The Mosquito Coast – Season 2 Episode 6 “Goat Head Taco” Recap & Review

Goat Head Taco

Episode 6 of Mosquito Coast season 2 starts with William and Allie desperate to find an exit. With the whole place locked down, the Bautista’s are moved somewhere private, given the poor health of the patriarch, while Allie and Will head to the stairwell and eventually up to the roof. They’re stopped by security guards before they make it though, and Carter is informed.

Back in the main conference room, that kid the pair kept alive in the AV room is wheeled out and brought straight to their table. However, Luis actually covers for them and claims he doesn’t know them. It’s very much touch and go, especially as they could have saved some headaches and dispatched him last chapter. As it happens, lady luck is shining on them both and they get away with it, but they may not have been so lucky on another day.

Meanwhile, Dina informs Charlie about Margot being a terrorist and the real reason they’re on the run. “Mum didn’t mean to, it was an accident.” Charlie says, pointing out that it must have been all Richard and that Margot is the innocent party in this. Charlie doesn’t want to blame his own family and shifts everything onto Richard. I mean, Charlie doesn’t exactly have much of a stake here, his stupidity is partly the reason they’re in this mess!

When Richard goes walkabout through the jungle, Margot manages to stealthily follow from afar, watching his every move. Her former partner meets with the cartel, where he receives a bag and heads back to camp. As he does, Charlie shows up and holds him at gunpoint. Charlie lets his guard down at the worst moment, and Richard takes the gun for himself. It turns out the handgun never had any bullets to begin with, as Charlie fingers them in his hands, walking away after threatening him.

Allie heads back to the community, where Isela points out that they have no choice but to keep their landlord happy. That’s just their way of paying the rent. She doesn’t expect him to understand but despite both of them sharing disdain for big corporations, Allie points out that 99.9% of people don’t chose to kill innocent lives or conduct terrorism, ironically not realizing he’s actually married to the 0.1% here! Anyway, Allie leaves this situation precariously in the balance, especially back at the community as Allie speaks to Margot about Richard.

Margot decides they should make a deal with Interpol, suggesting they turn in Richard in exchange for their immunity. Of course, we know Margot has actually offered to give up Allie so who knows what she’s really planning. Margot is adamant that she’s going to find out what Richard is up to and follow him if need be.

The Episode Review

The Mosquito Coast feels like a lesson in patience at this time. The show has been lurching its way through the story and this far down the line, very little has actually happened. We’ve had a subplot with Allie off disrupting an event, the kids getting into trouble and slow, lethargic drama at the community. Beyond that though, very little has actually happened to drive the series forward.

This is another example of why a second season was completely unnecessary and Mosquito Coast has really struggled to actually keep things interesting and engaging. If the first season was too action-packed and manic, this second whiplashes the other way, with lethargic drama and drip-fed plot points. Hopefully the rest of this series can actually pick up the pace because, dare I say, this has been a bit of a bore!

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