with Ben. Briggs opens fire, killing Ben and injuring Farr. He runs away after spotting Peter. Peter and Rose realize the comms are down but surprisingly Briggs and his team can still communicate with each other.

Meanwhile, Arrington, Maddie along with other new agents that Arrington has never seen board an Airforce helicopter to Camp David. Arrington finds the new agents suspicious, more so because they are carrying what looks like a bomb in a suitcase. They arrive at Camp David and she asks Maddie to warn the President as soon as she sees her.

Maddie, her dad and another Secret Service agent go into a safe room while Arrington remains behind being watched.  Maddie was under the impression that her dad was escorting her to meet the President but it turns out he was taking her to an underground safe room away from the bombing. While there, her dad apologizes for blaming her for Sara’s death and tries to explain why he is planning to assassinate the President and Zadar.

Maddie tries to convince him to do the right thing but unfortunately, her dad is set on following through with the plan. In the end, Maddie tells him she won’t be silent even after the bombing and he allows her to leave the room. In his mind, she would die in the blast and he would use her death to garner sympathy.

Back to Arrington, she overpowers the guy who was supposed to watch her. She realizes that he remotely started the bomb timer and they have less than ten minutes. She hurries to get everyone to safety. Meanwhile, Peter takes Rose to the communication buildings and has her try to get the comms up. He fights off one of Briggs’ men who was manning the house and takes his comms.

Peter rushes to Briggs to try and get him to call off the attack. He overheard through their comms that they have a contingency plan should the first bomb fail. He finally gets to Briggs and they get into a fight. Briggs refuses to surrender or stop the attack. Other army officers find them and start shooting at Peter since they consider him an intruder.

Rose is able to get the comps up just in time to alert the President details not to enter the building. Arrington also manages to save Maddie. The Vice President hears the blast and believes the mission has been accomplished.

The President is immediately put in a car and Peter listens in and impersonates Briggs. He asks for the mission to be aborted but the other rogue agent points out it is too late. The President is on her way to her plane where the second bomb has been hidden. Rose tries to communicate with the officers not to shoot Peter but they think their comms have been compromised.

Peter rushes to the chopper and takes the President, hostage. He insists that they should check the chopper. The President gives the order and they check the chopper. The first time, the officers don’t find anything but on the second inspection, they find a bomb. It goes off before they can clear the area.

After the blast, the officers secure the President and apprehend Peter. Rose rushes to stop them but she is too late. Luckily, Maddie and Arrington arrive in time to stop the officers from taking him in.

They later go to the Vice President and he pretends he is shocked and worried about Maddie. Maddie appears though and he is surprised she is alive. Rose goes back to Farr and helps her slow down her bleeding. She wants to keep her alive so she can finally see her go to prison and pay for her crimes.

How Does The Night Agent end?

After matters have settled down, the President has a meeting with Peter and Rose. Peter refused to be acknowledged publicly for the valor he showed. The President asks him to tell her what he wants and he retorts that he wants to see his father’s file. The President agrees and after going through the files, he is saddened to see his father admit to the crimes on video.

Later, the President clarifies that Peter’s dad is innocent but he was preparing to go undercover. Unfortunately, his cover was blown even before he got started. He didn’t die in a car accident, he was assassinated and his assassin was later tracked and killed. The President asks him to consider becoming a night agent who works in the field.

On the other hand, Arrington agrees to say a few words at Erik’s funeral. The new director informs her that the president wants her on her detail and Arrington happily agrees. She goes to a restaurant to meet Maddie and we learn that Maddie is testifying against her dad. She is also learning to take care of herself and hopes to study abroad after the case is done.

The episode ends with Peter saying goodbye to Rose who is currently dating before heading out of the country for his first mission.

The Episode Review

All in all, The Night Agent has a satisfying end. Everyone got what they deserved and that is a relief. The only thing I would have loved to see is Farr in an orange suit. It is also great that Peter and Rose started dating and she is being supportive of his decisions. I can’t imagine it being easy for her to watch Peter leaving not knowing if he will come back.

As for Peter, he finally got the answers he has been searching for since his dad died. Knowing his dad is a hero and not a traitor must be huge baggage off his shoulders. He can now focus on moving forward and healing. It can also help him release some of the anger he has been carrying around.

I feel sad for Maddie though, she deserved better but at least she will always have Arrington.

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  1. This was an enjoyable binge watch, even though somewhat implausible at times. I’ve been watching this in Australia and depended on the excellent recaps to explain some of the action, so thank you for that!

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