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The Moss is a band trying to get a good night’s sleep, and their music has this discerning quality about it, an intelligence many bands don’t show. Insomnia is their love letter to people who need to fix things and for those who need to spread wisdom. Some songs on the record are sadder than most, and the melodies are fundamental to the whole set-up – and they’re beautiful.

Anxiety has become such a mainstay in society, and it has riffled through so many minds and bodies, it’s frightening. On this EP, anxiety is a theme so evident and a subject that embeds. The band isn’t scared to let us know that they’re struggling.

This is guitar music made for the disenchanted travelling through darkness trying to  find the light, and at times the lyrics hit close to the bone. The Moss tell tales of love being pushed aside, and how life has become such a burden.

‘Insomnia’ starts the EP off with a stern guitar riff and the brooding vocal work comes in slowly. This is a cry for love, and a lover who has left the scene, and through the lyrics we learn that disarray has set in.

‘Blink’ opens with incredible vocals and a slow built-up guitar riff. The lyrics and melodies interweave, creating a masterclass in tones. Love again becomes the main theme, and it desires to be validated though the pessimism goes against it.

‘Chaparral’ starts off brilliantly and keeps getting better. Again, love is assessed, and the lover who has caused so much pain has fled. The guitar tones on this track go close to perfection.

The Moss knows hurt, and love has become a broken crutch. The music holds up, and is at times breath taking.

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  • Verdict - 8.5/10

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