THEM: The Scare Season 2 Review – A stylistic sequel with a dragged-out plot

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Episode 1 – | Review Score – 3/5
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Episode 8 – | Review Score – 3/5

THEM: The Scare is Season 2 of the exciting Amazon Prime Original horror anthology, THEM. With exciting themes of paranormal activities, murder, mysteries and secrets, it’s for those who love crime and horror. The 8-episode series has Deborah Ayorinde returning after leading Season 1, THEM: Covenant. It also stars Luke James in one of his best roles yet, Pam Grier, Joshua J. Williams and Jeremy Bobb and is helmed by Little Marvin and Lena Waithe.

Well, Season 2 is set in 1991 and focuses on Dawn Reeve, a LAPD detective with a secret. She is assigned to an extremely shocking case – the horrifying murder of a foster mother with no explanation. As Dawn digs further into the case, she gets closer to the truth but not without a price. It seems that something is targeting her family. Meanwhile, the sweet and soft-spoken Edmund Gaines, a struggling actor harbours a dark side while dealing with family issues.

Let’s get to the best part of THEM: The Scare – the stylistic approach has been top-notch since Season 1, and the 2024 instalment is no different. The anthology series nails the aesthetic of every era it chooses, from the music to the costumes and the colours. Clever use of mirrors, the colour red, dolls and retro tunes all tie in with the plot and act as massive clues once we get to the big reveal about Edmund.

Don’t even get us started on that shocking plot twist; it is so cleverly written it may just top the one in Season 1! If you haven’t seen THEM: The Scare yet, this plot twist of the story is one of the best reasons to watch it.

And of course, while the main cast does a pretty job, it is Luke James who deserves all the accolades. James brings out Edmund’s fears, hopes, doubts and manic side with such subtlety that it keeps viewers hooked as we try to guess the route he goes down on. Even when there are moments in the script that don’t work out, James’ commitment to his role keeps the show going.

And that is our cue to get to the script. On paper, Season 2 has a pretty strong story; the exposition and the conflict are weaved in masterfully as the writers give us just enough without revealing everything. They don’t overdo the red herrings but they also keep viewers from predicting the ending and switching off the season mid-way. Unfortunately, this also happens to the weakness as there just isn’t enough material for a full-fledged 8-episode season.

The plot is dragged out with extremely long and unnecessary segments, flashes of gore and reiteration of the same conversation to possibly reach the duration. In fact, THEM: The Scare could have made a better impact had it been crisply edited to give us an iconic Black-led horror movie joining the likes of Us and Nope. As that is not the case, THEM: The Scare is most likely a one-time watch that will most likely be forgotten after a while.

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  • Verdict - 5/10

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