The Mosquito Coast – Season 2 Episode 9 “The Counterfeiters” Recap & Review

The Counterfeiters

Episode 9 of Mosquito Coast Season 2 begins with Allie questioning Adolfo over exactly where Dina is. He admits that he’s in love with her and that he let her leave. Allie sticks by blind faith that she’ll be back but Charlie is not so sure. For now, they decide to keep it between themselves and not tell Margot. Because if there’s one thing that’s worked really well for this family in the past, it’s keeping secrets am I right?

Dina keeps to herself, getting a new outfit and a bicycle as she heads toward Hotel Marques Miramar. When she gets there, she manages to talk her way into the compound and, by extension, the hotel itself. She blags her way into getting a room number and breaks in, stealing a good amount of gear including a passport and money.

As for Allie, he speaks to Isela about Guillermo and, more specifically, how he intends to deal with him. He shows off the pictures of Guillermo’s packages and how he’s skimming from the cartels. This would enough to take him down so Allie intends to use it against him to save their community. However, when the cartel show up demanding to see Fox, Isela buys Allie some crucial time while he transfers the files on the computer.

A big fight breaks out, eventually leading to Silvia getting cut across her neck thanks to Charlie shoving one of the guards. Allie is taken up to see Guillermo with Bill, where he plays his hand and mentions the cabin out in the woods. Guillermo is not happy but Allie has a contingency plan. He’s uploaded everything he has onto the cloud and if he’s not back in a few hours then he’s going to upload it all.

Allie bargains with Guillermo, telling him he wants a slice of land along the Eastern coast of the state called the Nocera Peninsula. It’s 20 miles wide. He tells Guillermo to transfer the deed over to him otherwise the cartel will move in.

Meanwhile, Margot and Richard head over to the plant and scout the area out. Richard intends to attack the following day at 1 o’clock. Margot rings JJ and lets him know explosives are involved, going on to urge him to move up their plan to get him captured.

The time arrives and Margot moves in while Charlies mopes about at home. Margot’s operation goes horribly wrong when she tries to have Richard arrested. He knows she’s double-crossed him and points out he only told one person about the operation – her. He speeds away in a jeep while authorities move on the wrong truck, leaving them with egg on their faces.

Dina learns the hard way that she’s not cut out for normal life, with the hotel completely different to how she imagined. She messages Adolfo and tells him she’s made a mistake, wanting to go home. Allie happens to have her phone and tells her it’s not too late to come back. Unbeknownst to her though, Richard happens to be sniffing around the hotel and he rings Guillermo, telling him he has a plan.

The Episode Review

The penultimate episode for Mosquito Coast season 2 lurches around and predictably, Margot isn’t able to take down Richard as he figures out she’s been double-crossing him. If that wasn’t enough, Charlie spends the entire episode moping after getting Silvia killed while Allie attempts to buy the group their freedom by blackmailing Guillermo. Beyond that though, there’s really not a whole lot else going on.

I’ve said it before but this second season has really meandered on far longer than it should. The series has struggled to justify its run-time of 10 episodes and the characters just aren’t that interesting. And that’s before mentioning the questionable ethics and morals all of these guys have, like Dina breaking in and stealing money from a hotel room.

Hopefully things can improve in next week’s finale but it seems doubtful at this point.

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