The Matchmakers – K-drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Everyone Has a Secret

Episode 6 of The Matchmakers reveals that Jung-woo’s father is the founder of the Dongro Party currently under Left State Councillor, Minister Jo who is too ambitious. Meanwhile, So-hyun convinces Jung-woo to teach her grandson who will lead Dongro. Soon-deok enters, recognises Jung-woo and runs off before he can spot her. Outside, she learns that he is the Man of Anger and she panics over being rude to him previously.

It is also revealed that Geun-seok is not Soon-deok’s biological son but So-hyun is glad she looks after him like a real mother. As for Jung-woo, he hates Jo but doesn’t refuse the tutor’s role as he thinks of his father’s legacy.

Elsewhere, the Chief Magistrate pushes Soon-gu to arrest Hwa Rok. The inspector then runs into Sam-soon dressed as Hwa Rok to collect her royalties. He reprimands her and she snaps back that she needs it to fix her home that the Defence Minister’s men broke.

She changes into a lady’s dress and he is smitten as he helps her. He even complies when Madam Maeng tells him to fix the rest of the house. Sam-soon is touched and wonders if he is married. Meanwhile, Jo cannot find the Crown Prince but So-hyun deduces the queen’s plan and finds him hiding in a commoner’s house.

As for the matchmakers, Soon-deok is suddenly formal but Jung-woo tells her to be her rude self. She keeps flattering him as Prince Gyeong and he is annoyed but secretly likes it.

Onto the selection of the groom candidates, for Ha-na, both choose different men but Soon-deok’s candidate is better. Again two different candidates are selected for Doo-ri. But this time, Soon-deok is wrong as she chooses Bu-kyum (Ye-jin’s lover). Instead, Jung-woo’s heart hurts on thinking of Lee Shi-yeol and Doo-ri together. Outside, Shi-yeol tries to catch Doo-ri with a flimsy excuse but she just smiles and walks off.

For Sam-soon, they finally choose the same candidate and their hands touch. Jung-woo suddenly asks if Soon-deok knows his ideal type and she is flustered. Bong interrupts and Jung-woo is annoyed as Soon-deok runs home. This time, she is caught as So-hyun spots her matchmaking clothes and Hwa Rok’s book outside the doors.

That night, Jung-woo and Soon-deok cannot stop thinking about their hands touching. He thinks he came off as immoral and she thinks she came off as promiscuous. Ye-jin shows up with alcohol and they drink. Soon-deok tries to get her and their attendant’s opinions by relaying the hand touch as a hypothetical situation. The attendant says that the married woman must be in love with the widower and Soon-deok is shocked.

During tutoring, Geun-seok and Jung-woo hit it off as he compliments the kid’s mother. Later, Geun-seok tells Soon-deok and she is flustered. As Jung-woo leaves, So-hyun tries to help him with matchmaking but he says he is working with someone. Meanwhile, the King is trying to secretly revive the court lady who ate the poison.

As for So-hyun, she finds Soon-deok sitting alone near her husband’s memorial. She thanks Soon-deok for loving her son and also hints that being at home may be stifling but she will get her freedom once Geun-seok marries.

Elsewhere, the candidates drink with Jung-woo but Bu-kyum is uninterested. Ha-na’s candidates bicker about money while Sam-soon’s match finds her portrait pretty.

Jung-woo suddenly calls for Soon-deok and So-hyun’s attendant tries to follow her but fails. In the den, it is awkward as Jung-woo tries to address the elephant in the room. Soon-deok cuts him off and keeps her distance as she is lower class. He is annoyed by her formality and Bong jokes his feelings are too obvious.

As for the problem, turns out that the candidates will marry anyone but old maidens like the Maeng sisters. Candidate #15 keeps spreading the ghost rumours of Ha-na and Soon-deok decides to clear Ha-na’s reputation by finding Cho-ok’s murderer.

They bring in Soon-gu and Sam-soon for Operation Cho-ok. Jung-woo’s chest hurts on seeing the two bicker while Soon-deok is glad that her brother does not recognise her. Her plan is to have Sam-soon spread rumours about the murderer but Soon-gu yells for putting Sam-soon in harm’s way. His protective demeanour is too much for Jung-woo and he faints at the end of The Matchmakers episode 6.

The Episode Review

Day by day, like Jung-woo, we are more convinced Soon-deok is an Agent of Love, especially, in The Matchmakers episode 6. They never forget faces, observe the tiniest of details, know what personalities are compatible, and have plans for every obstacle. But it seems that Jung-woo too has something going on with his chest pains. 

But really, why cannot Soon-gu recognise his own sister? She doesn’t look different at all. Even if others cannot recognise Soon-deok when she has makeup on and a married woman’s outfit, he must have seen her when she was married. This is getting a little childish now. He is an inspector who can recognize Sam-soon dressed as a man, so this is a glaring plot hole. Unless he knows that Yeojudaek is his sister and is hiding it for some other reason.

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