The Night Agent – Season 1 Episode 2 “Redial” Recap & Review


Episode 2 of The Night Agent starts with a flashback to three months ago, the day Rose’s company went bust. She was giving an interview when she got a call from their biggest client. He was angry that his company’s system has been hacked. She rushed to check what the problem is and realizes someone named Adam messed with the codes on their side.

Back in the present, Rose gives her statement to Hawkins and Farr. Hawkins is pushing her as he believes she is hiding something. Rose insists that she is telling them everything but Hawkins is adamant that after 30 years in the FBI, he knows when someone is lying.

Rose leaves the room angry and Hawkins tells Farr that Peter shouldn’t be protecting Rose, he is not qualified. Farr points out that she has been watching Peter for the past year and he is ready.

Rose comes back and asks what the next step is. Farr informs her that she will remain in Secret Service protection and will be taken to a hotel. She is to remain there until it is safe. Peter offers to escort her to the hotel but Rose insists on walking.

Peter asks why she withheld information and she reminds him the White House has been compromised. They get to the hotel and Rose complains about living there with no gadgets or books. Peter assures her that she is safe under the Secret Service’s watch and she thanks him. Peter leaves and even sends books to her room.

Meanwhile, the killers, Dale and Hellen drive back to D.C and get a ticket for speeding. Hellen is curious about what is in the bag and but Dale warns her that it could be dangerous to open it.

Peter reports for his shift at the White House and Farr asks if he got more from Rose. He says no. A meeting starts, led by Farr, and Hawkins briefs the people present that the Campbell’s (Rose’s aunt and uncle) worked for the FBI in counterintelligence and had retired. He believes they called night action because they were working something off books. Ben asks him to consider that someone might have changed the rules in Spyland.

So far, the FBI has no suspects or motives. Hawkins asks Peter to stay out of it as he is not even supposed to be in the room. Farr interjects and points out Rose is alive thanks to Peter, and she also wants to know what Hawkins is hiding in his investigation. She is worried about the truth of the Campbells getting out and wants the case to be solved before that happens.

After the meeting, Farr asks Peter to double-check Hawkins’ work and get him the files on the Campbells when they worked for the FBI. Even though it is above his clearance, she wants Peter to find out what Hawkins might be hiding. She wants to know if Peter is ready and willing to do what it takes to get to the truth and protect Rose. He wants him to step up.

Peter leaves to find check on an update regarding the ring the intruder was wearing. His colleague tells him the ring is similar to a sigil from the Royal House of Yugoslavia. They deduce the original owner may be from a royal family.

Peter heads into his office and after checking the files, finds out that Hawkins used to be the Campbells’ handler while they worked for the FBI. This is also news to Farr and he wonders what else Hawkins might be hiding. She asks him to separate the cases Hawkins oversaw and have the report on her desk the next morning. She also wants him to keep this new information to themselves.

Later, Peter receives a call from the night action number. It turns out to be Rose who remembered the number. She is feeling lonely and also wants to know if they are making progress on the case. Peter assures her that they are working on some new leads. They talk and Rose shares she is worried about what happens next.

They talk some more and reveal more about their lives. Rose tells him she was betrayed by a friend and Peter tells her about his old dream of being a professional basketballer.  Rose shares she misses her aunt and uncle and invites him to have breakfast with her the next morning. Peter agrees and says they can do a late breakfast.

On the other side of town, Dale and Ellen are at a motel. Ellen is still obsessing about what is in the bag. She decides to look and finds a nanny cam, Ellen wonders if they can download the files but Dale tells her to leave it alone. He gets a call from two men who tells him that they have new information on the target. They send the new information to Dale.

The client and the second man talk about Dale and Ellen, retorting that Dale has been working for him for the past eight years and recently brought in Ellen. They make a good team and have excellent results.

The next morning, Peter delivers the files to Farr and tells her about his breakfast plans with Rose. Farr thinks it is good that he is forming a connection with Rose and hopes she will open up to Peter. Peter arrives at the hotel though and finds the Secret Service agents gone. He rushes to Rose’s room and finds the door unlocked. Her attackers killed the power and the lock on her door is not working. They rush to escape but Dale sees them on the stairs and opens fire.

Peter and Rose jump through the glass window and flee into the streets. As Rose was only in a robe, they head to a clothing store to buy new clothes. Ellen visits the store but is unable to spot them. This makes her frustrated as she doesn’t like losing. She steals a phone and Peter uses it to call Farr. He wants to know who pulled out the Secret Service agents. Farr kicks everyone out of the room except Ben and Nathan Briggs from Secret Service.

She asks Peter to repeat what he said. Ben says it is impossible and orders Nathan to check. He finds out that a command was issued 30 minutes ago, pulling out the agents. The only people who have such access are the President, Farr,  Ben, Briggs and Hawkins. Peter asks for Hawkins’ location but he is unreachable and Rose finds that suspicious. Farr asks them for their location so she can send someone to get them. He won’t be coming in and will do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

Rose argues they need to get proactive and figure out what her aunt and uncle were investigating and what got them killed. She has a clue about where to start and they head back to the Campbell’s house. Rose learns that they shot her aunt six times and is motivated to get her revenge.

Rose tells Peter about what she overheard that night about Osprey, the engineer, and some files. She overheard them saying the country is in trouble and something will be going down in seven days. She also remembers her uncle mentioning a driver in the woods and she figures out what he meant. They grab some clothes in the house and take her aunt’s car to a cabin.

Concurrently, Hawkins meets with the mastermind behind the killings. Meanwhile, Ellen and Dale go back to the motel, where Dale tries to calm her down. Their moment is interrupted by the client who calls to give them a new mission.

On the drive, Peter tries to convince Rose that she doesn’t have to do an investigation and she can trust the FBI. He promises to take care of her and prevent another scenario like the one that happened at the hotel.

They arrive at the cabin and start searching the house. Peter finds a hard drive hidden inside the wall, and Rose tries to open it. In doing so, she finds out that it has been heavily encrypted and she can’t access the files. Peter realizes the files are named 2781, the number of the train he was on when the bomb went off.  He wonders what Rose’s aunt and uncle were doing investigating the Metro bombing.

Mulling this over, he calls Farr and asks her if they found out who pulled the agents. She reveals that the order came from Hawkins but he is unavailable to answer their question since he is dead. Someone killed him and left his body to be discovered on a farm. He was shot six times as well.

Peter tells her about the encrypted hard drive and she orders them to come in. She wants to keep them safe and urges them to bring the hard-drive too.

The Episode Review

Is Hawkins dead because he was betrayed or did he get too close to the truth? What would drive him to destroy his reputation and join the bad guys? Why was he meeting with them in the first place? In this case, we have to take everything with a grain of salt. Unfortunately, at the moment everything looks like he is a bad guy.

Rose is trusting Peter more but what happens now? Will she willingly go with him to the White House or will Peter disobey Farr’s order? Hopefully we’ll find out in the next episode.

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