The Matchmakers – K-drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

An Eye for an Eye, a Rumour for a Rumour

Episode 7 of The Matchmakers begins with the Crown Prince saying it is tough for him to marry not because of Jinsung but because who would want his 4 sisters as in-laws. Ha-na is very picky as the man should be average height, high class, manly and worthy of her respect.

Back to poor Jung-woo, Soon-deok rushes to him but pushes him away when she realises she is touching him. He realises his chest hurts when Sam-soon and Soon-gu stand together. He thinks it is because they are violating the moral values of single people staying apart.

Sam-soon counters that his heart races on seeing two single people together since he is inexperienced. Back to Operation Rumour Block, they figure out that Defence Minister Park tried to sleep with Lee Cho-ok and then murdered her. Soon-deok plans to use Hwa Rok’s books to expose him and turn the tide in Ha-na’s favour. 

Outside, Mrs. Sam-wol, So-hyun’s attendant, tries to figure out where Soon-deok has disappeared and runs into the bookseller. Sam-soon is excited to learn Soon-gu is single and tells Soon-deok to match her with him. Soon-deok is hesitant but agrees to change Sam-soon’s suitor. 

Operation Rumour Block begins with everyone copying Hwa Rok’s new book on Lee Cho-ok. Soon-deok keeps Sam-soon and Soon-gu separated as he does not like women who approach him. Meanwhile, Jung-woo thinks Soon-deok is keeping her distance from him because she is uncomfortable that he is royalty.

He passes her a note saying she can be herself. She ignores him but finally gives him a note. At home, his heart races only for it to be shattered on seeing her curt response that she will manage. However, he stores it lovingly. On the other hand, Soon-deok is amused by his note but burns it so as not to get caught.

Jo’s men find the Crown Prince and tell him that he is called back to the palace and take him through the forest. He catches on and runs off. While hunting, Ha-na runs into him and helps him by diverting the men away. The men report to Jo but So-hyun is not worried as the Prince might go to the Chief Magistrate for help who can then bring him to them.

Going by the name Yi-jae, the Crown Prince is polite but bickers with Doo-ri as she tells Ha-na to drop him. However, the older sister tries to help him find his hideout. They go to the Chief Magistrate office’s but on seeing Park, who she doesn’t like, Ha-na brings the Prince home.

It is the last day to copy Cho-ok’s story and Soon-deok sneaks out to the den at night after So-hyun bids her good night. Everyone’s asleep and Jung-woo asks her her name. She complies and he tries to know more of her but she says it is pointless as they will part ways soon.

The Chief Queen and King send royal guards to find the Crown Prince and at the same time, Jo sends an assassin to quietly kill him. The Crown Prince is almost killed but one of the guards finds him in time. Ha-na disguises him as a girl and they reach the safe house. The Chief Queen is glad and makes up a cover story that they are from a rich family and the concubine’s family is out to get her son.

The King wants to launch a public investigation but the Royal Chief Secretary stops him. He accurately deduces So-hyun’s plan – to depose the Chief Queen for being a threat to the Crown Prince’s safety.

Operation Rumour Block launches phase 2 as Jung-woo pretends to be Hwa Rok and reads Cho-ok’s story to all the women in town. Rumours spread that Cho-ok was waiting for her fiance when Park forced himself on her and murdered her. Her ghost approached Ha-na who was a friend to avenge her.

Soon-deok then ropes in Ye-jin who tells So-hyun it is true as she saw Park with Cho-ok that night. Furious, So-hyun tells Park to step down before it can ruin their reputation. He instead decides to investigate Hwa Rok. Phase 3 begins with Soon-gu meeting with Hwa Rok on a misty cliff. She is to jump off the cliff and he will follow as he can swim. Below, Bong is to throw a dead body in the same green robe which will put an end to the case.

Soon-gu is afraid to put Sam-soon in danger and Jung-woo worries for Soon-deok when she volunteers. In the end, Jung-woo disguises himself as Hwa Rok. However, the plan goes wrong as Minister Park is waiting and he shoots an arrow at him. Soon-gu tries to stop Park but Jung-woo falls unprepared and blacks out underwater. A woman jumps after him and he thinks to himself that he wants to marry Yeojudaek at the end of The Matchmakers episode 7.

The Episode Review

Pretty sure that The Matchmakers episode 7 is the best episode of the K-drama yet. We get new dynamics and a new understanding of the characters. It uses the set mission formula of each episode but takes it on a much larger scale that is fun to follow. There is action, awkward wooing and comedy. We finally have a hint for Ha-na’s suitor as well, though the Crown Prince seems too young.

It is also hilarious how the characters grow but seem to take two giant steps backwards. How can Jung-woo finally pinpoint the source of his chest pain but fail to see the obvious reason? However, Sam-soon may be right that it is because his heart races on seeing two single people.

But it would be more fun if it is because he is an Agent of Love who can recognise which two single people are fated for each other. This argument works since his chest does not pain when other single people are together like Soon-deok and her brother or Bu-kyum following Doo-ri.

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