The Mire – Season 2 Episode 6 (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review

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The Truth Will Out

Episode 6 of The Mire Season 2 begins this finale with Daro taunting Piotr, who’s still handcuffed to the bed. Together, they grab Kietlar and take him out the room where the sound of a saw ripping through flesh echoes sickeningly in the air.

With Kietlar dead, this pimp sits with Piotr and tells him what happened to Waldek. It turns out he wanted to run away and escape from his Father. Unfortunately, he ran into trouble when he colluded with their gang, who subsequently kept Waldek locked up for three months before he passed away.

Meanwhile, Anna recovers from her ordeal as Mika sits with her. With the killer believing Anna is dead, Mika takes advantage of that and goes to visit Jarek. Together, they head into the main office and begin searching up details surrounding Helena on the computer.

Elsewhere, Mirek leads the charge as everyone attends Daniel’s funeral. Anna is there too, and she catches up with Teresa after Daniel is buried. She admits to Teresa she needs to leave soon and suggests she come too.

Meanwhile, Witek desperately tries to find Piotr. Ringing his mobile is just the opportunity Piotr needs to knock out Roksi (the girl looking after him) before breaking free from his prison. He jumps straight out the window as Daro comes rushing into the room.

Anna and Mika continue to check the CCTV footage, eventually visiting Jacek after seeing him leave the estate that day. Mika grills him while he’s in his cell, although Jacek remains adamant that he didn’t do anything. Mika decides to head back that night and see if he can loosen his lips.

During flashbacks, Witek’s time during the war takes a harrowing turn. The village is full of the dead, killed for being German by the Russians. Witek is saved thanks to a young boy who vouches for him and claims he’s Polish.

The rest of the villagers are all rounded up and forced to huddle together in the cold. Witek eventually does find Elsa, intent on trying to buy her out of imprisonment. It’s no good though, and as gunshots rain down chaos breaks out as Elsa and the other prisoners are forced into trucks.

Back in the present, Anna and Mika investigate the Housing Estate where they realize Daniel was drowned in a bathtub with bathing salts. A smashed glass under the bathtub and a pot of salts seem to prove as much. The man responsible? It was Andrzej, the police chief. Anna is convinced he’s Daniel’s Father but we’ll circle back to that later on in the recap.

Anna is irate and determined to try and find some evidence. Right now, everything they have is circumstantial but Anna immediately smashes his car, breaking in and finding a tape player in the trunk. This tape, thankfully, holds the truth about Andrzej.

Daniel was with him that night, listening as Jacek and Andrzej discuss the ex-militia man they intend to hire. As we see flashbacks to that night, Jacek expresses how worried he is, admitting that if the bank breaks then the flood could reach Oaza. In doing so, they’d have to redo the villa foundations. This would include Andrjez’s, which apparently has a body hidden in the floor.

Trying to escape, the chief drowned Daniel after knocking him out. The bath salts were actually by chance, given they fell off the windowsill during the struggle. The aforementioned body under Andrjez’s house happens to be Waldek. This was a ransom kidnapping, and explains who sent the ear and demanded the cash.

At the station, Andrjez doesn’t let on that his villa was paid for with ransom money but does uncover something else. Apparently he’s not the boy’s father, given he’s unable to have kids following a beating he received during the war.

In the hospital, Piotr recovers from his injuries as Teresa sits with him. He knows she likes someone else and Teresa admits that she’s living a lie. In doing so, Teresa and Piotr decide to part ways. Teresa lies though, admitting that it’s a police officer she’s interested in. However, she’s not able to tell him she’s actually gay.

Anna eventually visits Witek, who confirms as much that the chief isn’t Daniel’s Father. He hands over an envelope to Anna which includes that letter written by Helena. Now it becomes clear that Daniel was the one who wrote this note, intent on bringing his real Father back to town. And who is that man? Piotr.

The Episode Review

The final episode of The Mire rounds out all the big plot points with a nice little twist right at the end. The flashbacks to the war do help to flesh things out. The final reveal with the chief not able to have kids throws a lovely little spanner in the works.

This slow burn has been a little too slow at times but this finale does make up for that by revealing everything in a really satisfying manner. The case is wrapped up with some solid answers. The hogweed burns being unrelated to the murder is a nice little red herring too, while the show manages to round out everyone’s story by the end in a satisfying manner.

It may not be the best crime drama of the year but it has been a solid one, leaving lots to chew over when the final credits roll.

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