The Next 365 Days Ending Explained – Does Laura get her happily-ever-after?

The Next 365 Days Plot Synopsis

After the shooting, an uneasy truce is agreed between the two sides. Massimo is angry after the death of his brother and tells his rivals to leave. Adriano is dead while Laura is alive.

In fact, Laura has fully recovered from her gunshot wound last movie, and beyond a few mentions it’s never brought up again. Laura and Massimo’s relationship is on the rocks, so the former decides to get back into the swing of her career. As she starts to dive into the world of fashion again, Nacho returns and causes Laura to feel conflicted.

What will Laura choose to do? Does she stay with the abusive, controlling, toxic Massimo or does she move across to dating rival gangster Nacho? Or maybe she should just sail away from these toxic men and strike out on her own? Decisions, decisions!

Does Nacho confess his love to Laura?

He does, yes! Nacho eventually catches up with Laura after she tries avoiding him and encourages her to take a drive. Eventually, the pair start kissing. When they break away, Nacho tells her: “I think I’m in love with you.”

After driving her home, Nacho tells Laura: “You can run away from me… but you can’t run away from how you feel.”  Nacho respects her enough to give the young woman time to contemplate whether to divorce Massimo or not. Just to add weight to the argument though, Nacho reveals that when Anna shot her instead of Massimo, she tried to shoot her husband but Nacho intervened.

Nacho refused to allow Massimo to be killed and shot Anna dead. Nacho saved Massimo’s life because Laura loves him and didn’t want her to suffer. He wants her to want to be with him because it’s what she wants rather than being thrown into that situation.

Does Massimo find out what Laura’s been up to?

After spending time with her folks, Laura receives a call from Olga. She’s flustered, as it turns out Massimo knows everything between her and Nacho. Olga overheard Nacho talking to Domenico, and in particular snippets of their conversation. He’s threatened to kill them.

Laura refuses to hide from her husband and decides to come back and confront him. At the airport though, Nacho sneaks in and pretends to be Laura’s driver. He drives her home, admitting he could get in trouble for crossing the territory, given the earlier truce made between the two sides.

On the way, Nacho admits that since meeting Laura he’s not been able to stop thinking of her. He lavishes praise on her, admitting he’ll do anything for her and will wait – even forever – if that’s what it takes.

How does The Next 365 Days end?

Down on the beach, Laura and Massimo talk. Massimo tells her he didn’t want the time between them to be bad, especially her dealing with the loss of their baby alone.

Massimo admits that he’s known about Nacho for a long time but didn’t say anything. Massimo has been driven by a quote his father used to read to him. He didn’t understand it back then but he does now.

It goes: “If you really love something just let it go. If it comes back, it’ll be yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be.” When Massimo asks if Laura is back with him… we don’t get an answer. Instead, they both just look at each other as we fade to black.

Will Laura choose Nacho or Massimo?

Well, that is the question isn’t it? On the one hand, Nacho has been supportive of Laura’s journey and clearly wants what’s best for her. However, he also lied about his history and he’s a rival gangster which complicates matters further.

Meanwhile, Massimo is controlling, toxic and bad news – and has been since the first movie. In an ideal world, Laura will choose neither and head off into the sunset alone but if we’d have to wager a guess over who she chooses, surely it’ll be Nacho.

This choice could then spark up a big gang war before seeing Nacho as a blood-lusting villain and jumping back to Massimo again. Unfortunately, we’re not going to get any answers in this movie so I guess we’ll have to wait and see what’s in store for us next in this ongoing franchise!


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68 thoughts on “The Next 365 Days Ending Explained – Does Laura get her happily-ever-after?”

  1. Team Massimo
    I now understand how other women are real whores nommater what you give them in this life . Laura is an ungrateful whore. She is given anything. Her character really got to me, it hurts what she did. You are given everything, you lie about the baby yet she does not work it out with Massimo or go through the emotions together. She cant wait like a loving wife would, Massimo waited for her when she was recovering both physically and emotionally. She’s heartbreaking and selfish self centered. I couldnt even watch the sex scenes with Nacho its pathetic and its dirty.. I would cringe everytime. If she wants to go.. Best let her go.. Good riddance to bad rubbish! She should have stayed with Massimo… Be loyal for once.

  2. I enjoyed all 3 movies. I read all the books and when you are writing for a movie things get left out or added in. Both men played their parts. just imagine being kidnapped and held by a man obsessed with you. I seen this played out in real life with a friend. It’s toxic, exciting, invigorating, and erotic. It’s also tempting to experience it as she did unfortunately there was no nacho for her to gravitate to. Read the books trust me they are worth it. Just imagine 3 movies with people that never acted before. I think they did an amazing job with the script they had. The music fit each area of what was happening in the movie. Personally, for me, if I was being honest I would like a man that has a bit of Nacho and Massimo. Just imagine all the excitement, passion, experience you would have… Just saying ladies that I would love a bit of both… 🙂

  3. Team Massimo all the way! Please we need a 4th movie and Laura needs to stay with her husband! Don’t get me wrong both men are hot and sexy but Massimo and Laura are married! It needs to stay that way!

  4. Massimo or Nacho! Lets get into it….I’ll say I like this trilogy however there is a lot to unwrap when it comes to the relationship between the 2 men and Laura! I am team Nacho all the way and at first glance maybe would have been Massimo, but what I think is really being over looked in a nutshell, is that Nacho is actually the better choice for Laura as she clearly chose her happiness. First off after watching her for sometime Massimo drugs and kidnaps Laura, not even realizing that she had a heart condition (he could have killed the women he claimed to love) and once he has her he shows her pictures of her current mate having ex with another women. He then tells her a story of his so called love which is really an obsession for her and that he is giving her 365 days to fall in love with him ummmm NOPE. He is not loving and gentle with her at all, he is very aggressive, he pushes her up against walls into chairs and onto beds. He tells her that he won’t do anything she doesn’t want him to do unless she says its ok and he ends up going back on that as soon as she decides she doesn’t want to go along with his plans. He goes down her pants without her consent. Now the movie does a great job of glossing over these facts by Massimo showering her with all the material things a women could ever want and portraying Laura as this disobedient person, but she is in captivity…how do you expect her to act? He does not allow her contact with her friends and family until he feels sure she will go along with his plan, but this is only after he buys her. Honestly I believe Laura developed Stockholm syndrome, after all it wasn’t like she was in a dungeon, she was surrounded by beauty and beautiful things all the time and I can’t forget good food, and seemingly good people. So she develops feelings for Massimo and they start a relationship, but its still controlled heavily by Massimo. What they do have is a hell of a fantasy sex life. I do feel that Massimo does try to love Laura in the way that he knows how, he sends her home to visit with her family, he gifts her a clothing company because she states she doesn’t like doing nothing, he also allows her best friend, mother and father to attend their wedding, but the foundation was all wrong. Control, insanity, dishonesty and fear played a big part in their demise. In the first movie Laura finds out about Anna the jealous ex who wants to kill her, shortly after he finally sends her home after sexing her up real good to visit with her family, he later joins her and they get engaged, he meets the family, Laura becomes pregnant he doesn’t know she never told him but by the end Laura is killed….so we think. In the second movie Laura is not dead they go on to get married she finds out about the brother, but there’s a twist. Laura gives her all to Massimo but he does not do they same. In the second movie his dishonesty catches up with him because Laura catches what seems to be her husband screwing his ex Anna in their hotel room that they had while attending one of their business events, all along its his twin brother and jealous ex. This is where team Nacho comes in. After assuming that Massimo has cheated, Nacho shows up to take Laura away at her request. Their initial meeting was him introducing himself as her “gardener” (lie) which Massimo hired but at this time Nacho was only there for his fathers interest not to creep in on another mans wife. Under the assumption that Massimo had actually cheated she found friendship and comfort in Nacho, but during her time they both fell in love with each other. I am team Nacho because although he was doing what he was asked of his father( which Laura didn’t know, and his info was limited as well) he was kind to Laura. He allowed her a safe space to deal with what was happening in her marriage. Nacho took great care of her, he cooked for her and continuously provided a safe space, he listened to her. They became best friends. He did things to make her feel good. Ultimately to me Nacho showed what a man should really be like. Once everything started to unfold he never lied to Laura, he told her the truth and whenever she asked him something he was honest, He truly loved her, despite the fact that he had fallen in love with her, he respected her wishes to go back to her husband and work things out. Although not Laura husband nor boyfriend, in his position he was a true protector of her he killed the women (Anna, Massimo’s ex) that killed Laura and Massimo’s baby and ultimately tried to kill her and if he was such a horrible person or a con he could’ve just killed Massimo and tried to get Laura but he didn’t. In the 3rd movie we are seeing Laura struggle with her love for Nacho and her uncertainty for saving her marriage. We are left hanging with both men expressing their feelings to Laura and her having to choose between the 2. Nacho again risked his life to tell Laura that when they first met he didn’t fall in love at first sight he developed feelings for her because of her natural qualities….the way she squints her eyes, her stubbornness, the way she sleeps or brushes her teeth and raises one leg. You never hear Massimo say these things about Laura. Not to mention Laura was having erotic dreams about Nacho while she was with him before they ever did anything. Also while she was back with Massimo. And might I add since I am team Nacho everyone is so hyped up on her and Massimo but the way Nacho and Laura look at each other their chemistry is unmatched. The way he is so gentle with her and how she was so into their lovemaking it was so much more passionate and giving. They were one with each other. Nacho made Laura feel truly free and safe. He made every inch of her smile! Massimo did express his feelings as well, how being with Laura showed him what he wanted for himself and how he recognized that she had found love by a parable that his father taught him as a child, with hopes maybe that she will choose him and they can save their marriage. There are plenty clues that she choose Nacho and I hope they do another movie so we can see it plays out on screen! Waiting on the 4th movie the excitement is real!

  5. If u think of book its ok to choose nacho but movie is completely different , where massimo not like bad guy or abusive , they shown him protective caring bcz the incident happen with laura , he keep try to track her otherwise masimo gave her all freedome , gave her company , gave her space everything , still laura went to nacho just bcz he cared her in difficult time which was planned by his father and nacho!!she just physically attracted toward nacho as they shown in movie with gardening scene and then after she got wet dreams but she all the way find a sex sex and sex that why she thought she is in love but the reality is she only love massimo bcz she was still thinking about massimo at nacho’s house during movie on bed , as there was nothing in laura’s life massimo kept her for 365 days and then she loved him but in nacho’s scenario the was broken and thats why she thought she is in love but the problem was she is excited and she want her body satisfied , but real love is massimo and at the end massimo leave her with option of her choice and let her go even after he knew everything that what showing massimo is good guy and aura should choose him over nacho as this is matter of love trust sacrifice family etc chope so…her mother ask her to identify her satisfaction and tell not to be his men’s wife but that was wrong advice , and she should respect her husband love and care about her and she should take care in hard time bcz it was hard time for massimo to…
    I think they should show bad side of nacho or massimo in next part so that its easy for laura to choose someone
    But i prefer laura with massimo and again the problem creator was laura not massimo , yeah bcz of massimo rival laura had to suffer but relationship was broken bcz of laura not massimo in film

  6. She should choose masimo over a nacho as fact showing in movie is completely different from book….massimo is not toxic or abusive , he is caring and protective , they already passed through 2 accident and thats why massimo track her every time , but nacho is in opposite party so he knows nothing gonna happen to laura and thats why he giving freedome but laura didnt understand the condition of massimo and she cheated 2 time massimo , laura showing in movie is confusing , while massimo is clear , he truely loves laura , nacho is also caring and loving and thing is laura choosed nacho over masimo in film , but at the end the knew massimo was sacrifying for her and i think that make sense of living laura with massimo forever , bcz she got married with him they had child and i think she can love nacho but she should choose to stay with massimo and they also love each other
    Bcz in 2nd part they showed when laura was in nacho’s house she were crying and she told , i remembering massimo and she love him
    Thats all

  7. Don’t you think Laura would’ve asked more questions about gangster life? At least take interest in the mansion, walk/look around it? Ask about her portrait, where did he get it?
    Are these explained in the books?

  8. I absolutely hate Nacho. Literally fast forwarded every seen he was in. I cringe when I hear him talk. He is so boring and they absolutely have no chemistry between them. Massimo and Laura have such chemistry together is unbelievable. Felt sick to my stomach when she cheated on him with Nacho. Was so trashy to do that. Considering Massimo’s personality for him to forgive her for it shows how deeply he loves her. Was so disappointed with the ending of the movie. Not knowing. In my mind I imagine she picks Massimo because that ending makes me happy. If netflix makes a 4th movie and she winds up with Nacho like in the book it will ruin the whole movie.

  9. Oh I wish she ends with m he truly loves her I’ve watched this movie over and over again hurry with a 4th one I can’t stand it not knowing

  10. Finally watched the 365 movies and I hate how they’ve left each movie as a hang. I mean if I were to take a gamble; Lari would remain with Massimo with conditions. I love this character for her fighting spirit and how she tames a very dominate massimo over time. She’s f course she’s his weakness but she’d be Nachos as well. They both love her in their ways. Massimo sexy and fulfills her inner most sexual fantasies and desires to the fullest Nacho sexy and fulfills the side of Lari desiring love, friendship, compassion etc. she can’t get that at all with Massimo she’s tried over and over and can’t. So he doesn’t complete her. Yeah she stepped out on her husband with Nacho but c’mon Massimo stepped out on his wife by the mere touching of another woman. He’s a playboy. I love love love Lari!!! I’m team Lari all the way. She’s better off with NEITHER but perfect with Nacho. Sexual fantasies filled by Massimo and nothing more there’s no love there just LUST!

  11. Team Mossimo all the way…. How could she cheat on him just because he’s upset with her for lying to him I don’t respect her for going out side of their marriage

  12. this laura character is jus selfish, selfcentred as long as what she wants happens she doesnt care about massimo who loves and adores her, he has given her all the time, space yet she cheats on him and goes ahead to blame him.. if another part comes up get another person for massimo

  13. Massimo needs to get a new woman that is rock steady. Laura flips & flops back and forth. If I was a man I would give her to Nacho and walk away. Tyler them take each other out.

  14. OMG… Thought Laura was look for true love… It’s seems like she look for fu…. more than the love. On part 1 & 2, thought how sincere she was look for love… those who cheating are disqualified talk about love… Real love won’t let you do that… Should disconnect the first one at first, don’t do dirty thing behind someone who throughly love you… Please respect about love… please choose the second one… If you throughly love the 1st one…. Second one doesn’t exist…

  15. First I watched the movies, then I read the books. Either way, I’m Team Nacho.
    In an ideal world, she would not choose either of them, because in the book Nacho is also a mobster (in the book he is the head of the family, because his father is killed). The books are much better than the movies, and the third part of the book is my favorite by far. And Nacho (if we exclude the fact that he is a mobster) is a prince from a fairy tale and every woman’s dream. I’m sorry that the movies didn’t show his tender side more.
    In the books, he didn’t want to sleep with Laura, until she asked for a divorce from Massimo. In contrast, Massimo is dark, egocentric and selfish. In the movies, he is portrayed completely differently, and frankly, the movie doesn’t show even a fraction of his dark side. In the movies he changed because of Laura, in the book he didn’t. Actually he is, but in the end it turns out that he was just pretending to get what he wanted. Laura is his whim, his obsession. And to be honest, his character in the third book is a typical evil villain, and in the end I really got sick of him.
    Honestly, it would be fantastic if there was a fourth movie, because realistically the third part only showed a small part of the third book.

  16. Man this series, I never read the books, but way better than 50 shades of grey but definitely similarities.
    In this I think Laura and Massimo do love each other, in time. I mean I couldn’t love my kidnapper that’s rich, gangster, sexy AF and infatuated with me for years. After loosing the baby and the way he felt it was heartbreaking especially how he found out. Then then going separate ways for a while and him realizing she dealt with that pain alone to save him from a war was so heart felt.
    Now Nacho, he’s simple man with money to but he’s not hungry for power as Massimo is and wants to live without the drama as his father wishes. His character brought balance into Laura’s life.
    I hope she gets pregnant and its a case who the baby daddy and then she goes from there but that won’t happen.
    I hear she chooses Nacho in the book but if so it’s passion with them.
    The whole twin thing I wish lasted longer but maybe in books it does.
    The Sex scenes yes we’re porn worthy…hot steamy, which was hot to watch. Especially these two men. Damn I wish I was Laura.
    In my heart I’d love to see Massimo win but a man like nacho is one of a kind.

  17. This movie is all about erotica people. May as well get over and forget about there being a real story line, plot depth, or character development. The entire movie is based off her image, Mass SEES her on the beach through binoculars lol! Watch it for the erotica, not the story line. She is a weak female victim character, modern day Cinderella gone Mafia story maybe?….”Huge, tall, buff, rich, drug lord, murderers, PLEASE save teenie tiny, itty bitty, baby girl, ME!!”. Lol!

  18. Personally, I like Nacho much, much more.
    Yes, he wasn’t honest at the beginning, but he wasn’t in love with her then either, as he tells her in the third part. But as he got to know her, that changed. I think he knows her much better than Massimo , and that they spent much more quality time together. He doesn’t want to keep her as a trophy, he wants to travel the world with her. She is much happier, more open and smiling with him. In general, I like them better together… And the way he just looks at her…
    As for Massimo, he has been obsessed with her since the beginning. No one can tell me that it was about love, because in reality he didn’t even know her. Obsession and physical attraction. The only part, in my opinion, when he proves that he loves her (in all three films) is the very end when he lets her decide who she will stay with. But honestly, Nacho does the same thing, much earlier, in the second part, when he saves Massimo’s life, because he knows that Laura loves him, even then he gave her the possibility to choose, even if her choice was Massimo himself.
    So I think his love is more sincere and real.
    By the way, I honestly think that she chooses Nacho at the end (I know that in the book he is her choice, but I think he is in the movie as well). The scene at the end of the movie, when Laura comes to the beach, she plays with Nacho’s necklace, if she hadn’t made a decision, they wouldn’t have included that little detail in the movie.

  19. Massimo, every single time. Laura is, insane even looking at Nacho.. Why doesn’t Massimo just shoot Nacho.. It’s strange seeing a Don take so much shit.

  20. I would love to see Laura with nacho in the end! I feel that Massimo will continue his controlling abusive ways and will leave her with no choice but to divorce. Massimo is very toxic and his narcissistic ways have ruined any true love they had.

  21. First of all Nacho grosses me out,and what the fuck Laura.we all expected massimo to cheat but he loves her too much he couldn’t.Laura really disappointed me when she slept with Nacho.i don’t think Nacho is being honest and is just trying to use her against Massimo.
    Waiting for the 4th part,hopefully home girl gets her shit together and gets back with her husband.their chemistry is amazing.

  22. I would definitely want them to make a 4th one!! can’t leave us hanging..we’re excited to see what will happen Next!!

  23. I think #4 will be a plot: Laura will be pregnant and won’t no who the daddy is. Massimo’s hurt about loosing his child. Everything will point to nacho, but in the end it will be Massimo’s child. #3 made Laura more like a whore, sleeping from one man to the next one. She think she can run from Massimo to nacho to big gansters, where is the difference.

  24. I definitely hope there is a #4. Another cliffhanger! Not fair. Just have an ending that will show who she ends up with. I really enjoyed 1,2 &3, but not at all with the ending.

  25. Why would she even get back with him when she eventually knows it was his twin brother?
    She’s the cheat here, and to cap it all, the one she cheated on was an enemy of her husband, shouldn’t that make it more glaring that the love lines and gimmicks are nothing but strategies
    She got to find out that max knew and still didn’t do anything to jeopardize her safety. He was patient enough to see if she’d come back to him..come to think of it, sex can’t keep a relationship, reason been that, you won’t derive the same satisfaction everytime
    Laura would be gullible to leave max for a strategic love connection .
    I believe she’ll know better tho

  26. Here’s the thing it HAS to be Massimo. Think about it. Yes Massimo is “toxic” “temperamental” and “crazy”… And nacho is “kind”… The most important thing to remember is technically factually speaking they BOTH kidnapped Laura. The difference is Massimo had the balls to blatantly admit he kidnapped her and tell her his exact plan for her to fall in love with him within 365 days. Whereas nacho kidnapped her and lied to her the whole time. He saw her pain he knew absolutely everything the whole time and he used that as leverage against her without her having a clue! Massimo never once lied to Laura and used it as leverage seeing her in the slightest bit of pain tore him to shreds! Nacho is actually the toxic narcissistic one and Massimo has treated her like a queen from the very start.

  27. Well this movie explains both men Massimo and Nacho who are madly involve with Laura but both men has different altitudes Massimo is a temperamental person but nice while Nacho is cool, supportive.
    If I were to be Laura I did go for Massimo because he truly loves her and will do anything for her. Nacho only likes Laura but Massimo truly loves her.
    Next part they should act that Nacho was lying along and she eventually got married to Massimo on Laura’s birthday and then Nacho got someone he was dating, there should be a happy ending.

    Title should be Happily 365days

  28. Yeah we get the erotic sex scenes n everything but it all seems to plain in my opinion.
    How about building on the plot n the Nacho guy 🚮🚮. I don’t see how his character makes the movie any interesting.

  29. Laura really disappointed me in the last 2 movies, made her seemed very desperate for sex. She does not seem like she has any kind of heart problems, if she did had heart problems seems like she would already had a heart attack by now with all that rough sex. I didn’t care for the last 2 movies because Laura’s character become to become a trashy person.

  30. If Laura decides to go with Nacho, it’s definitely her choice but as for me I feel that Nacho is just fake, trying to use Laura as a bait to get Massimo

  31. From most who read the book , they say Laura chose Nacho and had a family with him and that
    Massimo became the bad guy. Heck no, the writer was drunk.
    In my opinio for part 4
    Okay , let Laura choose Nacho yes, then , this will deeply break Massimo since she’s his weakness at times. And then , Nacho will take advantage of this and decide to destroy massimo, where his bad side will show. Which will cause Laura to regret the decision of being with, Nacho.From there she decides
    to protect Massimo whose life is on the age. Which will anger Nacho even more for leaving him that he becomes possessive and dangerous.
    Laura will go back to Massimo and apologize for her mistakes , while the rivalry continues to spark. Massimo will experience an injury which will cause Laura pain and blame herself for his condition. Due to his condition ,while Laura helps him recover and stand by him, their love will begin to blossom once again😁. In the mean time , they’ll find out Laura has being pregnant for a while with Nachos baby, and for that , Nacho will want to take back Laura at any cost. BUT Massimo will protect her and decide to take responsibility of the baby as Nacho will be shot in the war and dies. The sister for Nacho will be visiting the child in the end, as they resolve their enmity. Massimo will learn to be more polite and gentle and spent time with his wife and let her make decisions that supports her life.
    That’s my opinion😁😁

  32. Read the book. She chooses Nacho in the end and leaves the toxic Massimo. Also if anyone was paying attention, they hint at who she chooses. When she walks onto the beach she is wearing Nacho’s necklace and playing with it. They put that in on purpose.

  33. Nacho is there to destroy Massimo family. Lauren hope she gets what she deserves. Massimo hope u find someone else and have beautiful babies. Lauren doesn’t deserve you. Hated last show Massimo love u. Lauren stupid girl

  34. The 1st one was best & 2 & 3 not so much! Whole nacho guy kinda messed it up showed more of him & Laura & he is no better he is in the same as mosimo in the mob & she left him thinking he cheated he didn’t then she does cheat & w/o him & Laura together it was boring & could have not saw the men kiss , made Laura out to be a hypocrite she can cheat he cant

  35. I know it’s just a movie but when you really love someone you don’t run to another man’s arms or whatever the case may be Massimo have loved her from the start he searched for her for 5 years and he gave her all the space she needed the chemistry between the two is just off the charts, the scene between Laura and nacho it doesn’t speak volume and when Laura asked her husband to give her time and space he granted her request, now that’s real love when you wait for somebody knowing that they are lusting over someone else

  36. We need to see Michele Morrone in some more movies without all the baggage of this series…love watching him….didnt care for this one as much as the first one…Laura is too trashy and no to Nacho

  37. I think part ended in a climax after part 2 wasn’t so great. Laura needs to think of herself as women tends to forget about themselves but what she also needs to think about is that Massimo is also hurting coz he also lost a child which she didn’t tell him at all which was wrong of her. Men tends to wonder off when they feel pain most cheat but Massimo thru himself into his work which also wrong as he almost lost Laura as well that wudve broken him altogether. So Laura needs to realise that as well as much as she was hurting he was also. Massimo loves her for her and does not fully know how to show it due to his growing up she can teach him that as the end of part 3 he quotes the words out of a book his father read him and fully understands the meaning and according to those words he reacted which was very big of him even tho he can’t forgive himself Laura must see his pain feel it and share it. A love like theirs are so deeply and rare and the physical connection is beyond. Nacho is more about himself and what he wants and maybe he just want to take Laura away from Massimo as he knows it will weaken him and nacho will take the opportunity to kill Massimo taken over his business and altho sweet charming and seductive but Massimo also has that characteristics he just needs the door to be opened. And in the line of work he is in he can not show weakness and Laura must understand that it’s only to protect his family and the business but he may lower his guards when they are together. Laura needs to get perspective it’s nice having a toy to play with now and then but to have a rock beside u, u can conquer the world and find happiness love and success as 1 while playing with a toy u eventually outgrow and then what. So a lot to ponder on it and u hope Laura will see it that way and maybe finally get pregnant again and giving Massimo what he longs for as he isnt asking for anything except having his wife back in his arms.

  38. I actually loveeee Nacho. I love Massimo
    Too but tbh he did technically kidnap her and hold her hostage to get her to love him. Nacho is sweet and kind, he allows Laura to be independent and I think that is what she loves about him. For ex when she broke the glass and he carried her to the other side of her pool. Now same situation except with Massimo he kinda just left Laura there on the couch to she feel asleep. He was dishonest with her about his brother and his Ex is kinda the reason for some of their issues. It’s been drama after drama and Laura life keeps getting put in jeopardy because of Massimo. Besides him initially lying nacho hasn’t brought any harm to Laura.

  39. It is very clear that Laura is some sort of nyphomaniac. She does’nt choose the time and place as long as she feels of having sex ,she’ll do it no matter what.
    She is an ungratefull b….h. after all the love and pampering massimo had given her, she betrayed and cheated on him with the rival gang. While Massimo resisted the temptation.
    I also believed that Nacho is just using laura to bring down Massimo. It is all planned by Nacho’s father, because he knew that Laura is Massimo’s weakness. Remember what the sister of Nacho said that Nacho is very loyal to his father that is why it is not impossible that he will do what his father asked him.

  40. It must be a 4 part …I would like to see a triangle – Massimo, Laura and Nacho … it will be deliciously erotic… and it will inflame all narrow minds and the pudibonds…it will a be happy-end for everyone …

  41. Read the Book. I was fucken left thinking what the actual!!!!! They have to do a part 4 can’t leave us hanging. I think they focused more on Making Massimo look like a Saint and Nacho like a sinner or vice versa. I was waiting for the Box of shoes scene….was literally screaming when she walked in the Closet…..

  42. I’m so upset with Laura, she runs off and do the exact same thing she thought her husband did and cheat. Nachos is using her to get back at Massimo and she can’t see that. Now she’ll probably end up pregnant and not knowing by who.

  43. let’s see where to begin laura needs to stop acting like a damsel in distress. if you are going to be a mobsters wife act like it. don’t be flaunting your goodies out for the whole public to see. yes loosing their child was devastating, but the two needed to talk about it not brush it off like it didn’t happen just so you can go and jump into bed with someone else or an erotic dancer to make the pain go away. if laura didn’t get pregnant again after as many times as her and nacho had their fornicating act it would surprise me. you want a good plot twist surprise laura has a twin. NOW nacho can have his icing and cake and leave everyone else alone. massimo: he dreamed of laura before he knew her. Just a face in a dream. how does he know that that is the right face he saw. A man with authority,fierceness, a voice that can command your attention with one course of act a hit would have been made on nacho, but out of the respect for his distant laura massimo did not retaliate. massimo kept the piece. massimo deserves to be happy.he lost his mom and dad both at the same time. took on full duty of the family business. yes massimo loves laura but maybe stepping back to look at the big picture of how far he has come will determine his fate with laura. nacho: deceitful, cunning, a ear tickler- tells you what you want to hear so it will look better on him. problem starter, if nacho would have not been at the ball to kick up dirt on massimo laura would have not seen adriano/massimo going to a private room with anna and their marriage would still be intacked. bottom line laura massimo nacho need to get their priorities straight. my opinion laura needs to choose herself since her ex-bf martin treating her like a women with leporsy-not wanting to make love to her bc of a heart condition well hello look at all she has went through WHAT heart condition. so if you make a part 4 make end to fit each character. laura: medical condition, fashion designer, and a sales consultant for luxuriant hotels. massimo: full time mob boss, family trust, high quality entertainment, owner of several resturants and clubs. nacho: surfer, mob bosses son, more bark than bite, takes what is not his, buzzard- sweeps in for left overs

  44. I don’t care for Nacho in this part. I don’t like him and Laura together. Maybe in another movie. What I don’t understand, is what was the point of Nacho and Massimo kissing? I mean really. That was crazy. Also, Laura’s sex scenes are getting a little old. Sorry, just my opinion.

  45. What? Theres no 4th movie??? Omg now we’ll never know but if you really pay attention she says she has to work things out with her husband at the end of the movie. He really loves her and if she chooses nacho shes an idiot!

  46. literally i feel the same
    i fast forward every scene that is connected to nacho, i feel somethin antipathetic about him and i don’t like him at all.
    i think he is so cringey and distrustful, he has been playing with her from the beginning and he knew that she is married, and wow what’s up he is suddenly in love w her, please nacho drop out that bullsh1t

  47. The comments! Lol Team No-one cause the movies are Trash! Lmao Fifty Shades is better than this crap and that’s not saying much.

  48. Team Massimo.
    Laura is definitely no saint he has done everything to make her happy yeah he is a little controlling which so is she. Nacho is not being truthful and Laura is smart enough to figure that out. She’s going to end up pregnant and not knowing who is the father. I was extremely unhappy with the ending of part three.

  49. Team Massimo “ why did nacho confuse Laura “ even If they slept together nacho and her. Fine she got passed it I still think Laura is in love with her husband Massimo 💯💕 wish they’re is a part 4 where Laura chooses her husband Massimo. I truly think Nacho is not saying the complete true..

  50. Am I the only one that fast forwarded Laura and Nacho’s sex scene and even the wet dreams?
    I don’t know but anytime I see her with Nacho makes me cringe. I don’t like Nacho one bit, right from the second movie and now the thought that she slept with him makes me hate Laura so much and wish that Massimo would just divorce her. Laura doesn’t deserve Massimo, let’s be honest. She is not worthy of his love.
    I mean, she ran away thinking he cheated on her and yet she did the exact same thing so willingly *gush I just hate her*
    I ended up calling her a bitch the rest of the movie.

  51. Team Massimo
    I agree with everyone else, something about Nacho I don’t like, and I’m upset she actually slept with him, he messed with her emotions trying to confuse her from the start knowing she is married, Massimo did not do that, he was true to himself and his word of change and growth.
    I’m disappointed that she slept with Nacho but proud of Massimo for his restraint.
    He does need to woe her and remember what he did to win her love and she needs to remember what she loved about him.
    Any way I want to see a 4th & 5th come of this cause it would really suck if it didn’t.

  52. I’m just so confused as to what Laura sees in Nacho…everytime he speaks I cringe.
    Laura needs to talk with her Massimo & give their marriage a real chance because Massimo clearly loves her with every Fibre of him…He clearly is willing to change to make her happy & Nacho is just fatuated with the idea of her.
    I really don’t like the plot of this film we rarely got to see them try to work on their marriage & then basically no conclusion to the story 🤷

  53. Honestly sad to be left wo her decision.
    This is a 3 part story, so fans will never know.
    I loved the films but definitely think it made Laura’s character seem heartless.

  54. Team Massimo all the way, sure he has his faults but who doesn’t and Laura knew this from the get go. I love them together there chemistry is amazing and they love each other. I know she also has feelings for Nacho but she started having them under false pretenses and even though he has come clean I think it was just a fluke because if she had known the truth she would have never been with him she loved her husband. Massimo proved his love with his actions he did nothing after he found out that she had been with Nacho he does truly love her. I hope we see a fourth movie and they are reunited because after all they are what the 365 Days movie is about.

  55. Team Massimo all the way Nacho is just gross let there be a rainbow for Lara and Massimo.
    Massimo is one fine specimen of a man.

  56. I hope Laura should stay with her husband and not his rival.
    Her husband lives her,Nacho does not love her, but wants her because her husband’s love is real and she is his weaknesses.
    Nacho would not “save” her from drowning.
    Nacho is not do anything for Laura. He want to use Laura to bring Massimo for his daddy. He does not love Laura like
    Massimo. I want Laura to stay with her husband. Nachos is her husband’s rival and is using her to defeat her husband.

    Massimo’s love is real and Nachos’ love is not!

  57. Team Massimo. Him and Laura are so hot on screen with lots of chemistry. There’s just something about Nacho that I’m not feeling. I think when he gets bored of her he’s going to treat her like crap.

  58. I love the movie’s and the music. The two guys can fight over me any time they want I would be more then happy. I liked the ending because now they can make another one to finish it.

  59. I am team Massimo and nacho needs to let Laura, Massimo work on there marriage because that is the love story for 365 dni..

  60. Laura and Massimo on screen are the real deal power couple! As long and hard as he worked to find and win her heart he truly loves her & she him. She’s just real confused right now!! Nacho is infatuated with her because she’s a beautiful challenge for him. Massimo is a passionate man not abusive or toxic and their love making scenes are absolutely amazing…Watching Nacho & Laura together is cute but boring no chemistry at all! If she leaves Max that may as well be the end of the 365 Movies franchise !!!!!!
    Team Massimo/ Laura

  61. There should be another movie where Nacho shows his bad side and Massimo wins Laura back. That would be a good ending to me. She fell in love with Massimo the way he was. Marriage is work. Everything looks greener on the other side. Her and Massimo need to appreciate and work on their marriage.

  62. I would think she did not marry max and suffer the loss of their child just to get with nacho. They have not given there
    Marriage a chance so much confusion and lies that they are losing there way. Nacho does not love her like her husband. Nacho lied from day one not her husband. He’s not genuine. Nacho laid with her while plotting against her husband and he lied every step of the way. He wants her because he knows she’s married to his rival. I hope she gives Max a chance. He could have killed her and nacho but he didn’t because he loves his wife and wants her to find her way back to him.

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