The Night Agent – Season 1 Episode 3 “The Zookeeper” Recap & Review

The Zookeeper

Episode 3 of The Night Agent starts with a flashback to one year ago when Farr first met with Peter at a zoo. She asks if he has ever been there and he recalls visiting while young and wanting to be a bear. He shares that he was being bullied at the time so he chose a bear.

Farr asks him if he has heard about night action and explains what the job entails. Peter was under the impression that she was hiring him to be a night agent. She clarifies that she wants him to answer the phones for the night agents and Peter says that she is asking him to be a glorified 9-1-1 operator. Farr tells him that the phone never rings unless a night agent is in trouble.

She also states that this would be great for his career and will open doors for him. Given his dad’s legacy, it will be hard for him to get a better offer. Farr tells him that his answer before was wrong, in a zoo, you should always want to be the decision-maker. The one with all the keys hence the zookeeper.

Back in the present, Farr asks Peter if he heard her and he responds that they will be at the White House in one hour. After hanging up, Peter ponders over why Hawkins would throw away his 30 years of service and become a traitor. On the other hand, Rose doesn’t care what drove Hawkins to his early grave. She is more concerned that Peter is intent on following his orders and wants to go to the White House in one hour.

Peter tells her that they could de-encrypt the hard drive there as they have the necessary resources. Rose argues that they could be potentially handing over evidence to the culprit at the White House. She thinks that someone willing to kill the Deputy Director of the FBI is not only dangerous but powerful. She says whatever the case, whether Hawkins was clean or dirty, it is risky going to the White House. Peter asks her if she thinks everyone in the White House is dirty and she responds that she is still not going.

Peter says he is too low-level to go against an order and the situation is above his level. He believes that they can trust Farr to protect them. She was the only person who gave him a chance even after knowing who his father is. He is betting their lives on the fact that she will come through for them.

He calls Farr and tells her that Rose is hesitant to come in and they will need time. She agrees to give them until 10 am the next morning. He asks about Hawkins and she tells him that they are investigating who he was meeting and the President is being briefed in an hour.

At the brief, the President is informed that the officers have no suspects or witnesses and very little evidence. They are only sure he was killed somewhere else and his body dumped on the farm. The President asks to be updated and informed when she can share her condolences. In a shocking twist, we see the second man who was in talks with the hired assassins among those in the brief.

Farr remains behind and updates the President on the Rose situation. She asks the President to read her in on Campbell’s mission. The President agrees and asks her to sit down.

Meanwhile in the woods, Peter and Rose watch the cabin from afar. They are trying to test if Farr can be trusted as she is the only one who knows their location. If the hired assassins arrive, they will know that she is on the take. Soon, the assassins arrive and search the cabin.

They also search the woods nearby but Rose and Peter are able to escape. Peter also manages to take their number plate number.  He calls his cop friend, Sisco and asks him to run a BOLO on the car. Rose takes this as a sign that Farr can’t be trusted but Peter is hesitant to believe this.

Back at the White House, Ben confronts Farr on the whereabouts of Peter and Rose and she says she doesn’t trust him. She questions how he didn’t know that the Secret Service agents were pulled from the hotel. Ben claims his innocence and Farr tells him that she will let him know when she knows more. HE leaves to take a call from one of the Secret Service agents, Arrington tasked to take care of the Vice President’s daughter, Maddie.

Maddie is studying Art & Activism at Georgetown University. Ben informs Arrington that he is pulling out an agent and sending a replacement as it is all hands on deck after Hawkins’ murder. Arrington is not pleased to hear Ben is sending Erik Monks as the replacement. She, however, says it is okay.

Once Erik gets there, Arrington introduces Maddie to the new agent. Maddie is in a rush and trusts Arrington knows what she is doing. She rushes to her, next class and Arrington gets Erik up to date. We learn Maddie has a habit of forgetting her panic button. She doesn’t trust many people but she trusts Arrington. She wants the Secret Service agents to blend while she is on campus so no suits. We also learn that Arrington is young but she is in charge of the team handling Maddie.

After getting away, Peter and Rose decide to work on the drive by giving it to Farr. They plan to use her to get the drive de-encrypted. Peter leaves Rose behind after setting a meeting place. Rose convinces him to steal Farr’s access card and help her back into the system when the FBI work on the hard drive.  On the other hand, Rose is to distract Farr through a phone call.

Peter follows through with the plan and lies that Rose ditched him. Farr puts out a BOLO on Rose. The plan goes well until some police officers unknowingly visit the diner she was at. She freaks out and hurriedly leaves and Farr finds out their plan.

She asks him why he did it and he says he doesn’t trust her since she was the only one who knew their location. Farr realizes her phone might have been hacked and sends it to the lab. She assures Peter that she can be trusted. She tells Peter that the Campbells were commissioned by the President to look into the Metro bombing.

The President was doubtful about the report and a leaked statement from a terror group, People’s independence Front (PIF) . PIF later denied issuing a statement taking credit for the attack. There were also many questions instead of answers. The President initiated night action and the Campbells were close to finding the person from the White House who was involved. Farr thinks it might have been Hawkins but she doesn’t want to make assumptions. She wants to find the evidence first.

Meanwhile, Ellen gets sick of staying in a motel and convinces Dale to stay at an open house she visited earlier. She dreams of living a fancy normal life but Dale doesn’t feel the same. Nonetheless, Dale agrees to stay with her for a while at the open house.

At the University, Maddie’s teacher starts subtly flirting with her. Maddie starts feeling better and happier after her professor shows interest. She later has an incident at a bar with some random man. Whilst there, Erik slips up due to his shoulder injury. Arrington gets frustrated with him and says she has to report it. She doesn’t think Erik should be back at work and she sees him as a liability.

She later has an incident at a bar with some random man. During the incident, Erik slips up due to his shoulder injury. Arrington gets frustrated with him and says she has to report it. She doesn’t think Erik should be back at work and sees him as a liability. In the meantime, the Vice President decides to visit Maddie at school. It seems they don’t get along well, as Erik observes how Arrington approached the matter, trying to calm Maddie down and finding it strange.

She calls Ben and tells him what happened. Ben asks her to be patient with Erik as he has been through a lot. Before taking a bullet to protect the former President, he was the best. Ben believes Arrington can learn a lot from Erik. He and Erik used to be partners and Ben vouches for him. He is sure Erik is an asset to Arrington’s team. Arrington reaches out to a friend in the CIA and asks him to investigate how someone as skilled as Erik ended up on her team.

The next morning, Rose checks into a motel and starts going through the drive. Even though the plan went bust and Peter got caught, the hard drive was successfully decrypted. She finds files relating to the Metro bombing. As she works, Peter comes by with Farr. Rose is angry that he brought Farr. Farr asks her to calm down as she is not the traitor and is there to tell her the truth.

Elsewhere, Maddie’s teacher texts someone that he is getting closer to Maddie and will explain more when he gets home. The message goes to the man with the rattlesnake tattoo.

The Episode Review

Arrington might want to focus more on Maddie and her teacher than trying to investigate Erik. The teacher has a hidden agenda and we might not know what it is but it is probably not something good.

Erik is an interesting character, he is a national hero who stopped an assassination attempt against the President. He shouldn’t be under Arrington as he is more experienced. However, he is recovering and needs time to readjust to the job so it makes sense why Ben sent him there.

Now that we know Farr is innocent, who is the traitor in the White House?

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