The Night Agent – Season 1 Episode 4 “Eyes Only” Recap & Review

Eyes Only

Episode 4 of The Night Agent starts with a flashback to two years ago when Erik saved the President from an assassination attempt and took a bullet to the shoulder.

Two years later, Erik has his addiction to painkillers under control. Arrington is harassing him and barges into his room to search for drugs. Erik assures her that it is clean and proposes to mentor her. Arrington thinks he is doing the job for the wrong reasons and turns his offer down.

Elsewhere, Farr convinces Rose and Peter that she is on their side and wants to take the hard drive to the President. Rose tells her that they will keep the drive and finish the work her aunt and uncle started. Rose mentions she found an address on the hard drive and she and Peter will investigate that lead. Farr cautions that it will be dangerous but promises to update the President about the current situation and buy them time. Rose asks her about Osprey, and Farr promises to look into the codename.

They drive to the address and Rose asks Peter not to surprise her again like that. She asks about Zadar, the Balkan dissident who leads the PIF. Peter is not sure if Zadar was truly involved in the Metro bombing.  They get to the address and wonder why an engineering company would be in the middle of nowhere so far from civilization. They meet a lady named Lorna and they pretend to be journalists. Lorna fails to believe them but after Rose identifies herself, Lorna lets them in.

Lorna used to work with Emma and Henry, they even developed a friendship. She is saddened to hear of their passing. They convince her to help them as they fear there is an imminent attack. Emma and Henry had approached her to get them blueprints. Lorna didn’t ask why as her job is to collect Intel not analyze it. She offers to help them understand the other documents Henry and Emma asked for.

They take a drive into town and Rose learns how Lorna met her aunt and uncle. She is shocked to learn more about their secret life. Lorna tells her they led a great life doing important work. Peter asks about Osprey but Lorna is not familiar with the codename. She also asks about how Peter and Rose met. It seems like she knew Peter’s dad but acts like she didn’t.

In town, they visit a cafe and Rose and Lorna get online and go through the files she sent to Henry and Emma. As Peter checks the area, Lorna questions if Peter can be trusted. They run his name on the files and the search comes up empty.

Peter learns that the Metro passes directly beneath the cafe and the area Henry and Emma were investigating. Lorna advises them to look into the original target the bomb was meant for. They part ways and she urges them to be careful. She tells Peter to stop worrying about proving his dad’s innocence as it will bring pain.

At Georgetown University, Maddie and her teacher get closer and they kiss. Her teacher is even doing a painting of her. They flirt around and kiss but the teacher pulls back. He pretends to be apologetic about being inappropriate but Maddie says it is okay. Still, he excuses himself.

On the other hand, Erik questions Arrington’s approach to being friends with Maddie. Arrington justifies her approach and calls Erik old school. She insists her method works well for Maddie and Erik drops the subject. Arrington is also not happy that her other subordinates are in awe of Erik. To them, he is a legend.

Soon, Peter gets a call from Cisco informing him the car he asked to be tracked has been found in a residential area. Peter asks Cisco to wait for him before approaching the house as it is dangerous. They drive back to D.C and  Cisco meets Rose. Peter and Cisco search the house. Unfortunately, Ellen and Dale had already left after getting an order to kill Lorna. Although Lorna fought hard and refused to talk, they kill her and bury her deep in the woods.

After searching the house, Peter and Rose check into a motel. Rose continues to dig into the files and why someone in the White House was involved in the Metro bombing. They have dinner and bond some more, where Peter confesses to having a hard time after the bombing which led to his break up with Zoe. The next morning, Rose wakes up early and continues poring over the files. Peter calls Farr and she tells him she found spyware on her phone. She orders him to switch burners.

Peter updates her on their investigation. He shares his theory about the bomb missing its intended target. He is also certain that there is an impending attack scheduled to happen within five days. Farr asks him to come in at the end of the day so they can share everything they have with the FBI.

Concurrently, Maddie attends a class by herself with the teacher. They start making out and the teacher warns that they should keep a low profile. He pretends he cares about her. Maddie suggests ditching the agents and meeting him at his house.  Unfortunately, Arrington fails to pick up the telltale signs of trouble brewing. She is focused on Erik, who suggests they call a truce and work together.

After completing the mission, Dale updates his client who calls the Vice President and relays the information. The Vice President is curious when everything will be settled and is assured by the response. He hangs up his phone and heads to Maddie’s dorm room and lectures her about what happened at the bar.

At the motel, Rose finds footage of the day the Metro bombing happened and Peter recognizes Arrington. She seems to have been working that day, but they can’t see who she was protecting. Peter worries that this is no longer a terror attack but an assassination attempt on someone in the government.

The Episode Review

The plot thickens as we finally learn the Vice President is involved. This makes more sense… but is he working alone? What are his plans and what is his relationship with the other mysterious guy who is in charge of Dale and Ellen?

Arrington needs to stop worrying about Erik and focus on Maddie. She is playing with fire because that teacher is manipulating her. Maddie thinks she is driving the new relationship but in reality, she is being used. Will she see the truth before it is too late?

Lastly, who was Arrington protecting and is that person the target? We will soon find out in the next episode.

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