The Mosquito Coast – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

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Elvis, Jesus, Coca Cola

Episode 5 of The Mosquito Coast begins with a man named Jorge killed by Bill, a dangerous guy working for Lucrecia. This sets an ominous tone for the episode ahead, as Allie and the gang step off the bus and make it to Mexico City. They shuffle along to Hotel Isabel, a dingy area in town.

As they get cozy in their room for the night, Allie has big plans for them all. He intends to find his friend Isela. She too is on the run and Allie believes he can convince her to let them stay with her for the time being. Together with Margot, they head off to meet their contact Calaca, who can tell Allie exactly what he needs to know.

With dangerous people after them and both Allie and Margot risking their lives, Dina and Charlie decide to completely disregard their parents’ wishes. That’s certainly not a great idea, especially when Wanted posters start appearing over town for our four runaways.

Well, Dina ends up in the local internet café where she does some research. There, she finds evidence of Clara and Alec as primary suspects in a kidnapping which includes Dina’s disappearance. She prints out the files and prepares to head on her way. This article brings up a hit for the authorities though, who hack in  and get a visual on Dina’s location.

Meanwhile, Allie is forced to send a picture across to Calaca to confirm his identity. This brings coordinates and a wild goose chase to prove their loyalty. Unfortunately they have a tail and because of that, the plan with Calaca is called into jeopardy. They’ve got minimal time and find themselves racing up the back-alleys to lose the man chasing them, which happens to be Bill.

Inevitably things go wrong, with Charlie drinking and smoking with some kids at the hotel rooftop. He divulges everything they’ve been up to, including his real name and the story involving Chuy. Eventually Dina hears enough and tells him to leave. At the doorway, Charlie brandishes a gun and points it at the kids.

They both head off for a spot of shopping but they’re spotted by one of the spies, a small boy. With the kids gone, Allie and Margot are led down a back alley where they’re both grabbed by a bunch of workers and bundled in the back of a van. As they leave, the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

The Mosquito Coast feels quite reminiscent of Big Sky in a way. Like ABC’s network series, this one is full of idiotic characters throwing themselves into stupid situations. Honestly, the kids have caused no end of problems and given what they’re all on the run from – and what they’ve experienced already – it’s a wonder that they’ve managed to survive this long.

The actual cat and mouse story continues to recycle the same plot threads too, with the family running every episode from a different threat. The result is a disjointed and messy web of cliched and tired plot points that really don’t gel all that well together.

This has certainly not been a show to remember and the ending leaves the door open with a big cliffhanger ready for next week’s follow-up (and inevitable chase again.)

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  1. Agreed. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this show is stupid. Lots of promise, poor execution and absurd story

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