The Night Agent – Season 1 Episode 9 “The Devil We Know” Recap & Review

The Devil We Know

Episode 9 of The Night Agent Season 1 starts with a flashback to one year ago the night of the Metro bombing. Farr was on her way to the White House after the bombing and receives a call from the Vice President, asking to meet urgently.

She goes to his house and finds him with Wicks. They confess their part in the bombing and Farr is shocked they tried to assassinate a foreign politician on US soil and endangered American lives. The Vice President tries to justify his actions by stating that Zadar is a terrorist. Farr thinks they were more concerned with keeping their business contracts with the current Balkan regime.

Farr is curious, but they say they need her to protect them so as to protect the President. If they are discovered and they end up being charged, the President is also done for. They use her loyalty to the President to make sure she protects them. She asks for time and comes up with a plan on how to proceed.

Back in the present, Peter and Rose are still at the D.C. container yard checking the belongings of Ellen and Matteo. Ellen’s phone rings and Rose picks it up. Unfortunately, she is not able to convince Wick she is Ellen and he hangs up.

At the same time, Maddie asks if it is true her father planned the Metro bombing. Peter quickly fills her in and Maddie tells them that she has a way to help. She is counting on meeting the President and Ben once they hear she is rescued. She says she can warn them of the impending attack but Peter tells her that she can’t trust Ben. Arrington argues that Ben can be trusted as he was close with Erik.

As the police are on their way, Peter and Rose run away from the scene and Arrington promises to call them once she gets her phone. She is aware that her phone will be taken and she will have to be debriefed so she urges them to be careful. She quickly coaches Maddie on what to say to the police and what to do when she is taken in.

On the other hand, Wick and the Vice President ponder on who might have answered Ellen’s phone. Farr joins them and informs them that Maddie has been rescued but Ellen and Erik are dead. She is frustrated that nothing is going as they planned and wants to know if the second attack on Zadar is in play.  Wicks responds that everything is set, they plan to bomb  Zadar as soon as he is picked up from the airport.

Farr and Wick get into an argument as she calls him incompetent and he questions if she will be able to handle the President. The Vice President already informed Wicks that Farr has been frozen by the President.

They move on to discuss what the next steps will be when it comes to Maddie and Arrington. They decide that the Vice President will handle Maddie and she will handle Arrington’s debrief to sniff out what she knows. After Farr left, Wicks tells the Vice President they need a new plan as Farr is no longer useful if she doesn’t have the President’s ear.

After leaving the container yard, Peter and Rose head over to his godfather’s place and ask for her. He welcomes them in and asks Peter what is going on. Jim says he believes he is innocent and they get into a fight about the article he wrote about his father. Jim says he is willing to apologize if he was wrong but Rose interrupts their argument.

Rose has managed to hack Ellen’s phone and found some documents related to the night action including codenames and files on the multiple night action agents. Peter is sure that Farr is responsible for the leak and Rose worries she might have already deleted her trail. Peter informs her that Farr has no authorization to access the log and only Ben can manually alter the access log.

They decide to find someone who can request access to the log-in details and settle on approaching Farr’s secretary. They take Jim’s truck and promise to contact him and give more information on what they find so he can publish it for his paper.

Meanwhile, Briggs arrives at the container yard and takes Arrington’s badge and phone. He promises to return them after the debrief. He informs them that the Vice President has set everything ready at the house and is waiting for Maddie. At the house, Arrington secretly cries for Erik and cleans up. Maddie also gets settled in with a nurse looking after her.

Their initial plan to inform the President falls through as she is away and can’t visit her at the moment. Arrington is hoping she can get a phone and warn the Secret Service agents working on Zadar’s detail once he arrives in the country the next day. Maddie tells her about an old phone stashed in the basement but they are interrupted by the Vice President. Arrington is also called in for her debriefing downstairs.

There, she finds Briggs, Willet and Farr and she handles the debrief as planned. Farr asks if Peter was at the container yard and she denies having seen Peter and question if Farr is wrong about Peter. After the debrief, Farr asks Willet about the Campbells and Hawkins’ murder. Willet tells her they have not made any progress but he is interested in investigating Matteo/ Colin. This makes Farr nervous

The Vice President talks to Maddie and denies getting any videos. He lies and says that he would have done anything her kidnapper asked to save her. He asks what the kidnapper told her and Maddie tells him about the Metro bombing. He continues to lie and tell her that Matteo was a disturbed drug addict who lost it after his brother died

Away from the Vice President’s house, Peter and Rose wait for Farr’s secretary, Val outside her home. They talk about their plans for the future. Rose says she wants to start over again in California and Peter says he wants to take a break from night action and buy a cabin in California.

Val soon arrives and they force their way into her house and force her to send an email request for the access log to the night action office. Peter apologizes and ties her up. Val doesn’t believe him when he tells her about Farr. Rose checks Val’s computer and learns that the President is freezing Farr out. They also get the access logs and find proof that Barr leaked information regarding the night agents.

Concurrently, Arrington manages to sneak a look into Zadar’s details. Unfortunately, Briggs refuses to give her back her phone and lies that Ben asked him to hold back.

On the other side of the house, Farr talks with the Vice President and he says he doesn’t believe Maddie. She also says that Arrington knows more too. She shares her worry about Willet’s investigation into Matteo. They agree to circle back later as she doesn’t trust him to handle Maddie.

After Farr leaves, the Vice President calls Wicks and makes a deal to protect Maddie. Maddie overhears the conversation and wonders what her dad means when he says that by tomorrow night he can issue pardons all around. Her dad realizes that she might have overheard him and goes to check on her. After he left, Maddie and Arrington calls Peter and report their findings on Zadar’s schedule.

It seems that the President switched her plans and redirected Zadar to a place called Camp David. Rose tells them about Farr being iced out by the President. They figure the President realized that Zadar was in danger after she heard Peter asking around about Arrington’s protecter the day of the bombing. They hope that Farr and the Vice President have called off the attack if Zadar will be accompanied by the President.

Maddie shares that it is possible that those three have changed their plans as she overheard her dad promising to issue pardons. The only person who can issue a pardon is the President. If the President dies in the attack, the Vice President automatically takes office. They realize that it is much more serious than they expected.

Peter points out that only one person can save the President and that is Farr. Arrington tries to call Ben to warn him but he is still unreachable. The Vice President interrupts them and says that they have to go to Camp David to meet with the President. At the same time, Zadar lands and is taken to Camp David too.

As things get hectic, Farr returns to her house to prepare to flee the country. Peter and Rose confront her and she is shocked to hear Wicks and the Vice President changed the plan to kill the President. She tries to call the President but she is unreachable. Peter orders her to get them to Camp David so they can stop the attack.

The Episode Review

Another good episode of The Night Agent rolls round, and things are really starting to heat up now. The show has done well so far to keep things action-packed and thrilling, with the flashbacks at the beginning helping to give more context over everything that’s happening. We’re finally starting to get some answers now but the ending leaves the door wide open for the finale, which promises to be explosive and exciting.

While the show has been far from perfect, there’s enough here to enjoy and we’ll have to wait and see how this one is going to end.

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