The Next 365 Days Movie Review – Please, make it stop already

Please, make it stop already

4 months after the long-awaited (was it though?) sequel, 365 Days: This Day, we’re back with The Next 365 Days and my god does this film feel like it takes a year to get through. This is another painful slog through plot-less, sex-heavy, mediocre bland-fest.

With a faint whiff of a plot, hilarious dream sequences and some painfully cheesy dialogue, The Next 365 Days is somehow the worst of the 3 movies released so far. Emphasis on the word so far because this will do big numbers for ‘Flix and a sequel will likely be greenlit too.

Given the very low bar the previous two films have set, it’s perhaps surprising then to see the bar lowered even further here, as the third movie has even less of a plot, makes even less sense and has even less of a resolution than the first 2. I won’t spoil what that is here but the wafer-thin plot barely registers as anything above perfunctory nonsense. This time, the gangster plot and little twists are gone in favour of a vanilla love triangle.

Laura has recovered from her gunshot wound last movie, and beyond a few mentions it’s never brought up again. Laura and Massimo’s relationship is on the rocks, so the former decides to get back into the swing of her career. As she starts to dive into the world of fashion again, Nacho returns and causes Laura to feel conflicted.

What will Laura choose to do? Does she stay with the abusive, controlling, toxic Massimo or does she move across to dating rival gangster Nacho? Or maybe she should just sail away from these toxic men and strike out on her own? Decisions, decisions!

And that is it in terms of plot. This “story” (if you can even call it that) is basically just here to string together the sex scenes but by now that’s old hat, and it’s certainly no excuse for not having character or plot development. In fact, there are adult movies out there with better development than this pitiful Polish thriller. And you’ll probably have a better time watching that. Although using the word thriller may not be the right word either, as that would denote there are some thrills in here – which there aren’t.

The fact that this plot doesn’t even end should tell you everything you need to know about this film. And even worse, this film offers a by-the-numbers, underwhelming love triangle with absolutely no substance. At least with 365 Days: This Day there was a desire to bring some twists into the story late on. This time, the writers can’t even be bothered to do that – and it shows.

Now, the previous films were no Citizen Kanes either. In fact, This Day was arguably the worst film of the year, trumping Morbius for that title. But even then (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) they at least had SOMETHING to offer audiences. Even if that something was the tiniest morsel of a coherent plot. This doesn’t even have that.

The acting is poor, the story is pitiful and the dialogue is… well, it’s just dreadful. The tiny morsels of character speech that are here include such classic lines as: “You can run away from me… but you can’t run away from how you feel.” and “a woman who lives only for her man will always be unhappy.”

Unhappy is probably the best emotion to describe the feeling of watching this movie. This is a poorly constructed waste of time, and another entry in the ongoing 365 universe that continues to lowers the bar for movie standards.


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  • Verdict - 1/10

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  1. The people insisting there is a good plot and saying this is “the best movie” they have ever watched – please tell me you’re writing in hyperbole. It can’t be. It just can’t. What on earth have you been watching? Look, I get if you personally ENJOY the films, but come on…

  2. I am hooked on 365 Days! I love this Series and am dying for the next one #4! Please have a fourth season! I love all the characters especially Massimo! I can’t wait to see what happens between the love triangle meaning Massimmo , Nacho and of course Laura!

  3. Laura and Nacho should finish off together in the 365 Final Days. Laura should choose Nacho and be pregnant with his baby. And Massimo tries to gain Laura’s love but it’s too late. Nacho has a rival confrontation with Massimo over Laura’s decision to be with Nacho and tells Massimo to leave them in peace because she’s pregnant with Nacho’s child and that he loves her. At the end she has the baby and Laura marries Nacho and they live happily and in love.

  4. I agree with Danielle . I loved the movie. Nacho need to find his own wife. And leave Laura alone. Let massimo and Laura fix things.

  5. I loved the 1st 2 seasons . The 3rd one was so messed up by having a 3some and I switched it off immediately. I’d prefer Massimo & Laura doing all the steamy stuff anyday thank you a threesome yurghh!!!. You ruined my interest for the movie with the 3rd one and I stopped watching right away not sure I will get back to it anyways🤮

  6. I so loved all 3 so far but I would like to see her go back to Massino. He wanted her to teach love, have them go back but she is working he still in the Mafia. Her friend Oglala gets married still and during her helping her friend plan her wedding she discovers she is pregnant and scared a repeat of her pregnancy ends bad again but it doesn’t. He will learn the day her friend is getting married that they are expecting again and She tells him while they are dancing slowly & he becomes a good man to not be so demanding & have good hot steaming sex when they get back together & he wants to by her side so much during her pregnancy. He goes out and buys all kinds of bay stuff to show he loves her and she did teach him how to love tender. Her friend ends up pregnant as well just a few months later. Also in the movie have it were she runs into the man she almost went with & he realizes it’s not going to happen & at a distance Massino see her kiss him goodbye forever but he does get mad he just realized there relationship is over & Lari & Massions is forever.

  7. I love the trilogy! Laura has been through a-lot with Massimo. I hate the way part 3 ends. I am so excited to see part 4 SOON! WHO DOES SHE PICK? DON’T LEAVE US HANGING….WHO DOES SHE PICK? SHOW US IN THE NEXT MOVIE SOON!

  8. I loved the movie I want Massimo and Laura together Why would she want to be with someone who helped kill her baby and then plotted against her and she got sh I t Massimo all the way

  9. I love all the 365 days movies. The plot may not be the best but I love the scenery, the handsome actors and Laura is precious and Olga is a hoot. And oh yeah, the steamy sex scenes aren’t bad either.

  10. Those who are disappointed to the movie, be it but no movie beats the series of 365 days. Still the best I would watch it over and over again.

  11. Just Make it stop already. You messed the 3rd one up by having a 3some I switched it off. No plot no story just a sex obsessed girl that does not seem to know what she wants in life. You ruined the movie with the 3rd one.

  12. Well seen this article was written by a mad. No IDEA of the intricacies of a sexually charged relationship. The movie was BRILLIANT . I can’t wait for the 4th. In the meantime I’m reading the books.

  13. TEAM MASSIMO! The reason I’m disappointed in the movie is because Nacho got all the hot sex scenes. The most skin we saw from Massimo is when he was jacking off in the shower. WTF? Better be a 4th and show off his nice ass again WITH Lara.

  14. I really love the first 2 as there was so much hunger and passion for each other. Also him being head of Mafia made him look more powerful as his character should be. In 365 this day he seemed powerless and for Laura being his world and his love he should nothing towards her at all. It was all put together wrong I feel they could have made it more more more . He didn’t even fight for his girl like what the heck!!??? That’s what made the movie to begin with. He just allowed her to run into his enemies bed and did nothing about it? I’m sorry but this was poorly made. Don’t get me wrong the first 2 had me I love with these 2 . I think if they do make another 365 days Laura should be pregnant from massimo and have a baby by him. Showing more passion maybe a get away on an island and detail if her pregnancy and how he fails even deeper in love with her as he sees her pregnant. Also more gangster buisness and a longer show . Can’t wait to see the next chapter.

  15. Already knew the 3rd sequel would be crap, Thank the celestial I didn’t waste my time and data , I would have been so disappointed 😂

  16. Lots of people who not polish will dont understand relationship betwen olga and laura as when is translated to english the jokes olga making are less spicy or misunderstood. The 1 was very good 2 wasnt best 3th i liked its show dilemma people have as not all is always black and white and got nice sex scenes what definitely will add to some babys beeing bord after this kind of movies. Blanka is self made and habe courage talk about sex in Poland it isnt easy country to be independent women without husbend and kids. Keep telling the story keep haters away. You dont go cinema if u dont like switch off there are other opcions on netflix

  17. Pity Massimo. He is the hero and turn out he was left. He changed a lot for Laura and easily she left him for another man. Didn’t expect the ending left us unclear..psssshhhh I’m disappointed

  18. I absolutely love 365 days and the others..honestly why watch.them if your not a fan of the movies,move onto something else,coz me being 1 of many can’t wait for the next one,if you watch and get into it you understand more and realise there is a story,plot twists,funny,great actors and actress,mu fave saying of massimo is”?are you lost baby girl”his tone of voice,each person has a right to their iwn opinion I suppose but honestly go watch eastenders or something,because if 365 days sequels ain’t thrilling enough I don’t know what is,at the end of each one they end on a cliff hanger making you excited to watch next one,has to be said massimo is a very sexy man Laura is a very lucky girl as they date in real life as far as I know they still are correct me if I’m wrong #365dayssequels

  19. I’ve watched it as it makes me smile,being Sicilian, the amount of bulls they convey to the spectator. The movies are just a very poor imitation of Fifty Shades and the “actors”(so called!🤣) aren’t even convincing in their roles. What can I say, the dialogues are so poor in content, the English is grammatically incorrect (eg: “ I return to Sicily” Massimo wrote on a piece of paper. Well, that is a translation from the Italian “Ritorno in Sicilia” in English you wouldn’t use the present tense, instead you will say “ I’ m going back to Sicily”)and I guess in a movie the dialogues should be carefully revised.
    The “actors”, oh my goodness! Is that even acting?! I guess people who state this film is good, they have either a veery disappointed and sad sexual life or they simply very low standard in matter of cinematography.

  20. Massimo and Laura belong together. He loves her. They should have them make another baby together, massimo should think of her and not the buissiness. I cried at the last scene.

  21. Massing a bd Lara belong together. He loves her. They should have them make another baby together, massing think of her escape from family drama. I cried during the last scene.

  22. I love 365days and I believe it’s a far cry from fifty shades of grey
    I feel so bad for Massimo on the third part and I would really love for Laura to choose him instead of nacho I also am angry at Laura for cheating
    I hope they make the 4th part I’m really looking forward to it

  23. Yes they need to make a 4th movie, or a Netflix series. I WOULD DEFINITELY WATCH!!!
    LOVE Massimo would watch this all day…
    Liked 1 and 2 better than 3..
    Laura needs to stay with Massimo
    He loves her so much!
    Nacho doesn’t even know if he loves her, tells her he thinks he loves her, but yet walked away when she got shot. His family tried to kill her twice!

  24. This part 3 are worst story another entry worst full story stop nonsense story only Massimo and laura

  25. This flim is the same as 50 shades. People complained about that saying it was written by a 5 year old. With words been repeated etc….

    But I do like 365 flims. Move past the sex sense. And their is a story line. I don’t know about anyone else but just before the flim is released I reward h the other flims. So then it all flows. But their better be a number 4 case the ending to number 3 omg I was shouting at the telly. Going mad because I wanted to know what’s happening.

  26. To the people who r on here to cry & complain about the movies. I’m lost as to how you can come up with those opinions. This story/shows r by far one of the best I’ve ever came across to watch & I hope they can keep these shows coming & coming for as long as they can. I liked all 3 episodes. & instead of saying negative opinions & comments I’m going to just say I NEED MORE of these shows & fill in every blank in each different show. I’m anticipating on part 4. I hope they don’t take forever to get it to use. 😊 & all the music was perfect. There’s a few songs on there that r now my new favorites.

  27. u know When I watched first part of 365 i thought this is something wow even a step ahead than 50shades and then the 3rd part really disappointed me and may b other ppl too. Now I don’t even like to watch 4 part 😂 waste of time and even makes u fill frustrated kinda vibe. Hence 50shades is irrepreseable .

  28. I hope there is a 4th. I LOVE Massimo and nacho I felt bad for Massimo in the 3rd one though….I loved and hated the ending at the same time….really love the scene where Massimo and nacho kiss that was hot!!!! I had to step out side for a minute and get some air!! Lol. We need a 4th please

  29. Omg!!!! I loved it! I hope there is a 4th. I LOVE Massimo and nacho I felt bad for Massimo in the 3rd one though….I loved and hated the ending at the same time….really love the scene where Massimo and nacho kiss that was hot!!!! I had to step out side for a minute and get some air!! Lol. We need a 4th please

  30. Morono needs to get out of that movie he would do great in dome action pack movies. The rest are poorly acting. Get Morono out of the movie. He is great .

  31. The only good 365 days was day one haha where he kidnaps her. The first one was good.
    The second 365 days was like watching a posing photoshoot trying to be a movie.
    The third 365 days you wished she had been shot. The threesome scene cracked me up – this is just someone’s fantasy coming to the big screen and it’s soooo boring that I have to watch it 😂 fast forward alot.

  32. OMG! The actors that play Laura and Nacho are going to bring Michele Morrone down. I truly wish that it doesn’t happen because he was the best out of all of them. I would love to see him in more movies.

  33. The worst parts of the “movie” were every scene with Olga and Laura, totally boring, badly acted and inane. Did you know that Simone’s brother, Danilo made his “acting debut” in this film, if you can call it that. He is the one having sex with Laura’ s assistant in the workshop. Must say that Michele outshone all others in this film.

  34. Wasted two hours of my life I won’t get back watching part 3. Parts 1 and 2 left you wanting more. This one lacked substance and was absolutely boring with no answers at the end like the book. Please don’t make a fourth one. Thank God Netflix says that is almost a guaranteed will not happen.

  35. I am actually mad I didn’t pay attention to the ads for this series. I seen a Scene, on another idk post some where n looked at the comments & seen the name of the MOVIE/series.. watched it & fell inTOOOOit in 1st 20 mins… that rarely ever happens for me cus I’m picky affff with movies! #what!!?! Immediately had to watch 2nd & STAYED UPPPP just to catch the 3rd. Once u catch my attention You got it Af! I got too much going on in my world so once u get it.. it’s only cus I’m interested etc. THISSS SERIES isss one of THEEEE BEST IVE EVER SEEN & adding into its amateur ISH actors! They ALLLLLL GOT MY ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY! If 4 & 5 & so on don’t come out I’m DONE with Netflix so deadA**! They do that chit all the time! Start something & leave🤬! This Movie series is GREAT AF TO ME. I actually think they should have made it into soooo many littler episodes with more intimate stuff. But they can always do “back tracks” in future scenes too. Idk I’m appalled at a few of the review opinions.. yall asking for way tooo much off rip. RELAX & give a great rebutt. They can always twist in a few yrs worth if the writers want to! But I know I’m Ready for any & all of em!!! ❣️❣️❣️

  36. I’d watch Morrone doing anything or nothing. These movies have great chemistry, hot sex, chiseled actors, twists at the ends, good soundtracks, and pretty scenery. What’s not to like. Won’t win an Academy Award. Not supposed to. For what it is, it couldn’t be better. Keep making them.

  37. Do you know how7ch money the “50 Shades” movies made????
    Same poor and not near the hot sex scenes of 365 movies!
    Laugh and bad mouth all you want….the eye candy was amazing……

  38. I feel the movies got worse as the number grew, there was kinda a plot to the third: Laura figuring out wtf, but otherwise I can agree, I didn’t like how the movie ended because there was no answer which may or may not have another movie. You don’t have to like it but why write a whole rant about it? If you also read into it the author says it’s based on life events she experienced, it’s a probable cause she was involved in something of a similar nature, theatre just spices it up a bit. Something to take into account.

  39. I loved it!! I have been waiting so long, Laura and Massimo HAS TO STAY TOGETHER! It’s a must!! I can’t wait for the next part.

  40. Why did they have to make a scene where the two hot men kiss? There were already questions about them being gay…are they making a lot of money just to have that scene, cause I wouldn’t have done it…very disappointing that they had to throw that in there. Yuck!
    And Laura…hello…she’s the one who ended up cheating. I have no respect for her. She’s married! No excuse!

  41. Watched the movie last night. Didn’t know it was released on Netflix. Patiently waited for the story to start, but it never did. Where was Massimo through half the movie? Why was the whole movie about Laura, and her friend, running from country to country? It seemed there was no plot to follow. The question of whether Laura and Massimo would get back together was never answered. The ending was puzzling. There needs to be a fourth movie to tie up all the loose ends.

  42. My friend who ask you ?Nobody .You don’t have to watch it .Me always enjoy the 365 days movies.Acting like everything have to be the way you want.Some many movies you can watch you pick that one to complain. If something is wrong with you seeing those 3 on your screen just say.People that get it get it and will still want to watch the movie more than once.Netflix ,apple tv ,Disney.Stop complaining about it .Let’s me enjoy the movie in peace

  43. No offense, but if you are that opposed to the movie franchise, maybe move along instead of taking the time and effort to talk badly about it. I personally actually like, it and I hope they make a fourth one to show more of how it ended in the books.

  44. Loved it! The Next Day and keep 4 coming. Align it with the book and gives us a good ending. Nacho and Laura should have their time.Follow her heart for clean start and healthy relationship.

  45. First of all to the person who wrote this… it’s ur opinion. Don’t think that everyone feels the same. I really like part 1 and the 3rd and can’t wait for the 4th to come out… all of y’all who want the happily ever after go watch Disney… I felt like part 2 was rushed. But part 3 gave it life again. I hope she chooses Massimo “her husband “ because otherwise she’ll be labeled.

  46. I agree, don’t put yourself through the torment. If it is just that difficult. I have nothing against Massimo, but he is controlling, hovering, and don’t allow Lari much room to breathe. You can see the fear she has with him. The need for his cocaine and habitual drinking is evident want stop. He has no sense of adventure. Nacho, gives her that organic friendship, freedom, sense of adventure, sensualness, romanand protection.

  47. Disappointed that Massimo and Nacho kissed in Laura’s dream. That made no sense whatsoever. The ending leaves another cliffhanger. Who will choose?

  48. I hope installment 4 aligns with the book and leads her to follow heart with Nacho. This day, showed displayed his true character and love for Laura. He spared Massimo life. Not for he is own needs. He put hers before him. She is allowed choices and free autonomy with Nacho.
    I believe, the third movie depleted a lot of good parts out from of the book. Mainly, because a lot of viewers, kept complaining on how the author should not interpret the story with original ending. So we left with a confusing triangle and cliffhanger. Nothing on her decisions. Massimo, has a lot of work to do. He has conditional controlled marriage. Just being good at sex, want cut it only.

  49. It’s not the Movie anymore it’s just a Peace of Porn 🙃
    First part is the best one 🫡❤️

  50. I immensely enjoyed it and rooting for Nacho. In movie 4, if it is one. He aligns up with what kind of man she deserves not overbearing, hovering, addictive to cocaine.Her mother, outlined it perfect on what she needs in a man. Massimo, loses it the minute he cannot control someone or feel they disobeyed him. Nacho, is not perfect, but she fell in love with him. Because he has adventure, organic love, and sensualness. Massimo, set up Lari ex-boyfriend in 365. He was infatuated with arm candy and sex.

  51. I agree, other people should not put themselves through the torment. If you cannot find anything engaging. However, I hope the author align movie 4 if one, more with the book. It seems, she lived more carefree with Nacho, in atmosphere she really enjoyed. I hope it is a 4th scene. Allow, Massimo to have a happy ending just focusing on his business and rehabilitation. Possibly, another woman to match his personality. He is too overbearing. I have nothing against Massimo, but he is controlling, hovering, and don’t allow Lari much room to breathe. You can see the fear, she has with him when going somewhere. Only seems to be pleased when banging or sucking. The need for his cocaine, call girls around, and habitual drinking is evident and not ready to refrain. He has no sense of adventure at all. Just know how to have hard sex and make demands. Nacho, seems to gives her that friendship, sense of autonomy, partnership, freedom, sense of adventure, sensualness, gentleness, protection. Probably, why she fell in love with him. I like Nacho, and hope she and the author follow the book and Lari heart with her happy ending deserved. They have chemistry.

  52. I loved 1 and 2. 3 fail off a little, with Laura coming back to fall in love with Nacho. I really hope she decides to work things out with Massimo. I hope it doesn’t take too long for the next sequence.

  53. I really lost my interest in the entire storyline after she fell in love with nacho. Massimo loves her unconditionally and Nacho lied to her from the beginning. I feel as if the writer is sick as well because, most people want to see a happily ever after and I feel that Laura and massimo could have that I really wish they would kill nacho.

  54. Thank God for handsome Italian men…. If it wasn’t for the attractiveness and chiseled bodies of those men. NO woman wouldn’t bother to watch. The story line and acting is horrific and now is just a step above trashy porn. Please enough of this. Michele Morrone can move on with ease as women will watch him no matter what. Simone Susanna also the polish women and writer need to stay in Poland Watch with out your fantasies women and you’ll see how horrific this has been

  55. I have been counting the days for The Next 365 Days to come out. I loved the move! I want a 4th movie Please but The 1st Movie is my Favorite!! I love the saying baby girl are you back or baby girl are you lost.

  56. This is indeed the worst of the 3 don’t even know why we need to have part 4. The movie has more music than acting,the story line is missing please don’t make another movie the first part was the best and should be the last.full 🛑

  57. So disappointing, especially the Massimo-Nacho threesome. At the end you are still left wondering about their relationship and if there is another movie.

  58. This 3rd one was ok yes i could be better the first two were much better yes some of the acting is horrible but is a polish movie. And for the end of this 3rd one i was just why not make it longer and end on the 3rd and not make another one ( i feel is going to be a 4th one ) maybe is going to be a love triangle 😂 who knows

  59. I enjoyed it. The first two were better but they drew this one out for a 4th. It’s a polish move with foreign actors so dialogs are a bit off. Not for everyone but I still loved it and the love story triangle.

  60. This was by far the worse. Acting was awful except for Massimo. Laura needs to stick to modeling or whatever she does. Not a good actress at all. Leave this at 3. Don’t do a 4th movie. I can’t see how it can get better. Enough! Miki move on. You are very talented. There are other roles for you. You have so much going on for you.

  61. worst part …..i just want laura and massimo together but why they make it with nacho…..i dont like the part and ending….i hope if they will make 4th part make laura and massmio love together and plz be real nacho always be a negative role so plz dont make laura love to nacho…and bring back massimo laura together…..then only 4 th part will work.

  62. LOVE ❤️..first one was my favorite, second was even better but third could have been better lacked substance but will keep watching as long as they keep making them. Massimo will always be my favorite and hope she picks him. We didn’t get to have a fulfilling ending as we don’t know who she chooses and we didn’t even see Olga get married either. Hope there is a 4th. To all the people to hate these movies instead of complaining they are being made and aired maybe just a thought stop watching them or don’t watch them to begin with. There are a lot of fans who do love these and want to continue to see what happens.

  63. I think the 1st movie was the best. If the first movie had ended with Laura dying i would be happy. Massimo worked hard for Laura and he got her. They had a beautiful love story which I loved. What did Nacho do??? The movie tried so hard to bring Nacho as a third person and left Massimo out in the cold. Truth is Nacho was never relevant and he should have stayed that way. I stopped watching 52 minutes into the movie. I couldn’t take the sex scenes they were too much at every 2 minutes or Lauras attitude she was acting very weirdly with little smirk’s and her eyes i didn’t understand her character this time. They can keep their movies I am done.

  64. So part 3 lacked so much no dialogue lots of mediocre plots Massimo and Laura had great chemistry in the first movie he was an alpha male but in two n three he’s missing that power he appears weak it’s like they want to force the audience to hate him in order to create room for nacho which sorry but it’s going to be Massimo to the end he saw the girl first went for it he should win nacho saw his weakness played got in between destroyed their relationship he shouldn’t be rewarded for that Massimo to the end he has the badboy thing going for him

  65. I just watched the 365 days movie part 3. It was a mediocre film with no character developments. No real plot or any twists and turns!
    The acting was mediocre and so many more songs to listen to . I just wish it there was more dialogue between the main characters.
    Some of the sex scenes were unnecessary particularly the one showing Laura’s assistant being snagged near a table but on the whole, the sex scenes were tastefully done.
    Mikky and Ama kept talking about a scene which would leave us speechless. It they were referring to the 3 way between Laura, Massimo and Nacho, it was funny and gross at the same time. Both men were kissing both her non existent tits and then each other!
    I thought to my self, is that it? Is that the best you got?
    I was expecting a lot of blood and gore with her pooch being killed but that did not happen. It steered very far from the book!
    The acting was mediocre. I would love to see Michele Morrone playing a character in a different genre as I feel his talents were wasted in this film!
    I also feel this .movie will type cast all 3 actors and it will be difficult to get work in different genres.
    The ending did not draw on any conclusion. So you’ll still be wondering who Laura chose in the end Massimo and Nacho?
    I guess there will be a 4 instalment!

  66. I love Mossimo’s character in the books and also in the films. I agree the ménage à trois is gross. Also Laura’s character annoys me both in books and films I didn’t like the fact that she chooses her kidnapper who eventually unintentionally kills her baby over the baby’s father. I also don’t like Nacho, although there’s always a villain or villains in books and films I don’t think they choose the right actor in my opinion. Also the writers veer’s off the books dramatically. Anyways good or bad Massimo is the best and Michele Morrone was the best and match Mossimo to the T.

  67. The 3rd movie was awful especially the 3 WAY!! The dialogue was not great and the acting even worse. Hopefully Laura and Massimo will end up together. But the producers really needs to come up something great for this movie to end well.

  68. Well the next 365 day didn’t do it for me. Out of the three instalments I only enjoyed the first one. No dialogue what so ever just more sex. I love massimo and Laura , I just wished they could have communicated more.

  69. It was Good ofc jus like the other 2. anyone who say it’s not good are obviously men or lesbians 😭😭 cuz these are all way good.

  70. I didn’t care for the 3-way, didn’t think it was necessary. Some of the dialogue was cheesy. I don’t care for Nacho and his name is well…silly.
    But, I do enjoy the movies and I hope there is a fourth.
    I choose Massimo….. yum!

  71. I loved it, and am hoping for a 4th movie!!! The music was great and Michele Morrone song Angels was great! I am team Massimo all the way!!!!!!

  72. It was supposed to be awesome but nachos ruined it, same thing no change in character, just a married woman cheating on her doting husband that’s terrible.

  73. I ❤️ 1,2 and 3! I can’t wait to see who she chooses! If it was me, I wouldn’t know what to do either! But I would have to choose Massino. Because he loved he just by seeing her face when he was shot in the first one! I love these movies that girl looses guy and guy fight to get her back. It is just like 50 Shades! Come on part 4……..I’m ready!

  74. I think it was worst than part 2. I think I will just stick with the books. Too much sex and no real plot.

  75. What do you mean NO PLOT??? Are you educated to make such a statement on social media on the first site on google?? The plot was clear, but given everyone had a problem with “ gangsters and Mofia gangs they put in nacho to a vanilla/ gangster/ trying to get away from gangster family roots role! How can you say no plot! The ending was offal if they didn’t make a part 4 I agree this movie ending was very poor and very unprofessional! If they plan on making the 4th movie I think the 3rd movie was perfect! I think they should end it with her and nacho like the book, but regardless they have to make another movie to not have angered fans that ending was offal for a final ending.

  76. This one sucked. I was very disappointed in the awful conversations (if you can call it that), lackluster sex scenes (good lord that dream 3 way was AWFUL) and absolutely no plot at all. Good lord, 2 hours I will never get back!

  77. The next 365 days is pure mediocre..I really looked forward to it but it just disappointed me..anyway team massimo laura all the way

  78. I was very disappointed it was completely flat lined they should have not let Nachos prolong till almost the end of the movie. If it’s the last of the sequel atleast let us know if she chose Nacho or Massimo not leaving us hanging like this I’m rather disappointed

  79. What do you mean there wasn’t a plot a plot was that Laura had a decide and go away to decide which one of them then she was going to go to there was a plot I liked it except for when those two girls are acting like children when they found out they’re going to that wherever I forgot but yeah maximum or whatever his name is was wasn’t even in the movie that much I’d give it an 8 out of 10 only because once again at the end you don’t know she stayed with him or not

  80. Stop player hate ting on the 365 days movies 🎬 cause all of them so far is the bomb and so are the books I’m waiting for the 3rd one to come in the mail box right now.

  81. I noticed that it is all the men that did not like this movie and that is because by far they cannot make love like Nacho or Massimo!!
    I am for Massimo all the way.

  82. This movie left me wanting more just like the other movies movies if someone thinks that this had no plot they’re brainless. There was a plot that was meaningful there was love there was heartbreak there was secrets . So much more needed to be told. Really they need to put in another movie.

  83. NEED-PART-FOUR!!! I love it and my girlsquad too!!! I was counting the days until part three was released and was not disappointed at all.*refreshes browser for updates on part 4*

  84. I disagree. This Day was by far the worst of the 3; no plot, no dialogue, no sense, just sex.
    365 Another Day is a little better but not much. The 3-way with Laura, Massimo and Nacho was just plain gross!!!!!
    The female actress, (if you can call her that) Laura will not have a career

  85. I loved it, I don’t care what other peoples opinions of the is movie I like what I like and I don’t go off of other peoples judgements of it! I would so love a 4th one!

  86. So enjoyed it I’m praying for a 4th installment to this movie. And praying that massimo and Lara work things out and stay together.

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