The Murderous Scissor Sisters (2024) Docuseries Review – An insight into one of Ireland’s most gruesome murder cases

An insight into one of Ireland’s most gruesome murder cases

On the 30th March 2005, a group of young lads spotted something unusual floating in the waters of the Royal Canal, beneath Ballybough Bridge in Dublin. What they saw looked like part of a body but they initially thought it may have been a piece of a dummy that had been discarded into the waters with the rest of the rubbish that cluttered up the waterway.

What they actually saw was a human leg with a sock still on it. Floating nearby were other pieces of a body that had been dismembered. During the subsequent police investigation, 7 different body parts were discovered but crucially, the head and the penis of the murder victim were missing. 

The Murderous Scissor Sisters, a new docuseries on Prime Video, takes viewers back to that shocking day in Ireland, via interviews with the police officers who investigated the crime, as well as a forensic scientist and news journalists. We also see archival news footage where members of the public express their shock and revulsion at the gruesome discovery that had been made in the canal. 

At the beginning of the docuseries, we are reminded that Dublin was recovering from a period of financial decline in 2005. After years of hardship, people were financially better off thanks to a reduction of the Corporation Tax. More money led to an increase in cocaine use, leading the police to suspect the dismembered body was connected to a gangland killing, perhaps with a link to the rising drugs scene of the time. 

However, the truth turned out to be something far different. The first part of the documentary highlights the intensive police investigation that took place after the discovery of the body and how those involved in the case managed to find out the identity of the dismembered man. His name was Farah Swaleh Noor, a Kenyan man who had arrived in Dublin in 1996. 

On his arrival in Ireland, Farah told immigration officials that his wife and children had been killed in Mogadishu during the Somalian Civil War, but this turned out to be a lie. He had actually left his family behind in Mombasa and moved to Europe in the hope of a better life. 

Your reaction to the docuseries will likely change as you learn the truth about Farah’s murder. His death was a brutal one, so you might feel some level of sympathy and sadness for the man whose life was cut tragically short at the age of 40. 

But as we learn more about him and the people who were responsible for his murder – Linda and Charlotte Mulhall (the so-called Scissor Sisters) – your sympathies might switch. While murder can never be condoned, you’ll discover a motive for the crime that will help you understand why Farah was killed so horribly. 

So, why did the Mulhalls kill Farah Swaleh Noor? What could he have done that would make the sisters launch a vicious and fatal attack on him? This isn’t something we’re going to reveal here as all the information can be gained by watching the docuseries.

The story we hear is shocking, to be sure. But it’s also extremely sad. We learn much about the girls’ background, their relationship with their father, and the drink and drugs lifestyle they shared with their mother Kathleen. Farah’s arrival at their home was an unwelcome one, for reasons that you’ll discover. The details of his subsequent murder are shared in gruesome detail, with re-enactments of the crime and the days that followed the murder. 

The Murderous Scissor Sisters is a grimly fascinating watch that begins with the shocking discovery of Farah’s body and winds its way through the police investigation, the arrest of the Mulhalls, and the court trial that followed. There are times when you’ll likely be disturbed by the events that are described on screen. But at other times, you might also feel a sense of heartbreak when the truth about the murder comes out. 

The docuseries is available to watch on Prime Video now. It can be recommended, not only for its insight into one of Ireland’s most savage crimes but also because it’s the kind of doc that might fuel a debate between those who have conflicting opinions about the murder case that shocked the country. 


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  • Verdict - 7/10