The Night Agent – Season 1 Episode 7 “Best Served Cold” Recap & Review

Best Served Cold

Episode 7 of The Night Agent Season 1 starts with a flashback to 14 years ago when Maddie lost her sister Sara in a drowning incident. Their dad was busy on the phone and neglected to look after them and Sara drowned in their home pool. Instead of admitting his negligence, he blamed Maddie for Sara’s death.

Back in the present, Maddie is being held in a room by the rattlesnake tattoo man. He takes a Proof Of Life photo and leaves without answering Maddie’s question.

Meanwhile, Peter and Rose sail in the water and she helps him deal with his loss, telling  him it is not his fault Cisco died. Peter has half a mind to sail to another place and let everything go but Rose encourages him to fight. She wants to find the truth and finish what her aunt and uncle started. As a result of this pep talk, they make out and have sex.

Erik and Arrington search Peter’s house and find some books and cards sent by a man named Jim. Erik believes there’s something off about Peter being a suspect and Arrington agrees too. They decide to follow up on their earlier lead as the evidence doesn’t point to Peter as the suspect.

At the White House, the President has a conversation with Farr about Peter. Farr informs her that Peter showed up last night to announce he is done working for them. She says that Peter must have abducted Maddie to use her as leverage to find out about his dad and is holding Rose hostage too.

The President asks if she made a wrong judgement when she hired Peter. Farr lashes out at her and says she has been there from the very start. The President tells her that she trusts her but questions her judgement on Peter. Farr admits it was a mistake on her side but she will fix it. The President asks her to take a step back from the case.

Erik and Arrington visit the New Leaf, the environmental NGO that Maddie’s teacher, Paulo, founded. They learn that Paulo had told one of the staff about his plan to bring Maddie into their group. The staff member also tells them about Matteo, the man with the rattlesnake tattoo. He was Paulo’s boyfriend but has not been showing up for weeks.

Concurrently, Peter searches the internet to see what else is being said about him. Rose tells him that is not healthy and asks about his dad. Peter said his dad was accused of leaking classified documents that compromised national security. Rose asks why he still joined the FBI if he knew his dad was innocent and Peter says it is because his dad taught him to have faith in the institution. He was also hoping to find the truth.

They decide what they should do next and Rose suggests they use Liam’s badge to look over the casefiles for Metro Bombing in the FBI system. They look into the suspect lists and a name, Colin Worley raises a flag. Rose says they can’t hack the County records to find out more about Colin. They will have to visit the public records office to find out more.

On the other side, Wicks, Farr and the Vice President meet. Wicks received a video of Maddie in distress along with the kidnapper’s demand. He wants the Vice President to confess he planned the Metro bombing and then covered it up within two days. The Vice President is willing to do it and then deny it later but Farr says that is not an option.  She asks him to cut the grieving, distraught father act and wait for them to get to the kidnapper first.

There is also the issue that Maddie will cause a problem if she comes home safely. They know Maddie detested her father and was planning to destroy him. Maddie’s therapist ratted her out to Farr who had Wicks send his assassins to collect the evidence Maddie had hidden. It turns out that Maddie had footage of her confrontation with her dad about what happened to Sara. That is what was in the nanny cam  Ellen and Dale killed the woman for.

After calling out for help for hours, Maddie switches plans and gets proactive. She digs a hole in the side of her bed and when Matteo is gone, she expands on it. Matteo tells her that Paulo was using her. Matteo is interested in revenge and Maddie says she can help him destroy her dad. She tells him about the video but Matteo comes back and gives her the bad news that the footage is gone and the woman in that house was killed. Maddie makes him an offer once again to help him but Matteo is still hesitant.

Later that night, Erik and Arrington report to Farr and Ben, They mention Matteo as one of the suspects but Farr insists that Peter remains the lead suspect. Erik and Arrington find it strange but Erik agrees that there is the possibility that Matteo is working with Peter. He suggests that the other agents investigate Peter while they look into Matteo. Ben insists they stay on Peter and Farr backs him. Arrington gets frustrated and tries to express her views but Ben shuts her down.

Farr calls Wick and tells him about Matteo and sends him a sketch. Wicks recognises him and Farr says he is an angle worth looking into. The next morning, Ellen breaks into Wick’s house and he makes a deal with her. They agree that she will look for Matteo and kill him while Wicks gets Peter’s location so she can get her revenge.

On the other hand, Peter and Rose are on the move. They steal a car and Rose goes into the Public Records building. She sweet-talks the lady there and lies about her sister being in trouble. She promises the woman that she will put a good word for her son who is applying to Berkeley. She tells the woman that she is an alumnus. The woman says she can’t help as it is not their protocol. She, however, follows Rose out and gives her the documents secretly.

Outside, Peter is recognized by a group of conspiracy patriots and he leaves. Rose gets into an argument with them but luckily Peter arrives and rescues her. Peter gets angry that Rose argued back with those men but Rose insists she is willing to fight to defend him.

They head back to the boat and go through the documents. Whilst there, they learn Colin died from a drug overdose. They check the list of items in his belongings and find he had a key-card for a P.O. Box from one of Turn Lake’s subsidiaries. Peter sees the photos taken during an arrest and recognizes the rattlesnake tattoo. He believes that Colin was killed to keep him silent after he placed the bomb on the train. They decide to head over to the P.O. Box and find out more.

Concurrently, Erik and Arrington visit Peter’s godfather, Jim, but he tells them he knows nothing. Peter cut ties with him when he published an article on Peter’s dad being a traitor. They show him a video of Peter and Rose arguing with the patriots which was posted online a few hours ago but he still insists that Peter is innocent and he knows nothing.

Erik notices a picture of Jim and Peter on a boat and asks for the address. Arrington is worried that she will be taken off the case if they don’t find out more. She is hoping to stay and be there for Maddie.

They decide to check out the boat and are surprised to find Peter and Rose on their way out to check the P.O. box. They apprehend them and Peter reassures Rose that it is going to be okay.

The Episode Review

Peter was given triple blows at the same time. He lost Cisco, got betrayed by Farr and was turned into a fugitive all within the span of 24 hours. It must be a lot to process and now that he has been arrested before he completes his mission, how will this end?

Rose is good at hacking and stealing, she makes a worthy partner for Peter but what does this mean now? I know they don’t have time to see what they are feeling for each other but it is clear they like each other. They also fully trust one another, at this point, it is them against the world but what happens after everything is settled? I guess we will have to see if they both make it out alive first!

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