The Night Agent – Season 1 Episode 6 “Fathoms” Recap & Review


Night Agent Season 1 Episode 6 starts with a flashback to two years ago when Ellen and Dale killed the Yugoslavian denounced Crown Prince and disposed of the body in a lake. Ellen was hoping the kill would be bloody but Dale tells her that that would take time to clean up.

Ellen asks him to teach her more and when Dale is about to throw the ring away, Ellen asks him to keep it. It looks like they are the perfect assassin couple who think of themselves as executioners.

Back in the present, Ellen and Dale are following Peter and Rose with the orders to make sure they get to the White House. Ellen wants to have a high-speed car chase but Dale tells her that they have a tracker on Peter’s car so they won’t lose them.

Meanwhile, Peter and Rose are driving to the White House and Rose is giving him pointers on how to approach the matter when he reports to Farr and the President. Peter wants her to remain behind with the drive while he goes in and reports to the President. He is hoping she will listen to him and offer Rose more security. They notice someone is following them and the assassins pull back for a while after noticing they have been spotted.

Peter takes Rose to Cisco, who is not happy that they interfered with his date plans. Nonetheless, he agrees to stay with Rose and calls off his date. Peter and Rose plan a place to meet and she asks him to be careful. Cisco and Rose have dinner and they talk about Peter. It turns out Peter has been through a lot and when he needed help, Zoe bailed. He is also good at keeping things guarded and Cisco is surprised he opened up to Rose.

Dale and Ellen wait outside Cisco’s house and Dale tells Ellen maybe she is right about them having a baby. Ellen admits that she was wrong and that he had a point earlier, they can’t raise a kid.

Elsewhere, Erik and Arrington start investigating the Professor’s’ house while the Vice President is being updated on Maddie’s kidnapping. He didn’t think much of it until he heard the seriousness of the issue.  At the professor’s house, Arrington blames herself for missing the signs but Erik tells her that Maddie messed her up. Arrington tells him that it is not about her but about finding Maddie. They find portraits of Maddie and the rattlesnake tattoo man.  Arrington realizes that she has seen one of the patterns in the paintings before in Maddie’s room.

Ben arrives at the crime scene and has Erik take over but Erik insists on Arrington remaining behind to help with the investigation. Ben is not pleased that  Arrington lost Maddie and blames her for getting too emotional. Arrington is hurt that Erik reported her methods to Ben but that is the least of her problems at the moment. Erik tells her that they should be partners and Arrington apologizes for her initial reaction to him.

She remembers a helpful clue and goes through Maddie’s things. They find a leaflet belonging to the save the environment group the professor started. They also find a picture of the rattlesnake tattoo man on the website’s social media pages.

At the White House, Peter meets with Farr and tells her he left Rose with a friend along with the drive. She tells him she had Turn Lake industries’ investigated by her secretary. Peter tells her about their theory that Turn Lake was responsible for the Metro bombing and then tried to blame it on Zadar. He tells her about his visit to Hawkins’ widow and what she told him. He explains everything in detail and Farr is shocked that someone tried to make an assassination attempt disguised as a terror attack.

Farr questions if it is possible Arrington lied when she said she was not taking care of Maddie a year ago. Peter tells her that it is possible that the Vice President is working with Gordon Wick to carry out a second attack in two days. Farr says she needs to update the President and asks Peter to have Rose brought in by his trooper friend. This sentence makes Peter pause as he never told her that his friend is a trooper.

He realizes Farr is in it too. They both try to keep it cool and once Farr leaves her office Peter calls Rose and asks her to get Cisco and run. Farr, calls Wick and tells him that Peter and Rose know. She suggests she has Peter arrested and Wick handles Rose. Cisco and Rose leave before Dale and Ellen get the green light to execute them.

An intense car chase ensues, Cisco drops off Rose on some corner street and asks her to go to her meeting point with Peter.  Dale sees Rose and follows her while Ellen stays with Cisco. She manages to rail his car in and shoots him on the spot before he finished his call asking for backup.

Back at the White House, Peter does his best to escape. He luckily finds a tunnel inside the White House that leads outside the perimeter into the street. He heads to their meeting place and finds Dale on the verge of killing Rose. Another fight ensues and he gets the upper hand. Rose is of the opinion they should kill him but Peter wants him arrested.

Dale keeps taunting them about Rose’s aunt begging for her life and how he also killed Lorna. He tries to attack Peter again and this time, he is killed and left to float at the pier.

At the White House, Farr and the Vice President meet and plot how to get ahead of Peter by using Maddie’s kidnapping to their advantage. Initially, the Vice President acts like a concerned grieving father. Farr insists that Maddie is the perfect diversion as Peter and Rose know enough to jeopardize their career. In the end, Farr tells the Vice President that he was the one who started this whole mess and they only roped her in after it went sideways.  She asks the Vice-President to get ready for a press briefing.

The next morning, Ellen finds Dale dead at the pier and pays her last respect. His death affected her greatly. Meanwhile, Peter and Rose hide out on a boat belonging to his godfather. Farr’s betrayal shattered him and he also has some injuries after his fight with Dale. He is, however, grateful that Rose is with him.

In the meantime, Erik and Arrington find a lead on the professor’s boyfriend who took Maddie. They update Ben but he tells them he has another suspect in mind and asks them to investigate Peter.

At the White House, Farr tries to coach the Vice President and warns him that he has to sell their story and discredit Peter or they end up in prison. Peter finds out through the news about Cisco’s death and the Vice President’s brief accusing him of being the prime suspect in Maddie’s kidnapping.

The Episode Review

My jaw dropped when Farr was revealed to be a traitor too. I feel for Peter and Rose as she was their hope to find the truth. It was an action-packed episode and unfortunately, Cisco didn’t make it.

The Vice President is a piece of work. He is more focused on saving his ass and would let the actual culprit get away with kidnapping his kid. With a father like him, Maddie doesn’t need enemies. He has that role covered, parents like him are the worst.

Maddie’s only hope of being rescued lies with Arrington but will she dig deeper or follow orders? I am also curious to know – is Ben involved in this mess too?

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  1. What absolutely annoys me – is the fact that it is filmed so dark and you can never tell what is going on!! Absolutely drives me nuts and ruins a good show!

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