The Mist (2007) Ending Explained – Does the town get rid of the mist?

The Mist Plot Synopsis

The Mist is a 2007 sci-fi horror movie, premised on the same-titled 1980 novella written by Stephen King.

The horror movie genre is among the most challenging to create. Most frequently, scary movies are set in a gothic, Victorian period, and while this ambiance helps to establish the mood, too much of it makes the plot predictable as well as repetitive.

One is provided a unique start when a truly innovative background is introduced, and the moviemakers have many opportunities to impress the viewers. Presumably because of this, Frank Darabont’s movie had such an influence when it released. There’s one element King excels at and it’s coming up with innovative ways to frighten his audiences and give them a variety of anxieties that cling to their subconscious and manifest as irrational fears.

The action of the story occurs primarily in the Maine town of Bridgton, within which inhabitants lose power due to a violent thunderstorm. A strange mist ambushes them as they are assembled at the neighborhood supermarket to buy goods, unleashing a swarm of monstrous beasts. The characters’ own insecurities, which have the potential to turn them against one another, are equally destructive.

Where is the movie set?

An ominous night in the quiet Maine neighborhood of Bridgton sets the tone of this horror flick immediately. Alongside his wife and child, David, an artist, spends the evening in his home. They find their boat house totally destroyed in the daytime along with a tree that has crashed in through the glass and then into his workspace.

They are assessing their damages when they spot a dense mist forming over the lakeside, on whose shores their home is located. When David and his kid head to the supermarket, they discover that it is packed with nearly everyone they recognize in the neighborhood.  Additionally, there is a strange presence of soldiers. The power is out, and the devices aren’t functioning.

Why do the shoppers lock themselves in the supermarket? 

A person approaches bleeding and confused shortly after they have finished gathering everything they require and are waiting for their chance on the cash register, claiming that something terrible has been taking place in the mist.

Shortly after, similar to what the protagonist and his son had previously witnessed on the distant end of the lake, mist starts to spread throughout the entire area, covering it in a thick, impenetrable layer. The creatures in the mist quickly become noticeable, and the buyers in the supermarket immediately lock the doors to protect themselves.

What happens after that?

Folks quickly develop a primitive notion of preservation when there are no amenities like power supply or communication. Social conscience eventually falls apart with time, and within a very short period, the various facets of humanity are revealed. When a few pass away, that only amplifies the horror, and we witness a replica of the entire community converged in one small area. More people pass away as a result of a chain of events, and the tale reaches its conclusion by delivering one heck of a horrendous ending.

What causes the mist and the creatures that lurk within?

We learn about the existence of a shady government area located outside the community from David and Brent’s discussion, as they talk about seeing some military trucks while en route to the grocery store. Locals are unaware of the intention of that research work, just like with any shady government undertaking.

When confronted, Private Jessup acknowledges that his associates, who were discovered killed inside the room, had informed him that something had gone horribly wrong the previous night.

The researchers were attempting to create a window into an alternative world so they could see what life was like there. However, as Mrs. Carmody put it, “the window turned into a door.” Each of these factors suggest that the facility must have been the setting for some experimentations and that after those studies went wrong, the entire town was forced to pay the price.

As widely known, Stephen King’s tales are set in a similar universe, and as a result, his numerous different works make it clearer where the life forms came from. The plotlines of his various novels talk about “The Dark Tower,” which also clarifies a variety of topics.

It acknowledges the presence of parallel universes and puts forth the hypothesis that there are tiny gaps between them that go by the name of Todash spaces. It can be compared to the required gap between two residences. All the horrendous things which have emerged in King’s books over the decades reside in these areas. Undoubtedly, rather than creating a portal to some other universe, the researchers accidentally entered some of the Todash spaces, which is where these life forms in addition to the Mist originated.

Does the town get rid of the mist?

Researchers seem to have closed the gateway by the movie’s conclusion, which has stopped the life forms and the mist from entering. After which fire, as well as other arms and ammunition, are used to completely destroy what is left on Earth. This supports the idea that the Mist is necessary for the organisms to live.

The Mist may be to the organisms what oxygen is to humans. The circulation of the Mist is interrupted once the gateway is shut, and maybe over time, it begins to drain away.

Why did the bug not sting Mrs. Carmody?

It is reasonable to hold on to a higher power. Holding onto the notion that divine intervention might spare your soul isn’t a bad idea. As long as she starts preaching the divine word and clears folks of their wrongdoing, Mrs. Carmody genuinely believes that she has served as a good Catholic and anticipates that the scourge that God just sent to Earth would not harm her.

Once the organisms are able to smash the glass and get into the market, her belief turns into her strength. The girl who operated the registers is bitten by one insect, and she passes away horribly. But when yet another bug touches Mrs. Carmody, she gives up and prays.

Her facing death and not dying is used as an explanation. The insect may not have attacked her for a variety of reasons. She didn’t even move and retained her composure, which discouraged the insect from biting her—possibly since it detected no fear or no threat in her, which is in direct contrast to Sally’s fear.

How does Mrs. Carmody’s religion turn evil?

After she encounters death, Mrs Carmody’s religion takes a malevolent turn. She starts to spread the gospel with more fanaticism than ever before and starts coming up with all kinds of hypotheses regarding what is occurring to them and what they need to do to avoid harm.

The fact that her supporter base keeps growing after each incident is even more terrifying. She has become the focal point of the cult, to which increasing numbers of people enter, forcing the rationalists to decide which types of monsters they would rather battle.

The majority of the inhabitants enter a religious trance and accept Mrs. Carmody as their Messiah. To protect their own skin, they do not even think twice about providing the soldier to the demons outside and cruelly wounding him before actually flinging him out. They lose the capability to address the ethics of their deeds due to the struggle for preservation, turning into thoughtless barbarians who do just about anything using God’s name.

Although Mrs. Carmody’s acts are a reflection of her religious practice, they really are a reflection of the sort of human she is—an authoritative, attention-seeking tyrant who thrives in disarray.

She furthermore fails to inspire true faith in her supporters because after she is killed, their zeal to comply with her claims wanes and they simply reject their resistance to David’s gang, acting as if they’ve just cracked a cast. Once the organisms attack them, they even enable one of his folks to re-enter the supermarket. They might not have helped one of Carmody’s opponents if Carmody had a significant influence over them. It turns out that Mrs. Carmody ended up dead and so did her charm.

How many people manage to get into David’s car?

Towards the final moment, as Mrs. Carmody’s supporters grow in number and David and his group witness Private Jessup being killed, they decide to evacuate and try their luck outdoors. The fact that Mrs. Carmody orders her followers to take David’s kid and to provide him with the following sacrifice confirms their conviction that staying inside the supermarket is riskier. Sadly, barely five of the group make it to David’s car.

Why do the five in the car decide to commit suicide?

The five survivors realize that the Mist is limitless and that everything is wrecked in its contact as they ride away. Once the fuel runs out, they arrive at a complete halt and realize there is no way through the Mist. They consider their options and choose to commit suicide instead of enduring the torturous deaths at the hands of the organisms.

The problem emerges when there is one more person than there are bullets. David chooses the simple route and reassures himself and the others that he’ll find another way to pass away. Four bullets then ring out in the unnervingly quiet surroundings of the Mist.

Does David succeed in taking his own life?

David, who is traumatized by the deaths of everybody in his immediate vicinity, requests the vicious creatures to show up for him and complete the killing. To his sheer terror, he witnesses the military as well as other survivors come rushing in as the Mist quickly dissipates beside them. Now what is more concerning is that the mother who had initially left the shop to pick up her 2 children is still alive and quite well, alongside her children.


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