The Mire Season 2 Ending Explained – Who killed Daniel and Waldek?

the mire season 2

The Mire Season 2 Plot Synopsis

The Mire Season 2 takes place in 1997, decades after the events of the first season. A dead body is found in a river, later revealed to be a teenage boy called Daniel Gwitt. With the embankment burst, seemingly on purpose, a flood brings with it secrets from the past. It’s then up to Piotr and new police officer Anna Jass to get to the bottom of what’s happened.

Of course, that’s easier said than done. Many residents hold secrets, while officers aren’t as saintly and trustworthy as they first appear. Will the pair manage to uncover what really happened?

Who killed Daniel?

The big mystery here is, of course, the death of Daniel Gwitt. This hangs over the majority of this slow-burn crime drama, with Anna eventually uncovering the truth in the final episode.

Daniel was drowned in a bathtub with bathing salts. A smashed glass under the bathtub and a pot of salts prove as much when Anna and Jarek go to investigate the housing estate. The man responsible? It was Andrzej, the police chief.

After breaking into his car and finding a tape player in the trunk, Anna manages to piece together the truth about Andrzej.

Daniel was with him that night, hiding and listening as Jacek and Andrzej discuss the ex-militia man they intend to hire to blow up the bank. Jacek expresses how worried he is, admitting that if the bank breaks then the flood could reach Oaza. If it does, they’d have to redo the villa foundations. This would be disastrous for Andrjez, as we find out he has a body hidden in the concrete floor.

When Daniel tried to escape that night, the chief drowned Daniel after knocking him out. The bath salts were an act of pure coincidence, given they fell off the windowsill during the struggle. Daniel was ultimately killed to prevent this truth from being unveiled.

Where was Waldek being hidden? What happened to him?

The body buried under Andrjez’s house happens to be Waldek. This was a ransom kidnapping, with Andrjez working in collusion with Daro and the pimp.

Through some handy detective work, Piotr discovers that Waldek intended to run away with his lover whom he fell for at the party. However, he was intent on keeping his wealthy father to support his endeavours. He faked his own kidnapping and forced his father to pay a large ransom fee.

Unfortunately, a naïve Waldek enlisted the help of Daro, Andrjez and the pimps who betrayed and murdered him, keeping the money for themselves after a torturous 3 month ordeal. During this time of captivity, the guys sent Waldek’s ear to his Father.

Who wrote the note from Helena? Who is Daniel’s real father?

Daniel was the one wrote the note to Piotr, addressed from his birth Mother Helena. He sent it on as he found out the truth about his parents. Daniel wanted Piotr to return to town so he could confront his Father. Of course, this links with the timeline of the show too, given Helena and Piotr had a brief affair back in season 1.

Why doesn’t Teresa tell Piotr the truth?

By the end of the season, Teresa and Piotr part ways while the latter is recovering in hospital. The romance between Anna and Teresa has been bubbling away all season long and now it comes to a head right at the death of the season.

Teresa doesn’t tell Piotr the truth about her sexuality though, instead brushing it aside by claiming that she’s fallen for “a police officer.” It seems like she’s going to take up Anna’s offer after all and leave. If she does, then it would seem like she’ll take Wanda with her but this is pure speculation at this point.

So why doesn’t Teresa tell Piotr the truth? Well, in Poland LGBTQ rights are a little different to other countries. In November 2020 a law was proposed to only allow married couples to adopt children while same-sex marriage is prohibited. The country even has “LGBT-free zones” as well. All of this feeds into the reluctance of Teresa openly telling her husband the truth.


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