The Night Agent – Season 1 Episode 5 “The Marionette” Recap & Review

The Marionette

Episode 5 of The Night Agent Season 1 starts with a flashback to four years ago when Arrington graduated from the Secret Service Academy. Ben is present to give a speech as he is in charge.

Arrington is surprised that her mom attended the ceremony. Her mom doesn’t agree with her career choice but she still believes in her child and wants to support her. She is also proud of her child.

A few years later, she is taking care of Maddie who is frustrated that her dad is using her as a campaign prop. Maddie detests the way her dad is using her but she confides in Arrington that sometimes she likes the lies. When he parades her in front of the media and voters, at least in those moments he treats her better. Arrington tries to cheer her up.

As they talk, Arrington gets a message that an FBI agent is asking for a meeting with her. Peter asks to speak privately and they take a walk. He asks her about the day of the Metro bombing. Arrington refuses to answer his questions as protocol demands he follows the chain of command. Peter mentions that he is working under Farr’s orders and investigating a case. He shares his theory that Maddie might be in danger. She asks to get clearance first and promises to answer their questions after.

Rose and Peter head to the library at the university and Arrington calls Ben. He tells her to only say she was not with Maddie on that day and divulge nothing else. Ben hangs up and goes to confront Farr about Peter’s recent activities. She tells him that she is not in the know and they will have to wait for Peter to check in for them to know more. Ben says he is uncomfortable with Farr doing a secret investigation. Farr tells him there is nothing to worry about if he is clean. Ben leaves after warning her to tread carefully. Farr tries to call Peter but is unable to reach him.

At the library, Peter and Rose look into the Metro bombing. Rose suggests they go through Hawkins’ computer but Peter tells her that won’t be possible. He thinks they have a better chance of talking to Hawkins’ widow.  Rose decides to remain behind and research the ring worn by the killer.

Peter is against the idea of separating but he ultimately agrees. He leaves her his new burner phone and asks her to periodically check in. Before he leaves he gets a call from Arrington who tells him that Maddie is not involved. Peter mentions the cafe and that throws Arrington off but she still says nothing.

He heads over to Hawkins’ house and talks to his widow. The widow opens up after hearing Peter’s story and confesses that Hawkins was close to the Campbells. Peter advises her that it will be better to know for certain and help protect her husband’s reputation.

The wife tells him that Hawkins was investigating the Metro bombing and what happened to the Campbells. On the day he died, he was supposed to meet a CEO of a company known as Turner Lake Industries. Turner Lake Industries is a government contractor. She didn’t share this information with the other agents because she wanted to protect her husband.

Back at the White House, Ben calls for a meeting with Farr, the President and the Vice President. He reports that Peter visited Maddie’s school and the Vice President asks for an explanation. The Vice President is not happy to hear that Farr has no new details and Peter has not communicated yet. Farr insists Peter is loyal and there should be no problem. The President asks for the room and Farr tells her that Peter and Rose are working on the Campbells case. The President orders her to get Peter and Rose back and ensure they are safe.

At the library, Rose finds the ring is linked to a denounced Crown Prince of Yugoslavia. The Crown Prince has also been reported missing and the suspect in his missing case looks like Dale.

Elsewhere, Maddie’s teacher meets with a man in his house and tells him Maddie will be visiting the next night. The man is impressed and calms the teacher down as he is starting to feel nervous. The man is certain that everything will end well.

Erik visits the White House to take his required drug test and has a conversation with Ben. Ben is worried after reading Arrington’s report. He wants to make sure that Erik is doing well. He also wants Erik’s opinion of Arrington, to which he mentions that Arrington treats Maddie as a friend and that could pose a problem later.

Back at the university, Maddie gets Arrington’s help while preparing for the art gallery opening. Arrington asks if Maddie is hoping to impress someone there. Maddie refuses to tell her more and Arrington loans her an important necklace to go with the dress. Arrington does a last-minute change and takes Erik off Maddie’s detail for the night. Erik questions if she is letting her feelings towards him affect her decision.

Arrington fires back that she takes her job seriously because it is hard for a black woman to get to her position. She can’t risk messing up and Erik agrees that she is right and says he wants her to succeed too. Arrington asks him to be willing to take an order and tells him it is not personal. Maddie needs her after the rough morning visit from her dad.

Peter gets back to the library and shares the information he got from Hawkins’ wife with Rose. Rose also shares the information she found on the missing Crown Prince who owned the ring. What she found most suspicious was before the Crown Prince’s disappearance, he was going after an American defense contractor for conducting shadow ops in the Balkans. Interestingly, the contractor happens to be Turn Lake Industry, led by a man named Gordon Wick.

Peter checks in with Farr and updates her on Wick and everything else they have uncovered; Farr asks them to bring the evidence to the White House. After the call, Rose digs further and finds out that the Vice President has ties to Gordon Wick.

Outside the library, Dale and Ellen wait for them to come out. As they wait, Ellen brings up the subject of having a baby but Dale objects to them being parents as it doesn’t suit their assassin lifestyle. Once Peter and Rose leave, they follow.

At the gallery opening, Maddie asks to use the restroom and escapes through the window. Arrington discovers it later when she enters the bathroom to check on her and finds an apology note on the mirror. She calls for backup and Erik and the others rush to help.

Meanwhile, Maddie goes to her professor’s house. He was waiting for her and had even prepared dinner. Maddie, however, wants to start with dessert. As things start getting steamy, the rattlesnake tattoo man shows up and kills the teacher. He drags Maddie out of the house leaving a bloody trail in his wake.

Erik shares his suspicions of Maddie’s suspicion of Maddie and the professor. They head to the professor’s house but find no sign of Maddie.

The Episode Review

Maddie should have listened to Arrington and stayed with her detail. She not only jeopardized her life but Arrington’s career too. Now, she will have to answer how Maddie ended up in her dead professor’s house. It is also going to be intriguing to see why the rattlesnake tattoo man changed the plans. What will he do to Maddie?

I can’t wait to see if Rose and Peter will get to the White House. With Dale and Hellen waiting outside, they might never make it there.

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