The Night Agent – Season 1 Episode 1 “The Call” Recap & Review

The Call

Episode 1 of Night Agent starts with a woman and her young daughter getting on a train. A man stands up and offers them his seat as the train is full. As he stands, the man notices a stranger wearing a black jacket and a hoodie leave a bag behind. He moves forward to inspect the bag and finds a bomb.

He pulls the emergency door release forcing the train to an abrupt stop. He takes out his FBI badge and orders the passengers to exit the train calmly. Someone announces there is a bomb and things get hectic. Most people manage to get off the train before the bomb explodes.

Paramedics and relevant authorities arrive and the FBI agent is informed that one person died. As our protagonist receives first aid, he notices the man responsible for the bombing among the crowd, secretly watching.

The agent chases the stranger into some dark alleys and a fight ensues. As they brawl, the agent sees the man has a rattlesnake tattoo on his side. He tries to arrest the suspect but the man runs away again. As they embark on another chase, the FBI agent is hit by a car and the suspect manages to get away.

Elsewhere, a young woman called Rose is nervously excited to give her first TED talk. She seems to be a big shot in the cybersecurity field.  Another lady approaches and gives her some funding documents to sign. They are both ecstatic about being able to achieve a goal they share.

We then cut forward one year later. UIt’s here we learn the FBI agent is called Peter and he prepares for his shift at the White House. Upon arrival, he is called in to meet with his boss, Diana Farr. She is not happy about his response when he was ambushed by a certain Elliot Rome, who accused him of being behind the bombing a year ago.

Farr asks him to learn to say no comment to Elliot Rome’s ambush interviews in the future. She reminds him of their deal and that he is to bid his time being a night agent so he can proceed to something else better. She tells him she is leaving for Maryland and asks him to mark up some files for her. He thanks her and leaves.

On his way to his office, he meets Ben Almora who informs him that the President is looking forward to their pickup game. Ben implies that the President is curious about Peter’s choice to remain in the FBI instead of joining the secret service. They are joined by another man, Hawkins who asks about a crime report that Peter was supposed to do.

Hawkins is not pleased to hear Peter’s excuse and says the report was “need to know.” He is not happy that Peter is reporting to Farr, the President’s Chief of Staff. He warns Peter to pick a side carefully. Peter heads to his office, a windowless room with only a phone and a table, and starts working on some documents.

On the other hand, Rose welcomes his aunt Emma and Uncle Henry. She tells them that the board fired her . At dinner, she tells them what happened and that she will need to stay with them as she is bankrupt. Apparently, there was a data breach in her company and due to it, she lost everything. Her aunt and uncle try their best to cheer her up and assure her everything will be fine. They have no problem helping her as she is family.

Later that night, Rose wakes after hearing her aunt and uncle talking downstairs. She overhears them talking about warning Osprey, burning documents, and the country being in trouble. Her aunt is also worried about an engineer and some files and that no one in the White House can be trusted. Rose approaches them and her aunt draws her gun. She refuses to answer Rose’s question and tells her that someone is outside.

Her uncle gives her a piece of paper and asks her to go to the neighbour’s house down the road and call the number on the paper. They insist that she says the words written on the paper after saying night action. Her uncle also orders her to say they need help and Rose leaves in a panic. Sadly, her uncle and aunt are attacked by two people and killed in their home. Rose happens to see one of the attackers on her way out and he starts chasing after her.

She gets to the neighbour’s house and thankfully they are not home. She breaks in and calls the number on the paper.  Peter is shocked to hear the phone ringing, he initially assumes it is a wrong number after Rose fails to answer his coded questions. Rose pleads with him and says her uncle and aunt are in danger and a man is pursuing her. Peter calls for help and sends a patrol to the house. He also orders Farr to be contacted.

One of the killers follows Rose into the house and Peter helps her hide. The man gets dangerously close but luckily, the patrol officers arrive in time to save her. Unfortunately, the killer escaped through a window. Peter and Rose are relieved and Rose is taken under the protection of the police.

Farr calls Peter and asks for an update. Peter informs her that Rose called and said two of their agents are in trouble. Farr tells him they can’t leave their witness at the hands of local police and Peter tells her that Hawkins is already on his way. Farr says that they need to do this right so she will go to the White House and have someone take over Peter’s post. In the meantime, she orders Peter to go to Rose and keep her safe. He is not to ask Rose any questions or tell her anything until Barr and Hawkins have a debrief in the morning. He is also not to tell anyone their location, not even Farr.

Peter leaves to get Rose and finds Hawkins has already given her the news of her aunt and uncle’s passing. Hawkins is not pleased that Farr sent Peter to take Rose but the order came from the President and he has no choice but to stand down.

Peter drives away with Rose and informs her that he works for the FBI and they are heading to his apartment to pick up a few things. Rose is starting to realize her aunt and uncle lied to her but Peter tells her that he has orders not to tell her anything. He also tells her that he doesn’t know why her family was killed.

They get to his house and he tells her about the debriefing scheduled for the next morning. He asks for her phone and asks her to pack some clothes from the next room. He opens his safe and takes a gun, takes a burner phone and grabs a to-go bag.  He also puts Rose’s phone in his safe and sets a surveillance camera in his apartment. Rose finds some clothes and some newspaper about a disgraced FBI agent who died in a car crash. She also feels wary of Peter as he said he works for the FBI but has a pass for the White House. She asks to go to the police and he tells her is not safe, they need to find someplace to stay low.

Outside his house, he is attacked by two men who have been listening to what Elliot has been saying. They believe he was part of the Metro bombing and is a traitor like his father. Peter takes their wallets after fighting them off and asks them to wait for the police. He leaves with Rose and calls Farr and asks her to send agents to pick up the two men. Farr asks him to take care of Rose.

Rose asks him why the two men thought he was a traitor and Peter tells her he is innocent and so was his dad. Rose talks about her aunt and asks why he was the one who answered. Peter explains that it is his job and this is the first time a call was made to ask for help. He notices that there is a car following them. He orders Rose to call the top number on his phone and asks for help through the night call.

Their assailant starts shooting and Rose is slightly injured by the grass. Peter uses his skills to lose the tail and they go to an AirBnB rented under his friend’s name. Rose asks about the female clothes in his house and he explains they belong to his ex-fiancee, Zoe.

Rose feels scared that there are people after her, but Peter keeps watch while asking her to tell him everything she saw and heard at the debrief.

Peter reminds her about his orders when she questions him. She asks what night action is and Peter explains it is a counterintelligence program for agents in distress. Rose realizes that her aunt and uncle were spies but Peter admits he doesn’t know anything as he is low-level.

While Rose sleeps, Peter gets a notification that someone is in his house. He calls Farr and she alerts the agents outside his house. Unfortunately, when they get there, the two intruders are gone. Peter takes a screenshot of the ring one of the intruders was wearing.

The next morning, Peter drives Rose to the debrief in a quiet neighbourhood. Farr is glad they are alive and introduces herself to Rose. Rose asks for Peter to tag along and Farr agrees. When Rose leaves to use the restroom, Farr updates Peter on the break-in at his house. The FBI doesn’t have much. Hawkins kicks him out of the debrief as it is above his level, and in doing so Peter runs into Rose coming from the restroom. He urges her to tell Farr and Hawkins everything. Rose tells him she can’t trust anyone as she overheard her aunt say that someone in the White House is compromised.

Away from the debrief, a woman is visited by a couple carrying a baby. The owner agrees to let them in and as they casually talk, she realizes something is off. Unfortunately, it is too late and the young couple kill her and take a bag. They leave the baby behind and drive off. The man texts someone that it is done and he gets an order to return to D.C. and finish what they started.  It turns out the toddler was abducted.

The Episode Review

The first episode has wonderfully set the pace of what to expect going forward. There is a lot of action and mystery that makes us intrigued to find out more.

Rose is right to withhold information; after going through such a traumatic loss, it is hard to know who to trust. She seems to trust Peter though and from this first episode it’s clear that he wants to do right by her, which is a good thing.

I wonder what led to three people being killed? And what was in the bag? I assume that the killers are heading back to DC to handle Rose as she is a loose end and they will probably come for her soon. Will Peter manage to keep her safe?

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  1. Peter is told, do not ask questions of Rose, do not volunteer information to Rose, turn her over to be debriefed first thing in the morning. Well, NONE of that happens! Rose spends most of the episode bugging Peter for details and rather than deflecting Rose, Peter tells her more than he should ever have. Not very consistant.

  2. Cannot find the write-up for episode 7. All the rest are there, but when I finish reading episode 7 it jumps every time to episode 9. Strange??

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