The Naked Director – Season 2 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Sex Will Come Raining Down

Episode 1 of The Naked Director Season 2 kicks off in 1990 as Muranishi is interviewed about his past. There’s been 1800 adult films released so far and he doesn’t look like stopping any time soon. Interestingly though, both Kaoru and Muranishi have developed a soft spot for one another.

Outside though, changes are afoot across Japan. A politician called Takako rallies the people and tries to turn them to her cause. Only, Muranishi appears with Kaoru on his float, deciding to usurp her and drum up more support for his videos.

However, there’s a problem. Detective Takei shows up through the crowd and takes Muranishi aside, telling him a minor has appeared on one of his videos. This seems to be an honest mistake, especially given how many fake IDs are lurking about, but a bribe changes all that. No sooner has Muranishi been put behind bars, he’s released.

Takei expected this though and takes the man out for dinner. He warns Muranishi to be careful, and with Kawada there too, they take Takei’s warning on the chin.

Muranishi’s investment banker, Mr Honda, strikes gold. He informs the Director of a lucrative project on the horizon – satellite TV. When Muranishi finds out, a hilarious montage ensues of him thinking about the possibilities this could bring.

In order to bring this to fruition however, he needs to convince the CEO of Satellite East, Koichi Umino. Muranishi is convinced this is the future, and tells Kuroki as much later that evening.

The next day, Muranishi meets with Mr Umino. He certainly makes them wait though. When Muranishi takes his initiative, he’s blocked by a wall of businessmen. In fact, he comes crashing down when his 5 billion yen income is scoffed at by Umino, who’s involved with the government and grosses over 300 billion.

Muranishi is angry and decides to buy the private land, determined to try and get into the satellite business himself.

The Episode Review

After a successful first season, The Naked Director wastes absolutely no time storming back on screen. Muranishi has just as much swagger and charisma as he did the first time around, and the entire show does a great job capturing the mood and tone.

With the attention turning to the early 90’s and the rising wave of change on the horizon, The Naked Director looks set to ride that across the 8 episodes.

Both Muranishi and Kaoru are the stars but you can already tell that trouble is brewing on the horizon. Could this see these two separated? We’ll have to wait and see of course. With all of these episodes already up on Netflix, it’s on to the next!

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