The Mosquito Coast – Season 2 Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


Episode 10 of Mosquito Coast season 2 starts with the community coming together to pay their respects to Silvia. Casa Roja gather and discuss how amazing she is and how her sacrifice will help them to strive for better in the future. Isela is obviously there to front all this and a somber mood descends on them all.

Allie and Charlie head en-route to pick up Dina, and phone Margot to let her know what’s happening. The pair arrive at the hotel, where Allie apologizes to his daughter. The pair hug before heading somewhere private to talk. As they do, Charlie is left just chilling in the atrium.

Does Allie apologize to Dina?

Dina talks down to her father the whole time, telling him that he should let her talk and keep quiet until he’s told to speak. She wants to go home but she doesn’t have one. Allie agrees to support her and he’s got an idea on how to resolve this. When Margot shows up, he reveals there’s a paradisiac area they can move to, starting a whole Robinson Crusoe gig and settle down in this Mosquito Coast. Margot refuses and she wants to go back.

Charlie lets loose and lashes out at Margot and Allie, given they kept the truth from them for so long. After everything simmers down, Dina admits that she only really knows how to live off the grid and apologizes to Charlie for leaving him.

However, the pair spot Richard heading through the hotel and decides to follow from afar. They know he intends to enact another terrorist plot and Margot catches wind of what’s happening, given she recognizes the developers (namely Carter), the very people that Richard is after.

Is Richard captured?

Charlie is almost spotted as he follows a little too closely to Richard but Dina manages to pull him back. Richard heads into one of the hotel rooms with his crew, all armed up and ready to strike. Margot realizes they’re in danger, and that materializes when Charlie is captured by armed guards and forced to watch as Richard holds up our developers (and specifically Carter Albrecht) at gunpoint, demanding they give a worldwide announcement of the damage they’ve done, including dropping toxic waste in the Pasion River.

When Guillermo shows up, he reveals himself to be part of their family and oversees this gleefully with Richard as Carter has a gun to his back. After giving his statement, he’s cable-tied and held up with a bag over his head.

The others give their statements too, signing in the process, before Richard is forced to hand over the detonator to the bomb he intends to set off. Quick as a flash, Richard is shot dead by Guillermo, Allie busts in to save Charlie, grabbing the bag full of cash in the process. As he scrambles out the door though, William shoots him in the back.

How does The Mosquito Coast season 2 end?

Allie tells this family to leave while holding the detonator himself. As they head down the stairwell, Allie hits the detonator and blows the place sky high. He passes away in the process, taking out the bad guys with him in a final heroic act for his family.

As for Margot, Dina and Charlie, they decide to move on from Casa Roja and alongside the residents, they move to the Mosquito Coast, intending to live off the grid and start a new life for themselves.

The Episode Review

So Mosquito Coast finally comes to a close after 10 episodes of drawn out drama and issues that finally come to a head. It’s perhaps unsurprising to find Allie killed at the end but quite how Margot gets to take the moral high-ground here is anyone’s guess. And that’s before mentioning the way Dina spoke to her father, which was incredibly patronizing, although I understand she’s angry at her dad.

In the end, everything is wrapped up pretty well although the show itself has been poor and lethargically paced almost the entire way. So naturally, given Apple renew everything, we’ll probably get a season 3 of this one!

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12 thoughts on “The Mosquito Coast – Season 2 Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained”

  1. Charlie is bringing some people on the boat. They do look like tourists. My theory is that they are running a hotel, or some jungle camp for wealthy tourists. Allie is alive. No idea how they would stay under the radar but probably not too difficult to come up with an explanation.

  2. I doubt Allie is dead. I didn’t like the ending…surely there is more. I don’t remember the fire and ice thing. What episode was that?

  3. I highly doubt that he’s dead, because then the show would be over if you’ve seen the movie or read the book. This is not how it happens at all, and I highly doubt that the writer of the book would allow him to just be killed off incorrectly unless they’re foreshadowing some thing that will be happening in the future. The book was written by Justin’s uncle. Either that or the show got canceled and they just haven’t told anyone yet.

  4. I feel after all that’s been said and done Allie should of had a better ending for himself. Did not like the ending.

  5. The ice is a reference to the movie with Harrison Ford (and the book I assume) The ice machine was his great invention that would make their new off grid jungle life possible

  6. We all assume Allie is dead. Dina might have run to show her mom while her dad was running the ice machine

  7. I just can’t believe that Justin Theroux’s character is dead. What will season 3 be like without him in it? Or is the show ending with season 2?

  8. Yeah, she got the ice machine to work. Without Allie. Hence, Allie is dead…But they made it to his destination that he set them up with.

  9. yes it is ice cubes. Did you notice the smoke that went up in the background? Remember how Allie said from fire to ice, well it looks like that Dina somehow got her father’s machine to make ice. something they can use on the island to preserve food or whatever.

  10. Im a little the very end what was it that Dina found that she showed her mom wrapped in a leaf…Was it ice or what…why so important for the ending

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